Christmas Tree Ritual

Hey guys, the much anticipated day has finally arrived! The day that I put up my Christmas tree! Woo! Not only is it the much anticipated day for me personally in my life but I’ve also been talking about writing a Blogmas post on it, pretty much since December 1st. I’m not going to include any photos of my Christmas tree or the Christmas tree decorating experience here in this post because I’m scheduling it ahead of time, but if you go and check out my Instagram later on there might be some photos up there, I’ll try and take some but in previous cases photos of my Christmas tree haven’t come out very well.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get into the post.

My Mum really likes putting up the Christmas tree, you could potentially even say it’s her favourite part of Christmas – let’s be fair, it is a pretty great part of Christmas – we have three boxes worth of Christmas decorations that go on our tree and although it’s kind of your average, almost ceiling height Christmas tree it’s very narrow, there isn’t actually all that much space to put all these decorations. Because of my Mum’s love for decorating the Christmas tree, she has specific rules when it comes to putting the decorations on, these are rules that anyone who wishes to help put up the tree must know before they start, otherwise they’re wasting their time because my Mum will just rearrange everything.

So, first things first is the big baubles that we put on the lower branches, the reason for this apparently being that they’re too heavy to put further up the tree and take up too much space for the other decorations, so we have, maybe, three rows of branches with big, heavy baubles on them, as well as the other big hanging decorations that we have, we have some metal gingerbread men which are quite big – I’ll try and post some pictures of our big decorations on insta later.

Another rule that’s important to know before you start putting things on the tree, this rule being that you can’t put anything the my Mum doesn’t specifically really like, and definitely not anything she hates towards the front of the tree where it’s visible, any decorations that she doesn’t like can go on the tree but they have to go at the back of the tree facing the wall and on the lowest branches so they can’t easily be seen.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I am in no way using this post to have a rant at my Mum or cast her in a bad light, although I’m making her seem like a really demanding, controlling Christmas-tree-putting-up weirdo I actually love her for it – as well as for many other reasons of course – this has been my life, this is my experience of putting up a Christmas tree every year and I will hate the day when I have to put up my Christmas tree and she’s not there to tell me the ‘correct’ way to do it, although I’m pretty sure her strict Christmas-tree-decorating rules are imbedded in me pretty strongly.

Okay, moving on, after the big baubles have gone on the tree, we move onto the medium sized things that can take up the middle section of the tree and as most of our Christmas decorations are of medium size it works quite well. But we still go by the rule that we can’t put anything that my Mum doesn’t like towards the front of the tree. We decorate the whole tree, front to back, bottom to top (I say that because we always start decorating the tree from the bottom and working our way up).

Another Christmas tree decorating rule is that we can’t have things of the same colour next to each other or too close together, for example, you couldn’t have a purple bauble and then the exact same purple bauble on the branch directly next to it, you also can’t have a red bauble and then a hanging Santa next to each other because they’re the same colour. As well as this, you can’t have too many decorations of the same style on the tree in favour of a more varied collection. For example, we have some pretty little diamond hanging decorations which are made of plastic and reflect the Christmas tree lights really well, however, you couldn’t have 15 of them on the tree and only 2 of something else on the tree, it has to be evened out as much as possible. But we also can’t put too much of a decoration my mum doesn’t like on the tree – it’s getting complicated isn’t it??

Another rule is: no tinsel. My Mum doesn’t like tinsel on trees, so we place it around the house instead.

After we’ve finished with the middle section of the tree we do the stop section, we have many little decorations: little baubles; little diamonds; little gingerbread decorations; little angels. We also have some little snowmen that are really cute and they’ve all got cute coloured scarfs on and I once named them after the members of One Direction (did I not mention that I’m weird?).

And finally, after all of that, we put the final finishing touch – the big glitttery, golden star that sits on the top of our tree. My Mum usually does that one.

Then we all sit back, relax and admire the tree. All the hard work finished and nothing left to do but to look forward to Christmas!

There we have it! My Christmas-tree-putting-up ritual. Isn’t it great?! It took my siblings and I many years to learn the rules but we finally managed it! A final note, I can’t put up a Christmas tree without breaking at least three decorations. Oops.

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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