My Christmas Clear-Out

Hey guys, I very almost forgot to even write a post today, I got home from rehearsals and was having my dinner when suddenly I remembered in a massive panic that I hadn’t written one today; but here I am so all is okay. I hope you’ve all had a good day!

Today’s post I’m going to write about my yearly Christmas clear-out, I think it’s a good thing for everyone to have a clear-out at least once a year because people accumulate more than I think they even realise sometimes. Also, we stop liking things very often and replace old interests with new ones.

Anyway, my clear-out always happens around Christmas because I know I have loads of things I can live without or never use and is just there to use up the space, for example, I have loads of bookshelves covering one wall of my bedroom and lots of the books on there are books that I’ve already read and don’t really want to read again but I would rather keep them on there and keep my shelves looking neat and full than have loads of gaps in it, Christmas is the perfect time when I can get rid of all the books that are just clogging up my space in preparation for all the new books and DVDs I’m going to get to fill up those spaces.

Another thing I have to clear out is my wardrobe because I have lots of clothes but I can never bring myself to part with clothes, they’re a bit like photos – you have thousands of them but never want to delete any because you never know if you’ll need/want it at a later date. As an actor who sometimes doesn’t get provided with my own costume and has to provide certain aspects of it myself I tend to keep any hand-me-downs from anyone provided they fit because you never know when it might be needed. I’m always guaranteed to get at least one new item of clothing at Christmas and whilst that means I don’t technically need to have a wardrobe clear-out – does anybody else sometimes get that feeling when everything just feels so cluttered? I mean, I like stuff, as bad as that is, I would rather have stuff and kind of display my personality through my stuff than have the minimal amount of stuff but basically have a show home to live in but sometimes I feel like the amount of stuff I have overwhelms me a little, I make it sound like I have an absolutely huge amount of stuff – I really don’t – but even small amounts of stuff sometimes has me feeling a little claustrophobic. When it’s Christmas I really want to feel like everything’s fresh, clean and organised, especially as you’re adding decorations to your house by way of Christmas trees etc. I also hate the feeling of having my room messy and it feels especially bad if it’s messy during Christmas or a birthday etc. because it feels  like you can’t properly relax. Like there’s this constant stress of a messy bedroom, so I tend to get that out of the way before Christmas arrives and then keep my room tidy from that point onwards – at least until the new year, when I can get it messy again! Haha!

Everything that I decided to get rid of, whether it be books, clothes, other bits and bobs etc. I always donate to a charity shop so that they can sell it throughout the Christmas period and also because it’s nice to know that you’re not wasteful with your stuff and just throwing it away. I can never be bothered with things such as Ebay and would much rather just give things to the charity of my choice so they can make money out of it rather than having the stuff messing up my house until somebody decides to bid on the thing I’ve listed. If I have DVDs I’m getting rid of I tend to take them to a second-hand DVD store and sell them on for in-store credit so I can buy new DVDs.

I know this just sounds like a load of getting rid of only to regain but that’s kind of what it is, however, it’s one thing having a lot of stuff that you actually use and like than having a lot of stuff that you don’t use and don’t really like but you’re keeping just for the sake of it, it stops it feeling messy and claustrophobic and starts feeling kind of homely and personal, if you know what I mean.

As well as clearing things out there’s also a cleaning aspect to it – man I sound like a weird person – you can’t just clear-out loads of stuff but still live in a dirty, dusty, smelly home – not that I do, you understand, but sometimes I get a bit behind on the hoovering or the dusting and things gather a bit more than usual but I’m not a slob, I keep things basically clean and tidy at all times. During my Christmas clear-out however, I give everything a deep clean, so it’s fresh and spotless and again, I don’t have to worry about it over Christmas. There’s nothing worse than getting to the exciting day that you’re putting your tree up and realising that you have a load of cleaning to do before you can get to the exciting bit.

I think I’ve gone on about this whole cleaning and tidying process enough so I’m going to end it here, I know this was a bit different and maybe not entirely festive but I wanted to use Blogmas to talk about all the things I do around Christmas, to prepare, get excited and the traditional things. My Christmas clear-out is kind of a tradition for me now as I do it every single year and can’t remember the last time I didn’t, after my Christmas clear-out I know it’s time to really get excited about Christmas, it soundss weird but that’s just the way it is for me.

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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