Quality Not Quantity

Hey guys, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! I repeat, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! Who’s excited? Who’s prepared? Who’s got all their presents wrapped up (not me)?

Okay, with only two more official Christmas preparation posts left, as after Christmas my posts during Blogmas will be more about the new year, as Christmas will be over, and with Christmas Day nearly upon us, I decided to write a post about presents.

“Quality not quantity” is a saying I learnt from a children’s TV programme a few years ago – sad isn’t it? Anyway, even though it was words of wisdom spoken in a children’s TV show it’s stuck with me ever since and has slowly developed much more meaning to me than the joking manner in which it was said in the show. I have decided to incorporate that saying into a blog post about Christmas and Christmas presents.

If you’ve been following these posts throughout Blogmas you may have noticed a few differences between my childhood Christmas and my present day Christmas. One of those differences, probably the most noticeable difference, is I get a lot less presents now than I did then. It is this change that has inspired me to write this post for you today.

When I was younger – maybe five or so years ago – my siblings and I used to get lots of presents, like absolutely loads, I’m not trying to brag and I don’t actually like consumerism all that much but because we were young it was fairly simple to buy us loads of really cheap presents, just pop to Poundland and pick out five of the most exciting toys. Nowadays it’s quite a struggle to find presents for my siblings that are under £5. We used to have stockings as well as main presents when we were younger, my sister and I have been talking about reincorporating the stockings when we’re both older with jobs, it’s a great idea but maybe stockings aren’t as wonderful as we remember them being? Maybe we’d reincorporate them only to ditch them again the next year. Who knows, it’s worth a try. Because of having stockings and main presents it always felt like there were loads of presents. I remember we used to come down in the morning and not only all the space under the tree but all the space on the coffee table and surrounding area around the tree was full of presents and when we were younger and all enjoyed playing with toys it felt like every present – even if it wasn’t specifically addressed to us – was a present for us. Because we’d use each others toys when we were playing games.

Nowadays we no longer have stockings and we have less main presents. Thinking about it this year I’ve realised it’s not actually a bad thing, I used to get a bit sad, like, not sad-sad, but a bit sad when I came downstairs and there weren’t as many Christmas presents as there used to be. That’s where the saying “quality not quantity” comes in, when people were just buying me and my siblings toys it didn’t matter about the quality, it didn’t matter if someone had spent £20 on it or 50p, a toy was still a toy and we’d find some way of using it in a game. Nowadays though, quality matters a lot more than quantity does, I’d much rather have a few things that I’d used time and time again than loads of things that I’d only use a couple of times. For example, from my Dad this year I bought myself two sweatshirts that I’ve been fantasizing about since around June. I didn’t get them for my birthday because I went shopping and I spent ages earlier on in the month deciding whether to get just the two sweatshirts which were expensive but not too expensive or whether I should just get cheaper things instead so I had more presents, the truth is, I could have found lots of things to buy with that amount of money, things I would use and like; I wouldn’t just go and waste my money for the sake of having more presents to open on Christmas day but there’s a part of me that still aims to have lots of presents over good presents. I will wear those sweatshirts all the time, I’ll probably be in conflict with myself everyday over which one to wear. I am very happy with my decision because I know that they were worth much more than anything else I could have bought.

I think this is an important thing to remember when you’re buying people presents as well, would you rather get them lots of cheap presents or a slightly more expensive present that will be worth more to them? I tend to try and go with both by getting things second-hand or cheap off eBay, but it’s not always possible, you mustn’t feel bad if you’ve bought someone only one present that was expensive over lots of little presents that added up to the same price. At the end of the day they would rather you got them an expensive gift but it was only one thing rather than spending lots of money on many different things. Or I would anyway.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, that it’s very easy to forget what’s important, especially at Christmas; there are so many expectations and ideal or imaginary scenarios that films, books and songs make up for us (not forgetting Tumblr!) where you’ve got a lovely Christmas tree, it’s snowing outside, you’re sitting indoors with the fire and opening all of you many, many presents. If you always expect to have a life from a fairytale or movie I can guarantee you that you’ll always be disappointed. Please don’t feel disappointed, in a life when you’ve got so much to be grateful for being disappointed about the weather or the number of presents you get at Christmas really isn’t worth it. When you go downstairs (or into the living room if you don’t have an upstairs) and you see all those presents waiting underneath the tree, feel nothing but glee and excitement, don’t let that horrible feeling of disappointment creep in if you don’t get the same number of presents as other people. At the end of the day, it only matters that you got what you wanted, you got things you really love and will use and that you had a wonderful day with whomever you decided to celebrate with. Quality really is more important than quantity.

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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