Celebrate Christmas Your Way

Hey guys, I started writing this post a minute ago and then my laptop freaked out and so now I have to start again… Today I studied GCSE economics for 8 hours! 8 whole hours! And right about now all I want to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep, but instead, I’m sat at my desk wrapped in a blanket writing this post – which is great, of course! I’ve started using my desk a lot more than I used to – once upon a time I used to only use it for dumping things on, it was the only thing in my room that was ever messy, now I like to think it’s pretty clear and organised. Anyway, I try and treat my blog professionally by writing at a desk to give me a kind office-y feel, it also stops me getting lazy and distracted on YouTube!

Does anyone else feel like it’s not properly Christmas yet? Maybe it’s just me, I always struggle to actually get in the mood/spirit for the exciting event, I get really excited months before and then as it gets nearer and nearer I lose all sense of excitement, it’s strange. It’s kind of like when you’ve got really high expectations of something or you’ve been daydreaming/fantasizing about it for so long and then it actually happens and it doesn’t at all live up to your expectations. I’m not saying Christmas isn’t living up to my expectations, I’m just not properly hyped yet, it’s probably something to do with our still lack of a Christmas tree – don’t worry, it’s going up on Wednesday. I also haven’t wrapped any presents yet, although I might do that sooner rather than later to get my spirits up a bit more.

Anyway, after the biggest intro ever, I’m actually going to write the post – and maybe even an actual intro, rather than whatever everything above is!

Today’s post is going to be about how Christmas is what you make it, Christmas is what you want it to be, you celebrate it the way you think is right, it’s down to your own interpretation. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas for the religious reasons and someone who is very close to their family all year round, it’s very hard for me to really properly understand how I should ‘celebrate’ Christmas. Obviously I know that it’s a time to spend with your family, hopefully our family will be hanging out together and playing games all day! Which will be great! But it won’t be all that unusual, it’s not that unusual for us to play games together. We also might watch a film – if we can all agree on one that is.

When I was younger, like lots of young kids, I saw Christmas as about only the presents. I was a bit of an obnoxious child and didn’t really see the excitement in spending time with my family, we did that all the time anyway so why should Christmas be any different? We eat nice food all the time, while should Christmas be particularly special? I didn’t, however, get presents all the time (and still don’t) and when I was younger and cheaper to buy presents for I used to get a lot of presents, as did my brother and sister, so when we came down in the morning there would be so many presents sitting under the tree and obviously I knew they weren’t all mine but the excitement of knowing that all of this was exciting new stuff to be used in my house was always one of the greatest things. As I got older I realised that although the presents are great and although I love giving and receiving presents – there’s more to life, and to Christmas, than just material objects. As I’ve got older I’ve cared less about presents and more about the opportunity to see my family in a way that it’s unusual for us to do now, we’re all growing up and going out and doing our own thing. We’re not in the same place at the same time hardly ever anymore, it’s rare for us all to have dinner together and we never have breakfast together anymore, which is fine; it’s just life. But Christmas is the time of year when I can truly spend time with my family, catch-up and just have fun with them. It happens so little now. Whilst I like the presents and it means a lot to me that people want to buy me presents, family is more important. It always was more important but I was too young to properly make the connection.

I hope it’s not just me, I’m sure there are other people who’s days aren’t all that different on Christmas day other than the fact that they’ve got a massive tree in their house with loads of presents underneath it. What we’ve got to remember is that one day, everything will be different, enjoy the Christmas you have while you can, make memories that will last forever, take a risk and make some compromises. Christmas is the day when you have to let go of your preferences, forget about your dislikes and just go with the flow. You never know how much fun you’ll end up having. That’s what I plan on doing this year, going with the flow, seeing where it takes me, I too often turn things down because I’m not really in the mood for them or don’t think I’ll like them and this year I’m going to be a rebel, let nature take it’s course blah blah blah. I think one of the things that hold people back at Christmas – that slightly halt the family fun – is that everyone is too strict on what they’ll take part in and not take part in, what film they’ll watch and what film they definitely won’t watch and it’s things like these that cause you to get nowhere with your Christmas day. You spend three hours looking for a film to watch and then settle on nothing because you can’t be bothered to look any longer.

Despite everything I’m saying about Christmas being about family, I think one of the things that makes Christmas worth it, that makes Christmas truly special is that you’ve got to decide what’s special about Christmas for you don’t just give in to society and celebrate Christmas with and how those people in the movies do, if Christmas is special to you because you can go for a nice long walk in the morning in dead silence because everyone else is tucked away in their houses drinking cups of coffee or hot chocolate and unwrapping presents, then go for that walk, if it’s going into the dead town centre and taking some photographs – go and do that, if it’s having a nice meal with all of your extended family – do that, if it’s having your friends round and dancing round the house to Christmas songs before settling down and having the longest Christmas movie marathon ever then who’s stopping you? If you want to go to church and say some prayers and sing some hymns and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, then please, I encourage you. The fact is, if you’re only celebrating Christmas the way other people do, and the way you think you should, you’re going to have an awful Christmas, if you celebrate it your own way, the way you want to, the way that will make you happy, who cares what others think. Do remember though, that if for some reason you can’t celebrate Christmas the way you want to, either because you’re too young to have all that independence or you can’t afford it, or your too nervous, whatever the reason, go with the flow, make the best of the situation, it’s better to try and hope something good happens than to not try and know nothing good will happen, or that’s how I think of it anyway…

I’m going to go now, do that crawling into bed and going to sleep thing that I mentioned earlier. I really hope this post was useful or enjoyable to you in some way – if it was please make sure to give it a like! Please feel free to get the Christmas conversation going in the comments by letting me know what your plans for Christmas day and the days surrounding it are! If you’re not following me already, you’re welcome to do so – I will be posting a festive-themed post everyday for the rest of the month and lots of other exciting posts in the New Year!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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