My Typical Christmas Experience

Hey guys, it’s five days until Christmas but many more Blogmas things to be discussed!! Many, many more! I have officially finished my Christmas shopping and with a Christmas show and tree decorating tomorrow, I guess you could say I’m on my way to being Christmas ready!

Today’s post is going to be about my Christmas traditions, everyone has them and they are all different, so I wanted to share mine.

I’m a huge fan of traditions, something that you always do at a specific time and it can never be broken. Something that you only share with certain people – family and friends – something that can’t be replicated by others and even if others do something similar, it will never be the same.

I guess the first Christmas tradition is that we always put our Christmas tree up on the 21st of December, according to my Mum it’s because it’s the shortest day of the year. I don’t really care what the reason for it is, I just like that we put it up on a specific date every single year. Tomorrow is the Christmas tree decorating day! Tomorrow is the day when I write a post about how I decorate my Christmas tree. I’m so excited! Christmas trees are so beautiful!

At the end of the day on the 24th we all go and place our presents to each other underneath the Christmas tree, my Mum always puts presents from other people outside of the family under the tree for us, we never go to bed on Christmas eve before placing the presents under the tree, I always get really excited because I get to see mine and everyone else’s sitting under the tree and then get excited before going to sleep – not that I often get to sleep because I’m too excited, also, this year my sister and I plan on staying up all night watching films and TV shows, it’s going to be fabulous!

On Christmas morning, we all wait until each other has woken up, sometimes it’s almost impossible!! Literally, almost impossible, we also have a rule that no one can go downstairs into the living room until everyone is up and about to open presents. That can get quite hard as well because you get thirsty or hungry but you also really want to see the presents and you know if you get down there and see all of the presents you’ll be absolutely full of insane excitement!

When everyone gets up we all go down there and sit down, my sister and I usually in a onesie, and we designate someone to hand out the presents and then we all open our presents, creating a massive pile of wrapping paper on the floor.

This year I plan on making pancakes for breakfast, as well as gingerbread to eat throughout the day, as well as apple crumble for dessert after dinner. We don’t typically have a very exciting breakfast on Christmas but that’s mainly because everyone’s too busy stuffing themselves with chocolates and sweets etc.

I’m going to phone my best friend on Christmas, just like I did last year, simply to wish each other Merry Christmas and what we got for Christmas and what the rest of our plans for that day are etc. Once I’ve got off the phone with my BFF my family and I are going to play games around the table, we have so many games and I’m so excited to have a day indoors playing games and catching up with my family. We might even get to watch a film in the evening after or during dessert.

At some point in the day I’m going to go up to my room and put away all of my presents, I don’t expect to get many but I seem to have got into the habit of keeping my room really tidy and clean, it’s amazing the difference it has made to my mood and motivation, I never walk into my room and think it’s untidy and needs cleaning and I don’t get stressed out about being in my room anymore, I put things away as soon as they need putting away and don’t let them build up and in a strange way I feel healthier because of it, so I don’t want to develop bad habits over Christmas, especially because on the 27th my family and I are all going to our friends for the night and I don’t want my room to be messy in a way that it prevents me from packing or is a nightmare when I get home, too many times in my life have I gone away and had to come back to a messy and stressful bedroom.

The friends which I speak of are the family friends that we spend Christmas with, we have many traditions when we go to their house (they used to come here but then they moved to a bigger house), we play this amazing game called taboo which if you haven’t heard of you should totally check it out because it’s so much fun and definitely easy if you have a massive group of people. It’s really funny and really energetic and gets you really hyped. We also like to play this other game, which doesn’t actually have a name so we call it The Game and basically, what you do, is you get a hat or a bowl or something, and loads of little pieces of paper (about the size of those small sticky notes that you use to mark your place in books/textbooks) and you write down the names of characters or people. For example, Donald Trump or Edward Cullen, you might have to decide on your own rules. But you write down the name of people, real or fiction, and then fold up all the pieces of paper and place it in the bowl/hat – when I say ‘you’ I mean everyone playing the game should have written out a decided amount of names, then you pick your teams (so it’s useful to have even numbers) and pass the bowl/hat around, you set a timer of about a minute and a half and then the teams take turns, one of the people in a particularly team, say, Team A; so, Team A would have the hat and, we’ll say there are three members, of the three members one of them is going to be the ‘describer’ and the other two the ‘guessers’, the ‘describer’ will turn on the timer and will take a piece of paper out of the hat, they’ll look at the name and quickly start describing the person but without using rhymes or body m0vements and it’s up to the rest of the team to guess who the person is, if it gets guessed correctly the person puts the piece of paper aside and moves onto another piece until the timer runs out. There are many different rules that you can make up yourself if you decide to play it.

As well as playing games and opening presents with our friends we also have our proper, official ‘Christmas dinner’ which is always really exciting!

I think that’s it, those are my Christmas traditions! If you enjoyed this post please give it a like! Make sure to get involved in the Christmas spirit by leaving your own Christmas traditions down below! If you don’t follow me already, make sure to go and do that for many more posts throughout December and 2017!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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