Spread Christmas Cheer

Hey guys, the day we’ve all been blogging about for the past 24 posts is finally, almost upon us! Tomorrow is Christmas day!! Which means that today is Christmas eve and what a day I’ve had!

I saw my Dad early this morning to exchange presents with each other. Then I went to work, left work early to go and perform in my Christmas show. Got to the theatre, got ready, had some photos taken for promotional reasons and then actually performed in the show. Dashed home on the bus, had a quick lunch, brushed my teeth and then straight out the door again but only this time to watch the show rather than be in it. After the show I came home, had dinner, watched a bit of television, wrapped up some presents and now I’m writing this. And I still have more presents to wrap but the sellotape got stolen from me… 😦

I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas eve, let me know in the comments what you did with your day.

Today’s post, because it’s Christmas TOMORROW is going to be a bit of a laid-back post, I’m not going to give you Christmas tips or anything. Just kind of have a general discussion.

The main thing I wanted to talk about in this post is to spread Christmas cheer. It’s not too late for it, you may have read in some of my previous Blogmas post throughout the month that I don’t celebrate Christmas for the religious reasons, I celebrate it for the way it brings everyone together. It promotes kindness and peace. So make sure to share the kindness and peace with others, spread the Christmas cheer. Even if all you do is wake up tomorrow morning and text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to wish them a merry Christmas. Or if you offer to make the breakfast so that someone else doesn’t have to do it. Whatever it is make sure you have as many people as possible feeling festive tomorrow.

Today, through being in my Christmas show I spread Christmas cheer because everyone that was coming to see it was seeing it because it’s a Christmas show and it’s Christmas tomorrow. And I have to say from watching it as an audience member later on in the day it really did help me to feel festive and cheerful. Another thing I did was wear a Christmas jumper and headband. I know this sounds silly but you’ll be amazed at what a little Christmas merchandise can do at this time of year, the bus driver that was driving my bus today had a Santa hat on and it was amazing how simply seeing her hat made me feel suddenly festive and excited. So don’t dismiss what a little Christmas outfit can do for the people around you.

It’s a bit late in the day to be spreading the Christmas cheer but just make sure to try your best tomorrow to ensure everyone around you has a fabulous day, don’t ruin it by being grumpy or a spoil sport by refusing to join in on any of the games. Take a risk, not a dangerous one obviously but give something a try that you might ordinarily avoid, it is Christmas.

I’m going to leave this post here, I know it’s much shorter than my posts usually are but I really wanted to post something on Christmas Eve and I have a lot to do before tomorrow, my sister and I are also having a TV marathon so I don’t want to delay that (otherwise I won’t be getting any sleep). I may or may not post a little something tomorrow but please don’t be expecting anything. I have posted every day so far this month and I feel like on Christmas day everyone deserves a day off. I might be compelled towards writing something or I might be too busy to find the time.

Whatever happens blog wise I hope you all have the best of the best Christmas, I don’t say it a lot because I don’t want to sound too big-headed but I really do appreciate every single one of you that take the time to read, like and comment on my blog as well as follow me – it’s times like this when I’m particularly grateful for everything I have and I am so grateful to have all of you. Do let me know how your Christmas was in the comments after Christmas. I hope you all get what you asked for and that your day is filled with love and happiness (so cheesy I know). Enjoy yourselves! Join in on the games and family fun! Paaaarrrrrrtttttyyyy!


Inspired Teen 🙂

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