Christmas Bucket List Review

Hey guys, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got loads of amazing Christmas presents (I have a Christmas present haul coming tomorrow!!), let me know in the comments what you did for Christmas and what your favourite present was.

My Christmas had it’s ups and it’s downs. There were definitely more ups than there were downs but I think everyone has good parts and bad parts of Christmas, don’t they?

For today’s post I am going to review My Christmas Bucket List and see how I did at checking everything off, funnily enough I didn’t even go back to the bucket list throughout the month to see how I was doing, I literally forgot about it until looking in my blogger notebook just now to see what blog post I had to write – yes, I know, I’m so organised I even have a blogger notebook! Woo! Anyway, if you haven’t read my Christmas bucket list you can go and read it here, if you have then you may proceed!

Make Gingerbread Men – I did do this! For the first time ever at Christmas time, now not only have I completed it from my Christmas bucket list but my life-long bucket list as well! I think the main reason I wanted to make them at Christmas is because it seems to be a thing, if you go on Tumblr or Instagram or things like that and look at Christmas-themed posts you always see fancy gingerbread men. This year was also the first year that gingerbread men has been made in the house since my Mum and I went vegan so it was a bit of a gamble whether it would actually taste good or not but it did and was a huge success – I’ve been munching on them since yesterday lunch time, as have my entire family. I have to admit though that it took forever to roll out the dough and cut them into the shapes, literally, forever, I thought it was never going to end. But it did and they were delicious! If you would like the recipe that I used you can click here.

Decide On A Christmas Dinner – So, I don’t technically know whether I can tick this off as officially completed or not… I guess you can decide and let me know what you concluded in the comments. We had our Christmas dinner tonight, we didn’t really have anything fancy yesterday because no one was all that hungry because everyone was too busy shoving chocolate in their mouths (or my siblings were any way) and we were playing games and time just got a bit lost and then it got a bit too late to cook anything so we decided on a not-so-fancy dinner in the living room with the TV and to be honest, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was exactly right to fit in with the day. But my Mum did technically decide on a meal yesterday, she just never got around to cooking it so I’m going to say it counts. Also, can I just say that the dinner she did make (with my vegetable chopping and cake making assistance) was absolutely amazing and so, so delicious! I’m completely full but there’s still food left and I really want to eat it! The struggle is real!

Successfully Buy And Order All Of My Christmas Presents In Time – I did this! I didn’t think it was going to be an issue but it’s always a slight worry when ordering things online that they won’t come in time but they all did and I’m so pleased, I actually managed to do all of my Christmas shopping many days in advance giving lots of opportunity to sit back and relax having completed the most stressful part of the Christmas period. My presents were also a complete success and I think everyone was pleased, although I felt kind of bad because I feel like everyone bought me much better presents than I bought for them, but you will hear all about the presents I got in the my Christmas present haul that I will be publishing tomorrow!! I’m really excited, it’s like a favourites post without being a favourites post! Obviously I’m going to have a favourites post as well!

Don’t Break Any Christmas Decorations – …….. So, I’m not going to lie, I did actually do this. But only once, which must be some kind of record for me when it comes to decorating the tree. I think it may be because there was an extra pair of hands this year and people seemed to be participating quite a lot so I didn’t get the opportunity to put as many decorations on as I sometimes do, which was probably a good thing for the decorations! The thing I broke was a red and white stripe-y bauble, and it was only the string off the top of it which was easily re-attachable.

Try And Not Be Scared About Opening My Christmas Presents – I did this! I successfully did this! I know it sounds crazy but I am actually really proud of myself, I hate to say I’m proud of myself but when I deal with levels of stress and anxiety like this and then I don’t I feel a sense of relief and happiness that I’ve managed not to feel that anxiety. It’s crazy because no one should be scared about opening presents, I go into more detail about my fear of present opening here. I feel a true sense of achievement and there really was nothing to fear anyway because I got loads of great Christmas presents and am really happy with all of them! I think this might have been the best year for Christmas presents I’ve had in quite a few years.

Make Breakfast On Christmas Morning – I did this, but only for me and my Mum, everyone else was happy to eat chocolate. I made beans, sausages and onion rings which was fine by me. I had intended to make pancakes, I’d even made sure my mum ordered all the spreads and syrups but no one was really in the mood and it was a bit pointless to make it if no one was going to eat it.

Win At Least One Game – To be honest I can’t actually remember if I won a game. We played two games of Pictionary, a game of cluedo and a couple of games of UNO. I might have one UNO but I can’t remember. My team was absolutely smashed in Pictionary – both times. Fun Fact: I can’t draw fast cartoon figures to save my life.

Successfully Hide My Secret Santa Identity – I didn’t really get the opportunity to hide my secret Santa identity because the way it was organised we all sat around in a circle and opened our presents and then told each other who we’d bought a present for so there were mere seconds between the person opening the present and me telling them I’d bought it for them – they didn’t say anything in those few seconds so does that count?

Remember All My Lines During My Christmas Show – I did do this! I didn’t ever have any doubt that I wouldn’t as I’m actually quite good at remembering my lines – better than I ever thought I would be – but if you’re an actor there’s always that slight fear that you won’t remember them and you’ll cause everything to fall apart and the show will be destroyed and it will be all your fault, but that didn’t happen. And it was an amazing show and I really enjoyed being part of it. I also learnt that I’m much better at make-up than I ever thought that I was!

Put Up The Christmas Tree – We obviously did this because what Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree? If you didn’t read my post all about my Christmas tree putting up ritual you can go and read it here

Go To Work Wearing Festive Clothing/Accessories – I did this last year and I did it again this year, there’s something about going to work dressed up all festive and spreading the Christmas cheer. This year I was working on Christmas Eve and so it was extra important that I was all festive, I just love going into shops and having everyone all dressed up. I know it sounds cheesy and ridiculous but I think it’s great and although I’m only a volunteer at the moment I don’t see why that should change anything. I still have a job as a staff member to be approachable and nice etc. and at Christmas everyone knows the Christmassy people are most likely to be approached.

Complete Blogmas Without Missing A Day – I obviously can’t judge yet whether I’m going to successfully complete Blogmas as I’m doing it up until the 31st but I didn’t blog yesterday. I had originally intended to but I didn’t really have any content or a good post to write and it was going to end up being a post just for the sake of a post and no one was going to read it because it was Christmas day (not that I write posts for the views) and I hadn’t scheduled a post because I’m so unorganised which means I was going to have to try and sneak off to write a post and I didn’t really want to do that because I was enjoying spending time with my family and I didn’t want to interrupt that to write a blog post that my heart and mind weren’t properly going to be engaged with.

There we have it, my successes and failures of Christmas time, I hope you found this enjoyable and interesting – if you did then please give it a like! Let me know about your Christmas experience and if you had a Christmas bucket list let me know how you did in completing it. If you aren’t already then please click the follow button, it would mean a lot to me and you would get all of my new posts straight into your reader! Win, win!

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Bucket List Review

  1. I’m glad you had such a great Christmas! I actually bought myself a polaroid camera with my christmas money so I am pretty excited about that and I also got some books and makeup which I love as well! And congrats on completing most of your bucket list! They are hard! I almost never complete them successfully! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I have taken quite a few already but it worries me that they won’t completely turn out and I took two today that didnt at all! I got Sapphire Blue, Scrappy Little Nobody, and #EnjoyMarie. Haha yeah that would make it really hard! Xx


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