Gift Ideas For All

Hey guys, can you believe that it’s already day 9 of Blogmas. I also want to say can you believe it’s only day 9 of Blogmas. I’m in a weird mood where the month feels like it’s both going really quickly and really slowly… strange…

Anyway, today’s post is going to be on gift ideas for everyone, I know lots of people have been writing posts about this but you never know when there will be a post that finally sparks some inspiration in you, I’ve decided to do a gift ideas for all post because firstly I didn’t have enough space in my Blogmas schedule for both a Gift Ideas For Her post and a Gift Ideas For Him post, also, I’d be terrible at advising what you should get a guy for Christmas so I went with the easy solution… gift ideas for all. I also feel like doing this gives me the opportunity to kind of remind you of some quite generic yet really good gifts for people. There might be a few stocking fillers on here as well, or things that could qualify as stocking fillers but also qualify as a non-stocking present. Personally, I don’t have stockings anymore, I used to have them when I was younger but as I got older and the things I wanted got more expensive we stopped having them. I miss them but at the same time it’s just another excuse for buying things I don’t need and half the time won’t use. I much prefer having bigger presents which are better and will really get used.

So, after a long introduction let’s get into it!

Chocolates – I know this is the most obvious present ever and I shouldn’t even be suggesting it because I’m vegan, you could get them dark chocolate, but I think it’s a really nice present if you put the effort in to buy them nice, fancy looking chocolate. Also, if you wrap it really nicely, at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts and if they like chocolate you can’t really go wrong!

Gift Cards – Again, another typical one but I think gift cards are really underrated. Personally, I’ve never received many gift cards because people often have ideas of actual presents I can have and I’m not going to lie, it is always nice to get an actual thing because it shows effort and thought and that someone has actually considered something you might like and gone out and bought it for you. However, I think a gift card is a good present even if you are really close and can think of presents because although there’s a special feeling that comes with opening a present and being able to use it immediately there’s also a great feeling when you go into one of your favourite shops and know you have £10 or £20 or however much it is in your pocket and you can literally pick anything in the shop and get it for free. I think it’s not a bad idea and it’s not a bad present, I know it’s been changed in society to kind of be a present you get people when you don’t know what to get them but isn’t that better? Getting them a present where they can go and select their own present that they know they’ll love or giving them a present that they might not like and never use?

Anyway… moving on…

A Membership Subscription – My friend suggested this to me earlier on when I was asking her for advice on what to put in this post – and no, I didn’t steal all of her ideas – and I thought it was a great one. This subscription could be to anything and it’s quite common for subscription services to give you discounts around this time of year. But it could be a subscription to a magazine, TV streaming service, music service, audio book service etc. it could be whatever you feel is a good present for the specific person you’re buying a present for. I’ve had magazine subscriptions bought for me as presents before and it’s a really nice idea because it’s then like the present doesn’t end for an entire year, your magazine will start being posted to you in January and then you’ll get an issue every month until the next January – so every month it’s like getting another Christmas present.

A Mug – My friend also suggested I put this on the list but it had already crossed my mind as something to put on here, I think it’s a really nice present whilst also being not too personal and very practical. If you choose a mug carefully and make sure it’s actually one they’re going to like, don’t just buy them a plain boring mug (unless you’re going to personalise it yourself which is also an idea), buy them a mug that they’re actually going to like with a nice picture or pattern that reminds you of them or that you connect with them in some way. This way, it’s something they will have the opportunity to use every single day of their lives and it will always remind them of you 🙂 Win, win!

Shower gel, bath bomb etc. – This isn’t the most exciting of presents it has to be said, but you can’t deny the practicality and usefulness of the product. Also, maybe you have someone that particularly likes baths or particularly likes having a wide range of nice smelling shower gels. I don’t know, it’s a great stocking filler though and it’s also a cheeky way of making someone you spend lots of time with smell the way you’d prefer! Haha! Don’t just buy them a solo boring shower gel though, buy them a gift set or buy them a normal shower gel and some sort of bathing accessory and wrap them up together. Something I’ve learnt recently is that it’s very easy to make a present seem better and more expensive than it actually was, not that it’s all about spending lots of money, although it can feel like that at times.

Cooking/recipe book – “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Haha! I don’t know why I said that. I was going to say it’s universally known that everybody likes food, whether to cook it and eat it or just eat it. It doesn’t matter what food (or drink) they like you can buy them a recipe book on it. Even if they don’t do lots of cooking/baking already this could be a good opportunity to encourage them into it. For example, I’ve become really interested in cooking really fancy and delicious vegan cakes and cupcakes, I would love it if people bought more me vegan cake recipe books. Anyway, maybe they’d like to make their own wine or their own bread. Whatever it is, buy them a recipe book of something they already really enjoy and then they’ll be more likely to be motivated to use it.

Christmas Tree Decorations – This probably couldn’t be your only gift to them and I’m not talking about the whole shebang but just like an individual hanging decoration, you can get them in lots of places for around about £3, it’s just a little something nice that they can look forward to hanging on their tree every single year and that will remind them of you. It’s especially good for people that like decorating Christmas trees. I have a post coming later on in the month about how I decorate my Christmas tree and the kind of tradition behind it but it started with my Mum, who, whilst not a huge fan of Christmas, really likes to decorate our Christmas tree and so one year we bought her a hanging Christmas tree decoration as part of her present and I believe that she really liked it and now every year she gets really excited when it comes to hanging that on the tree and she was really excited at the time when she’d unwrapped it to be able to hang it on the tree. Another idea is making your own Christmas tree decorations and giving them to people as presents.

Homemade Gingerbread Biscuits – This would only work if you were seeing them close enough to Christmas that they would be freshly baked and not stale but I really like this as a Christmas present, it gives the receiver the opportunity to have gingerbread men at Christmas time without the effort of making them themselves or without buying them from a shop. You could also decorate them in a kind of personal way. I was once with a dance group and every year at Christmas time one of the dance teachers would make us all gingerbread biscuits to take home and eat and it was really nice and exciting every single year when it happened.

A Onesie – This is another one where I have to give credit to my friend, when she suggested this my first thought was that it would be weird but then I thought about it and I actually think it would be quite nice, you’d have to know their size and if they liked onesies before buying one but you could buy a really exciting unusual one and then they could get changed into it and be all snuggly and comfortable throughout the Christmas day.

Candles – Around Christmas it cannot be denied the amount of scented candles that are for sale and the amount of scented candles that people talk about in YouTube videos and favourites posts and that they have lit in their houses etc. strangely, I think something that makes Christmas extra special is all the lovely smells that are associated with it, the smell of cooking food, the smell of candies, biscuits, the tree, candles etc. so get them a really special scented candle (provided they like candles and scented ones) and make them feel especially homely and Christmassy throughout the day.

There we have it, a little collection of potential Christmas present ideas. Some of these might be more expensive than others but it’s also an idea of what you could ask for at Christmas as well as what you could get others. I hope this was useful to you in some way and slightly varied from all the other posts out there. If you enjoyed this post please make sure to give it a like and leave a comment down below letting me know what you thought of this post! Make sure to follow me if you aren’t already for more posts throught Blogmas and in the new year.

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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