Christmas Outfits/Accessories

Hey guys, can you believe it’s only 12 days until Christmas?!! Hasn’t this month gone fast? At the start of the month it felt like it was going really slowly and now it feels like it’s going really fast, I’m getting slightly stressed about not having everything prepared in time.

Today’s post might be quite a short one but I’m actually quite busy at the moment, however, even if this post is shorter than my usual posts it’s something I really wanted to write a post on.

If you read my Christmas Bucket List post from last night you will have had a brief introduction into my thoughts on Christmas outfits/accessories but I’m just going to right a full-on post about it now.

I think there’s something quite nice and fun about wearing Christmas-themed clothing/accessories. I’m not one of those people that replaces their entire house with Christmas themed things such as bedding, curtains, towels, cutlery etc. but I am someone who gets excited about Christmas clothing. I have two Christmas jumpers that I really like, one is slightly more festive than the other but I wear them both equally around Christmas time. There’s something especially nice about putting on a sparkly Christmas jumper as opposed to an ordinary warm jumper. It makes me feel more excited about Christmas, my family always tell me I’m ridiculous for liking Christmas jumpers – especially when I wear them all year round but I disagree, I think it’s nice to be able to show your excitement through your clothing.

Some people think it’s ridiculous when staff in shops get dressed up at Christmas, wearing antlers or santa hats on their heads etc. I however, think it’s really cool. I look forward to being able to do it every single year, it makes me really happy. Shops feel incomplete in December if people aren’t festively dressed up. It makes the shops feel kind of dull and lifeless, which is strange as they often have double the people to what they usually have. There’s a certain level of ridiculous that goes with getting dressed up but you just have to embrace it and take it in your stride, there are lots of quotes around that say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or something along those lines, and I think if people stopped dressing up and getting festive with their accessories around Christmas people would very quickly notice the big difference. I think in some selfconscious way it makes you more excited and cheerful even if you can’t actually connect your feelings to what people are wearing, it just changes the atmosphere a little bit.

My Mum has a pair of bauble earrings that she got from Claire’s Accessories a few years ago and they’re really cool, they’re are just normal baubles but instead of hanging them on your tree with a string you hang them on your ears with metal – great, right? I think Christmas earrings are really cool, I wouldn’t wear Christmas themed bracelets, rings or necklaces but earrings are good. I have four sets of stud earrings that are Christmas themed; some penguins, some reindeer, Santa and some snowmen and I really like them but they’re not as exciting as the baubles that my Mum wears. Also, because of my long hair you can’t really see them unless my hair is up – which it very rarely is in the winter because my ears get cold! I really want to add some gingerbread stud earrings to my collection.

The next thing, whilst I know this doesn’t fit into the category of clothing or accessories, is make-up. Whilst I don’t go full-on crazy with my make-up, I do try and make it slightly Christmas themed if the occasion presents itself, for example, I’ll definitely do my nails a festive colour (previous colours I’ve done have been sparkly gold, which I love so much, ice blue – which I’m wearing right now. Green, red and white.) I plan on making festive nails for the Christmas shows I’m in closer to Christmas, I even have the ability to decorate proper patterns on them but I don’t think anyone will be able to see them so I might not bother as I’m so short on time this year. I also wear festive eye shadow, such as golds or glitter greens and red lipstick. I might have my make-up done for me for the Christmas shows but when I’m working on Christmas eve I might do something festive then, the only problem being I then have to take it off for my Christmas show which is right after.

I have two Christmas-themed headbands that I wear around Christmas time, one of them is a little green and red elf hat attached to a headband and one of them is some red and gold glittery red reindeer antlers that I’ve had since I was really little, I never used to wear them when I was little but as I’ve got older I’ve become more and more fond of them and more excited to wear them. It’s strange that as I’ve got older I’ve got more excited for Christmas, you’d think the opposite would be true. I love wearing these headbands if I’m out and about in the week leading up to Christmas, I don’t really care if I look ridiculous because they make me happy so who cares what others think? I especially enjoy wearing them to work, I’m a volunteer in a charity shop and no one else gets festive or dresses up when we’re working near Christmas (this year it’s Christma eve) but I do, because it’s so close to Christmas, this year it’s the DAY BEFORE Christmas! Everyone should be getting excited and getting in the Christmas spirit! But I don’t mind if they don’t get dressed up, I dress up enough for all of us. Last year I got teased for dressing up so much but I really didn’t care, I was enjoying myself and getting myself excited for Christmas so didn’t really mind, also it was nice to joke around before Christmas.

Anyway, I think I have gone on long enough about Christmas outfits and what not so I’m going to end this post here. If you share the same love and exciting about getting dressed up all festive around Christmas time please let me know in the comments below and tell me what your favourite Christmas outfit/accessory is! I’d really love to hear about them!

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Merry Christmas!

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