The Thought That Counts

Hey guys, I’m becoming quite fond of writing posts in the evening, I’ve been busy with drama rehearsals and they don’t end until late and I’m busy studying in the day so don’t have any time to schedule or publish posts then – don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you I’m quitting blogging, I’m merely showing my liking to coming home in the evening, settling down, putting on an episode of Teen Wolf and writing a blog post. After publishing my blog post, I get ready for bed and settle down in bed with a book – I sound like I’m making a night routine. I’m not – that’s for another time and another place.

I’m going to write a post for you today about it being the thought that counts, personally I’m quite good at buying Christmas presents, I always have a ton of ideas and I’ve basically finished my Christmas shopping now! Yay! Anyway, I think it’s very easy to lose sight of the point of a present, we get so stressed about money and who we’re going to buy presents for that it very quickly becomes less a nice thought and more a never-ending amount of stress. People get stressed about buying the present, stressed about paying for the present and stressed that the receiver won’t like it when they do buy the presents. The reason there’s a saying “it’s the thought that counts” is not only for the person receiving the present, but also for the person giving the present. It doesn’t matter what you get the person, it matters that you’ve got them something. I quite often get given chocolates from people, at first it’s quite ‘upsetting’, I use the word upsetting in very light terms because I’m not properly upset by it, it’s hard to explain, anyway, then I remember that it’s nice that the person’s bought me a present at all. Even if it turned out to be something I couldn’t use, there was still the excitement of seeing it under the tree and knowing it had my name on it, as well as the excitement of opening the present – who cares what’s inside? The reason I don’t care when I’m given chocolates and other things that I won’t eat or use is because people that I know really well will obviously not be buying me something that I don’t eat or won’t use, the only time I get presents like that is if someone I wasn’t expecting to get me a present gets me a present. It’s really not worth the stress or worrying what to get someone, the most important thing is that you actually did.

If it’s a person your close to and your stressed about it for some reason, for example, maybe they’re a new person in your life and they mean a lot to you but this is the first time you’ve bought them a present and you don’t want to mess it up, but you also don’t want to ask them, you want it to be a surprise etc. but if they are important to you and you’re important to them then it won’t matter, they won’t care. You getting them a not-so-good present really isn’t going to be the end of the world. They’re not going to stop being your friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend if you don’t get them a decent present. Also, if you’re close enough to them and they would like to return your present for something better there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do that. If they’re comfortable around you then they’ll just say that they appreciate the thought and the present but is there any chance they could take it back and swap it for something else, you have to remember that if this happens they’re not insulting you, maybe they didn’t like the present but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean they don’t like the gesture, they would just like it if they could exchange it for something they would actually like, instead of wasting your present. So, if they do ask, make sure to react in a way that makes them know it’s okay, that they’re not making you feel bad by asking, it’s the right thing for them to be doing.

Just remember, no matter what happens this year, present-wise, that Christmas isn’t about presents, sure they’re a nice pro to Christmas but they’re really not the be all or end all of Christmas, or at least, they shouldn’t be. Christmas is about love, friendship, family, fun, happiness, it’s not about how much money you have or how many presents you buy. It’s not about if you buy someone a car or Apple Mac computer or a book or a notebook. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought someone a holiday in America or if you’ve bought someone a pen, they’re not going to love you any less for it. I see Christmas as showing people you care about them and want to be involved in their lives, buying a present for someone doesn’t instantly make you a good person, I know it feels like that and I know a lot of people who certainly feel like as long as they provide me with a present they can get rid of all sense of responsibility. I don’t want presents, I want the commitment, the evidence that they care enough to be around me at Christmas or at least contact me during the Christmas period by more than a piece of cardboard sent through my letter box. I know I’m sounding quite harsh and I’ve gone a little bit off topic but I feel like people pop into your life at Christmas, acting like a big happy family or what not and then as soon as it reaches January 1st they disappear out of your life again as if they were never there, I hate it when that happens, I know Christmas is supposed to bring people together and I know that it does but I see it as more of a time to see people that really matter to you but that you don’t often get the time to see because of your busy schedules. Even in my own house at the moment, although I spend a lot of time with my family sitting around and talking, we don’t get a chance to sit down and play games or watch a film, or truly enjoy each others company, that’s what I think Christmas is about, spending valuable time with those close to you when you don’t otherwise have the time. As well as this valuable time with my family we also spend the night at our family friend’s house, catching up and playing games, we only see each other once a month and it’s always a tight schedule and usually one or the other of us has something planned for that day and therefore can’t dedicate our entire time and concentration on seeing our friends.

Anyway, rant over, I’m going to end this post here. I hope this post helped lessen your stress when buying Christmas presents, seriously, don’t let it get to you.

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