Stupid ‘Christmassy’ Things

Hey guys, can you believe that it’s now less than ten days until Christmas?? Ten days is always when it feels like Christmas is truly near. It’s still not properly dawned on me that Christmas is so soon even though I’ve sent of Christmas cards and almost completed present buying, Christmas never feels like Christmas until I’ve put up the tree – no, I still haven’t put up my Christmas tree.

I feel like my Blogmas is more like the Blogmas of the Grinch than someone who actually likes Christmas, my posts are always including anti-Christmas rants etc. I think the reason for this is because although I love Christmas, I believe there are many flaws to it, nothing and no one is perfect. So there’s a lot to say. I feel like people ignore the not so good aspects of Christmas because they get so caught up in the wave of excitement for Christmas.

Anyway, today’s post is going to be about stupid and silly things that people associate with Christmas even though they’re there all year around and shouldn’t be associated with Christmas. I’m mostly going to list things, but might go into more detail for things I feel particularly strongly about.


Robins – These birds are really pretty and they still exist outside of December. I see them all year around, but stupidly I still associate them with winter/Christmas even though they’re just birds.

Polar Bears – I got a Christmas card with a polar bear on it this year which is what made me add it into the post. People should be thinking about polar bears a lot more often than just at Christmas because they’re actually becoming or are already an endangered species because of climate change, climate change is a real thing, people need to open their eyes.

Reindeers – Okay, this is slightly understandable because of Santa’s reindeers, but they’re still real creatures that exist, they’re not fiction, they’re not vampires or werewolves, they’re just animals that sadly have been burdened with the association of Christmas and Santa.


Quality Streets – Although I’m a vegan I still think it’s stupid to have chocolates associated with Christmas, when I wasn’t vegan I used to associate them with Christmas because we would always get them at Christmas time and I remember always opening the lid and taking a deep breath of the lovely chocolatey Christmassy smell, but surely it’s bad business for quality streets? Surely Nestle want them to be bought all year round?


Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Potatoes

Random Things:

Fairy lights – We have quite a lot of fairy lights around our house because they’re really pretty, I have a lot in my bedroom and it really annoys me when people come into my room and assume that I’ve already put up my Christmas decorations. In our dining room we have some star lights in the window and they look really pretty but people always think they’re Christmas decorations when they see them even though they’re just pretty lights. I don’t see why we can only have pretty lights up at Christmas, surely we put them up at Christmas because they’re pretty? There’s no reason why we can’t have them up all year round.

Snow – I was having a conversation with my Mum earlier about the weird things associated with Christmas and she brought this up and wondered whether people who are currently enjoying summer, like Australia, have snow on their Christmas cards and so we googled Australian Christmas cards and discovered that in fact, on Christmas cards in Australia people have pictures of beaches – it was really interesting and sociologically eye-opening. Anyway, here in Britain it never, ever snows at Christmas, if it snows it will usually be in February, so why we associate snow with Christmas is beyond me.

Snowmen – The same as above really…

Gloves, hats, scarves etc. – For some reason I get the feeling that people associate dressing up warmly with Christmas, presumably because of the association of snow with Christmas.

Glitter – It’s well known that lots of Christmassy things have glitter on them: baubles; Christmas cards; wrapping paper; Christmas jumpers etc. but I don’t see why we can’t use glitter at other times of the year without worrying that we’re being too festive, it’s crazy. I really like glitter, which is obviously why I use it all year round, but as with fairy lights – people use it at Christmas because it’s nice. But I don’t understand why anything sparkly or glittery is associated with Christmas. It’s almost like anything pretty, bright or sparkly can only been seen around Christmas, the rest of the time we have to be miserable and live in dull greys and browns the entire time. I think not.

I know this was quite a short post today, I’m quite tight on schedule at the moment because of everything Christmassy that’s going on.

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Merry Christmas!

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