The Magic Of Christmas

Hey guys, it’s now only two weeks until the day we’re all waiting for! Is anyone excited?! I am insanely excited!! I’ve got most of my presents sorted which has made me really happy, I’ve got the hardest people to buy present for their presents which is always the best thing because then you can stop stressing about not getting them a present.

Anyway, today’s post is going to be about the magic of Christmas, it’s hard to explain what I mean without just writing the post, so I’m going to do just that.

When I was younger, Christmas was all about the presents for me. I know it sounds selfish and horrible of me, but when you’re little you can’t really see the bigger picture, you haven’t learnt to think about others as much as you do when you get older, when I was a child it was all presents, presents, presents, and sweets! Don’t forget the sweets! We used to get loads more presents when I was younger, we used to have stockings full to the top with awesome presents and we’d open them on my Mum and Dad’s bed before walking downstairs and opening the bigger more exciting presents. I think I mentioned in another post that we don’t have Christmas stockings anymore, the reason for this being that we suddenly became more expensive. My parents could no longer go to poundland and buy as loads of cheap toys and stationery, so we stopped doing it because anything that would be worth putting in a Christmas stocking would be too expensive and would make Christmas overall a lot more expensive and stressful.

I think I’ve got a little distracted, anyway, as I grew up I started viewing Christmas from a different perspective. Whilst I still love receiving presents; Christmas for me is more about giving presents. The only other time of the year that you get to do that for people is their birthdays and I think there’s something especially nice about giving everybody you love presents all to be opened on the same day.

As a sociology student (or a future sociology student, I’m currently not studying Sociology because I passed my GCSE) I am very interested in society and I feel like as I’ve grown up I’ve observed society a lot more than I used to. These observations have brought me a whole new love of Christmas. I love how everyone has the same purpose around this time of year, if you’re out shopping, the chances are you’re there for the same purpose as everyone else who is out shopping. The reason I know this, before you say that some of those people could just be doing normal shopping, is that people who don’t need to do Christmas shopping don’t leave their houses until after Christmas. Or the people I know don’t. I don’t literally mean, never leave their houses, but I mean they don’t go into the town unless their doing Christmas shopping. So, one of the reasons why I love Christmas and why I think it’s ‘magical’ is that it brings everyone together, maybe not consciously and maybe people don’t think of it like that, but I do. Also, in lots of cases it brings family together, family that you don’t see all that often and I think provided on the situation that’s nice.

I know I called this post ‘The Magic Of Christmas’ and I’m talking more about why I love Christmas but I see them as kind of the same thing. I think Christmas is very magical, it’s probably the most magical thing that actually exists, given that magic doesn’t, it’s one of those things that make you feel like you’re living in a movie. So when I say something like “this is why I love Christmas” it is the same as saying “Christmas is magical because”.

The thing about Christmas that I find most magical and most exciting is all the town lights, I never go and watch the lights be turned on because I know the crowds will be too large and I’m never interested in the people turning on the lights, maybe I’ll go one year, just to make my December more festive. Anyway, once the town lights are on every single night I think it’s really nice. You walk or drive through the town centre and there are all these sparkling Christmas lights above your head reminding you of the exciting day to come, I don’t know what it is but it ignites an excitement in me that I only get around Christmas time, that feeling of anticipation and longing for the day to finally arrive. I just think Christmas town lights are really, really beautiful.

The next things that make Christmas magical is the Christmas tree and decorations that you put around the house. Let’s face it, there must be something pretty magical happening to warrant putting a massive tree in the middle of your living room. I have a post coming on December 21st about putting up my Christmas tree, I swear this future post has been getting the most advertising any post has ever gotten, haha! but I’m going to talk a little bit about why I love Christmas trees now, as the future post is more about our way of decorating the tree, rather than why I like Christmas trees. Anyway, I love turning on the Christmas lights, it makes your house feel so much more homely in the winter. Once you’ve got the tree up and you’ve decorated it with your personal decorations that you’ve had on your tree for years and years, you know it’s finally time to get excited. The Christmas tree going up is when I feel like it’s truly Christmas, all the earlier excitement is the kind of excitement you have in the middle of July waiting for your birthday that’s in the middle of November. Just that sudden, unexpected excitement that you get out of the blue. I think the ‘official’ excitement is something to do with the fact that we only put our Christmas tree up on the 21st of December, so it’s really not that many days to wait until Christmas, especially not this year because my days are jam packed with Christmas shows! But when the tree’s decorated that’s when the magic truly begins, that’s when your excitement reaches it’s highest point, or it is for me anyway. We also tend to hang tinsel on mirrors and photo frames around the house to give it that extra special Christmas feeling. As well as hanging some pretty white lights in our window. I also have personal Christmas decorations that go in my room to make my room feel as festive as the rest of the house.

I guess the last magical thing about Christmas is wrapping up your presents, I often get people quite a lot of presents, I’m not gloating and saying “Hey! Look at me, I have lots of money!” because I don’t actually, I just happen to have friends that want really cheap presents so I can get them lots, I quite often end up with just over or just under 20 presents to wrap and I wrap all my presents at the same time, I don’t wrap them as I go along, I wrap them all as close to Christmas as I can leave it, this will most likely be the 23rd this year, other than when I have to wrap my best friend’s presents, that will be before then. Wrapping presents makes me feel really warm inside, I think it’s because I’m doing something nice for others, and whilst I’m not a self-centered horrible person and do nice things for people a lot, it’s not the same as giving them a present at Christmas time. I have great fun decorating the Christmas presents I wrap, designing them with ribbon and those self-stick little things you get to stick on presents, and making a nice gift tag, my Christmas wrapping process is not a small one. Once I’m done wrapping all my presents I put them underneath the little Christmas tree I have in my bedroom so it feels really exciting before I have to put them under the official tree downstairs, the only occasion in which I don’t is when the present is a really obvious shape and the person would be able to guess what it was based on it’s wrapped up shape, then I keep it hidden away.

Oh! I almost forgot the Christmas meal that we share with our close family friends every year, that’s the time when I feel like we’re having the most normal Christmas. I think I mentioned in another post that we don’t really do anything special with our extended family at Christmas, so when we’re together with friends all having a big dinner and playing games it’s when it feels most like all the happy Christmas adverts you see around this time of year with people pulling crackers and laughing etc. of course, we have a nice Christmas at home on the actual day, even if there’s no extended family involved, it’s a nice relaxed day playing games and eating Christmas biscuits.

Christmas is just magical…

I really hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was a bit random, if you did please make sure to give it a like! Follow me if you aren’t already for more posts throughout the rest of Blogmas and the new year! Make sure to leave a comment down below telling me what makes Christmas magical for you.

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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