Christmas Wishlist 2016

Hey guys, for Blogmas Day 4 I decided that I would share with you my Christmas wishlist, maybe it will spark some inspiration in you for ideas for people’s presents or for your own wishlist. Or maybe you’d just like to know what I’m asking for this Christmas – I also have a Christmas Present Haul planned so you can imagine they might be quite similar, to make them different, firstly, everything I get won’t necessarily be something I’ve got off my wishlist and also, I’m going to go into a lot more detail with the presents when I’ve actually got them. For this post I’m going to talk about why I want them and in my Christmas Present Haul I’m going to talk about what they’re actually like now that I have them.

Okay, this list is going to be in no particular order and I’m going to leave links as to where you can buy your own if you so desire.

Joe And Caspar: Hit The Road – USA – I watched the first film in this documentary/reality film series and absolutely loved it. I’m not sure how much of it was staged and scripted – it seemed pretty unrealistic but it was funny and it stars two of my favourite youtubers and definitely my favourite YouTube duo. I’ve asked for the second one for Christmas because I can’t wait to be ‘On The Road’ again with Joe and Caspar and to see what hilarious events they get up to in this one.

Girl Online: Going Solo By Zoe SuggI absolutely love this series, I might have spoken about it in favourites posts before but it’s insanely cheesy, insanely romantic, insanely adorable and it’s also about a blogger so is relateable and is also motivating because reading it makes you want to blog. It’s just a great series and it’s cheerful and makes you feel happy so will be a perfect read for the festive season.

Nashville Season 1 You guys may know through my blog that I am a massive Nashville fan! It’s the greatest TV show I’ve ever seen and I just can’t get enough of it. I used to watch it on a subscription service but it stopped being available on the subscription service, I have the second and third seasons on DVD but not the first so I thought I would complete the set. Also, I really want to re-watch the show from the very start and as I don’t have the first season I can’t really do that.

Nerve (DVD)I saw the trailer for this film maybe a hundred times around the time it came out in August, I was so desperate to go and see it but never got the opportunity, luckily for me it is released on DVD tomorrow and I’m hoping that I get it for Christmas. It looks so unique and original and it’s got amazing leads.

Hello Life By Marcus Butler Marcus Butler is by far one of my favourite youtubers – I read a teaser of this book on Amazon and loved the sound of it. I also have a great interest in autobiographies, I just like reading about people’s lives – that makes me sound creepy but I just mean I find it fascinating how others live their lives; maybe that’s why I love blogging and reading blogs so much. Anyway, not only is it his autobiography but he also gives life tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, which is something I’m always interested in.

A Work In Progress by Connor FrantaAnother one of my favourite YouTubers and another autobiography, well, kind of autobiography. I’ve seen this book in bookshops and I really like how it looks – it’s not over-produced, it’s not all about the fancy photos that we’re supposed to fawn over, it looks like an honest and true book and I feel like Connor has a lot of interesting life stories and lessons he could tell us about.

Teen Wolf Sweatshirt – Redbubble.comYou should all know by now how much I love Teen Wolf, I love it more than words can describe, sometimes it feels like it is literally my life. On some days it’s the thing that makes me the happiest and most relaxed, on other days it’s the thing that makes me the most sad and stressed – literally no Teen Wolf watching experience is the same. Anyway, I found this wonderful website that has loads of fan merchandise for different fan bases with hundreds of designs and pictures to choose from. I decided that for Christmas I wanted to get a present where I could advertise my love for this show and my favourite character.

5-in-1 hair curlersI love curly hair and unfortunately my hair is too damaged now to be naturally curly in the wonderful way it used to be so I will now have to do it artificially, so I found this hair curler that comes with 5 different sizes of curling ‘wand’ so you can have different sized curls so I can always play around with different curls and have hair for different occasions. Also, it means that if I want to have curly hair two days in a row it doesn’t have to look exactly the same as it did the day before but could be a different looking curl. I really hope I get this because styling my hair is something I really enjoy doing.

Some Dogs Bite (DVD) I have wanted to watch this film since maybe January? And have only recently found a way of getting it on DVD and have asked my best friend to get it for me for Christmas and she says that she will so fingers crossed, I already know it’s going to be amazing, the trailer is great and obviously the film will be even better than the trailer – also, it’s got great cast members.

So, that concludes the end of Blogmas Day 4 for my blog, I really hope you enjoyed this insight into my Christmas wishlist – if you enjoyed please make sure to give it a like. Comment if I share anything on my list that you have on yours or anything similar, or you could just comment telling me what you’re asking for this Christmas – I would love to hear about people’s hopes for Christmas presents this year. Also, make sure to follow me if you aren’t already for more Blogmas posts throughout December and many more in the new year!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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