What’s Too Much Decorating?

Hey guys, I’m here again to talk about other enlightening Christmas-themed topics! Can you believe there’s only 12 days left of Blogmas? For some people only 5 posts left – going on the basis that they’ve already uploaded today – unlike moi! Don’t worry though, I’m still full of ideas and exciting posts to write for you in the next 12 days! 12 days left of 2016… enjoy them while you can folks!

Today’s topic is going to be about Christmas decorating, around this time of year you see a lot of decoratons around the town, city or village you live in, you see lots of houses with their own personal decorations hanging on the front of their houses. You see people’s Christmas trees through their windows. You see a whole collection of Christmas-themed things going on, so what I’m going to be talking about today is how much decorating is taking it too far.

Personally, I am not too much of a fan of taking it over-the-top and decorating the entire outside of your house, starting your decorating at the end of August to get it done by Christmas, I’m not saying that I don’t think it can look nice and I think the dedication is something to be awarded. I remember last year my Mum and I watched some trashy reality TV show about people who decorated their houses grotto style, it took them ages and ages, cost loads of money in electricity bills, cost loads of money actually purchasing the decorations and people even went to see them turn their lights on because there were so many of them and it was such a big display, I don’t think this is a normal level of decorating, I know lots of people do it and I think I would probably notice the difference if people didn’t do it. I have to admit, driving down the road during the night seeing a few houses decorated over-the-top it makes me feel very festive and right now I don’t feel very festive, however, I think the level of inconvenience for neighbours of these houses makes it harder to appreciate it, as someone who for years lived next door to someone with quite a decent amount of Christmas lights that they kept on late into the night, flashing through my window and preventing me from sleeping, I look at these lights on people’s houses and am brought back to those horrible, sleepless nights.

It upsets me when people don’t put up enough decorations, I sound like such an ungrateful and judgemental person, so demanding and specific about things, I promise I’m not, just when it comes to Christmas and decorating I have ideas of what my ideal perfect Christmas decorating would be, sometimes I hear of people that can’t even be bothered to put up their Christmas trees because they don’t really have the time or they’re not really that fussed, to me, Christmas trees are almost all of Christmas, other than spending that time with your family and the presents, I can’t get excited about Christmas until my tree’s up, I can’t imagine how one enjoys Christmas without a tree, it takes away all of the enjoyment and celebration.

When I’m decorating the house I drape tinsel everywhere, on my mirror, photo frames, I drape tinsel on the mirrors around the house, it’s all tinsel and tree decorations for me. As well as a few Christmas fairy lights on the windows, that is enough decorating for me. It’s enough to get excited about Christmas but not too much that the effort of decorating my house for Christmas is more of an inconvenience than Christmas is worth, I can’t imagine Christmas being so time-consuming that I can’t be bothered to celebrate it, the white lights hanging in my window and the Christmas tree in my living is more than enough to have me feeling festive and all warm and cosy inside, waiting for the exciting day.

The next subject we have to talk about is town decorations and shop decorations. I don’t know about other people but I find supermarket decorations really unpleasant, it’s not so much that they’re over-the-top although that could be discussed as true, but I just find them kind of ‘stressful’ I guess? Stressful isn’t the right word, kind of difficult to look at? They just feel really fake, they’re usually made out of cardboard and have kind of cheesy supermarket jokes on them, they’re just awful, the only slightly redeeming feature seems to be the pretty Christmas tree that they put up by the exit, however, it doesn’t lessen your discomfort as you walk around the store doing your shopping – I can’t really bring to mind any Christmas decorations in supermarkets that aren’t really terrible, other than the Christmas decorations actually for sale, the only time it’s bearably festive is down the actual festive aisle. Other than that I can’t stand it.

I really like town Christmas decorations, the way they hang off lampposts and across your heads, as well as the way people hang Christmas trees sideways from buildings – that always makes me laugh – my favourite part of the towns Christmas decorations is the way it lights up the town in the dark, of course that’s what lampposts do but Christmas lights make it even brighter and slightly more relaxing and safer, if you know what I mean? Without making it sound like I live in a complete dump, you get some very creepy guys around my town centre when it’s late in the evening, so when I’m walking through the town in the dark after late drama rehearsals to get to my car you can sometimes run into slightly unpleasant people shouting comments at you – otherwise known as ‘abuse’ or ‘harassment’ – so when the Christmas lights make it feel safer it’s a lot more pleasant to walk around, even if it’s not any safer or pleasant and it’s just in your mind. Not to mention the big Christmas tree that’s always put in the centre of your town making you feel all festive. I’ve never encountered a town with too much decorations but if I ever do, I will make sure to let you know!

I’m going to end this post here, sorry if it was a bit ramble-y, if you enjoyed it or related to it in some way please make sure to give this post a like! Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know how much decorating you think is too much. If you aren’t already, go and follow me for more festive posts up until the 31st December and many more posts planned for January!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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