My Christmas Dessert Menu

Hey guys, it’s only three sleeps until Christmas day!! Who’s excited?!! Yesterday I put up my Christmas tree, I now officially feel really festive! I’m so excited! If you want to see photos of my Christmas tree, I will be posting photos of my decorations on my Instagram throughout the day.

This year I am lucky enough to be responsible for all of the desserts over the Christmas period, and I am so excited to make it all! In today’s post I am going to be telling you about all of my Christmas desserts. Not only on Christmas day but on all the surrounding days.

First things first is Christmas day itself. On Christmas day, and I know this isn’t really a dessert, but I’m making pancakes for breakfast after we’ve opened our Christmas presents, which is really exciting, I need to try and alter my vegan pancake recipe because they’re a bit bitter and I think it’s because they have too much baking soda in them. For sweet food throughout the day I’m going to be making some vegan gingerbread men, for the first time since going vegan, I’m not sure whether I’m going to make them on Christmas eve or Christmas day. I’m going to be pretty busy all of Christmas eve so it might have to be Christmas day. I’m really excited to eat them! There are lots of ginger flavoured biscuits that are vegan but it’s not the same as A) making your own and B) having them be really awesome shapes. For actual dessert after Christmas dinner I am going to be making a vegan apple crumble and there’s going to be ice cream and vegan custard (I’m not making the custard but buying it). Apple crumble is a kind of Christmas food tradition in my family, we always have an apple crumble, sometimes it’s for our official Christmas dinner with our friends but this year I’m making it for the actual day when it’s just my family and I.

On the 27th-28th my family and I are going to our friends house to spend the night and celebrate Christmas, for the Christmas dinner that we’re going to have when we’re there I am making a gingerbread double-layered vegan cake with vegan buttercream. I’m trying to decide whether to flavour the buttercream or just keep it vanilla flavoured. I’ve been making vegan cakes and cupcakes basically throughout the entire year and they’re always a massive success with everyone, lots of people have commented that they wouldn’t even know the cake was vegan, which is always a result you’re happy to hear – especially when you hear it from someone who’s really judgmental about being vegan. I don’t know if my friends are making other desserts for when we’re there, they said that they might, so I’m not sure.

On the 29th we will have come back from our friends house and we’re going to be having friends round and for that I am making another cake, I’m not sure if it will be double-layered, probably – because it’s nicer that way. I might make it oreo flavoured again, because that’s always one that everyone likes.

On the 30th, it’s my Mum’s boyfriend’s birthday and him and his family are coming round our house for lunch and so I’m going to make a cake for them as well, no birthday is complete without cake, after all. I’m thinking chocolate cake with cocoa butter cream icing. Cocoa butter cream is to die for. It’s so gorgeous.

Okay, there we have it, my Christmas dessert menu for 2016. I hope you liked it! I will try and post photos of all the desserts onto my instagram and leave links to the recipes or where you can buy the recipe books.

If you enjoyed this post please give it a like! Feel free to leave comments down below of what your desserts at Christmas are going to be! Follow me if you aren’t already for many more exciting posts throughout December and lots of posts to come in 2017!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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