Charities Are Important

Hey guys, I would like to start off by apologising if this post is a bit shorter than usual, it’s really late and I am absolutely exhausted. The problem is, I thought it would all be okay – I knew I was having a long day today and I knew I didn’t have a post scheduled but I thought, ‘it’s fine, I’ll just write it after dinner and before bed’ the only problem being I had loads of changes made to my braces today and my teeth ache/hurt more than I could possibly have imagined they ever would. It’s fine because I know they will stop aching quite soon, however, if you’re unaware of what having braces feels like you are also unaware of how draining it is to have braces, especially when your teeth start aching like mine are today – it takes literally everything out of you, I guess it’s because your braces are actually altering bones in your body. But yeah, I am shattered but it’s Blogmas and I love to blog more than you guys may even realise, especially given my recent absenses. I also felt like this was a really important post to write during this festive season and is something that is often forgotten.

Anyway, that was like the longest intro ever known to man, so I’m going to move quickly on.

During Christmas, everyone is excited, busy and probably insanely stressed because of the huge amount of shopping they have to do. I find that during Christmas everyone loses a sense of humanity, it’s like a free for all in all the shops, everyone is getting irritated because they’ve been shopping for hours, they probably still haven’t managed to get lots of the presents they need, they’re cold, probably hungry and I find that people get very snappy and grumpy when they’re shopping – or at least that’s how I feel, I get irritated very quickly especially around Christmas when I’m shopping, I guess it’s something to do with not ever being able to move and that the shops are too hot and everywhere is too loud and too bright.

I am dragging this on for way to long, I’ll get to the point. My point is, in amongst all this hectic Christmas shopping I feel like charities are forgotten about, it’s like suddenly people don’t care. At the time when it seems to make the most sense for people to pay charities attention, everyone just completely forgets. I have some evidence of this as I work in a charity shop, although we’re not hugely busy all that often around Christmas we die down a lot everyone stops coming in, not even giving the shop a second glance as they continue they’re busy shopping. I find this especially weird because you would think at Christmas time, when everyone’s desperate for money, they would be really enthusiastic about spending as little as possible and still getting a good present.

I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this post if I’m being honest with you, I just know I wanted to write something about charities around Christmas time. This post kind of goes with what I’ve been saying throughout the whole of Blogmas which is that there are people out there in the world a whole lot less fortunate than us, people who can’t even get a fresh drink of water, ever, in their entire lives and here we are worrying about what our fifth present to our parent should be.

Earlier on, I was in town and I was Christmas shopping with my family as I had a bit of time to kill before a meeting, we weren’t properly looking for anything specific we were just looking and I saw a few homeless people in the street, now, firstly, it was absolutely freezing outside today, especially when it started getting darker and secondly here I was, a 16-year-old girl standing in the middle of a busy town centre with money in my bank account and a home waiting for me later on, worrying about what I was going to get people for Christmas while a few feet away from me a homeless man and his dog were sat on the corner of the street wrapped in a sleeping bag, how is that fair? It made me feel quite ill actually, thinking about it.

When I say charity I don’t mean just charities shops, I mean anything or anyone that needs help and support. And whilst I don’t really enjoy calling homeless people charity, for the purposes of this blog, they are, maybe ‘the less fortunate’ is how I really should put it. But anyway, they’re absolutely desperate, freezing, they have to spend the night on the ground in these cold temperatures and here we are selfishly and richly walking round buying bags and bags of presents for people who already own more than enough stuff, it’s absolutely depressing, Christmas is actually quite depressing if you look at it this way. The worst thing being, I’m not even going to change, even though I have these views, I’m not going to stop being that selfish, rich girl (I’m not actually rich but comparing myself to the people sleeping on the streets, I must look it) that walks around the town buying people she cares about Christmas presents, but that’s partly to do with the pressure of society, if I told all my friends and family that I could have bought them Christmas presents but opted instead to donate all my money to charity I know at least some of those people would be insanely annoyed.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying don’t celebrate Christmas, I’m not saying not to buy people presents or enjoy or feel bad about the presents people buy for you, I’m simply suggesting that think about the world, think about other people’s lives and experiences. Think about the things you do and how they affect others and the world. Think about what you could do to change things. I know I say I’m not going to change, but as well as being rich and selfish I’m also a 16-year-old without a job and no income, but walking down the streets today (and many other days in my daily life,) I see these homeless people and I think of how I’ve got more money than them and maybe I should give them my money, the only probably being, I get such a tiny amount of money and I basically never spend it on myself, I am always having to buy birthday presents and then Christmas presents but I’m one of those that always wants to make a change, I can’t just sit back and watch the world crumble around my feet, watch lives be shattered and do nothing about it; which is why I’ve promised not only myself but the less fortunate people out there that when I’m in a situation where I can provide money to both the homeless and to charities I will do so without even a seconds thought, I will be donating so much and really trying to make a difference. It’s not just the actions that make a difference, but the thoughts and decision to do it.

I don’t want to depress your Christmas but I can’t have a Blogmas where I pretend everything is bright, happy and cheerful in the world because that’s a fake representation, that’s how we end up in situations like the situations the world finds itself in. I know it’s Christmas, but some things just can’t be sugar-coated, I know that sounds harsh but that’s just the way it is.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it insightful, eye-opening or motivating in some way, if you did please give it a like and follow me if you aren’t already for more posts throughout Blogmas and the new year! Please leave any thoughts you have on this post in the comments as I would love to know what your opinion is!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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