2016 Achievements

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying this Christmas celebrating experience and have been having lots of fun – let me know in the comments what you have all been up to!

My apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I planned to but got so caught up with Christmas festivities with family and friends that I literally didn’t get a second of time. It was a great day though. However, it does mean I’m a bit behind with Blogmas. The post I originally had planned for yesterday is not being published today, I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to publish it but I’ll get it done – I promise.

Today’s post, as we’re now nearing the end of 2016 *sobs* is going to be about my achievements and how I’m feeling in myself about the year. I don’t want this to sound big-headed but as a person I feel like there is always room for improvement, especially at a young age and especially when there’s all this stress on young people about their future, their education, their career etc. you feel like your entire life is dependent on the decisions you make now. The achievements you have now. The effort you put in now. And with all of this going on we also have to try and figure out who we are as people, develop in to people we would like to know, make ourselves people we like, people we can be proud of and all of this is very tiring. Very stressful. So I am here now to talk about all the things I have done that I feel are achievements to my future and to me as a person.

I guess the first thing to talk about, which I believe to be the biggest and most important achievement, is my anxiety and fear. I don’t have proper anxiety, like, I haven’t been diagnosed with it or anything but for lack of a better word, and the fact is, it is anxiety it just doesn’t affect me in the way it severely affects others. It has improved so much this year, I used to get really fearful about others when they weren’t in the house or really worried about myself. I would worry that they were injured or hurt and would sometimes text them to make sure they were okay. If I was home alone while my family were out I would get paranoid about every little noise, worrying the house was going to blow up or catch fire. I would worry about having a shower home alone in case that meant I couldn’t hear a burglar if they tried to get into the house – all really stupid, ridiculous things that were clearly just me being paranoid and lately it’s all been lessening to be almost non-existent and that’s made me so much happier and more relaxed. It feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I was actually paranoid about being paranoid, I used to worry that there was something wrong with me, that I was having these abnormal feelings that I perhaps should see someone about and now that paranoia has gone away too – I now have realized that everyone at a young age who’s experiencing a new level of independence gets paranoid and slightly worried about specific things because they have no experience with them, so I consider this a huge achievement in coming a full mature and independent adult, which is a necessary skill to have.

One of the other things would be my confidence – in all areas of life but specifically my acting. My acting has considerably improved over the course of the year and it’s not just me saying that, I’ve had others say that to me too, but that’s definitely been a high to my year as I need to be confident in my acting – no actor ever got anywhere by not being confident. I’m really pleased that I have this new found confidence in my acting because I never thought it would come, I’m one of those people who’s quite shy and awkward and therefore situations where I have to do silly things never really work out very well but that’s changed; I feel that my acting can now go to many new places with this new confidence and it seems like the only way is up now – especially with monologues to perform in auditions in the new year. As well as confidence in my acting I feel like I have gained confidence during social activities, when it comes to speaking to people. I have gained confidence in my job and most importantly I have gained confidence in myself.

The next achievement is my education and motivation. Before this year, I hadn’t really had much experience with studying, revising or exams at all for that matter. The only exams I’d ever done were music exams and they aren’t really classed into the same category as GCSEs and A-levels. As well as sitting and passing three GCSEs a year early I have also developed motivation for studying and revising for my next year exams much earlier than I did earlier on in the year. I feel like I am well on my way to being prepared for these next lot of exams. Education-wise other than in terms of exams I have successfully decided what my educational steps are after my GCSEs next year as well as going to a number of open days, filling out my applications and sending them and have in fact got an interview day for one of them and two more dates coming in the new year.

Again, I don’t want to sound big-headed but I feel like I am truly prepared for life at the moment, yes, I am very stressed about the new year and all it’s new paths and experiences to be had. I am very scared of all the new situations I am going to be walking into, such as sixth form life. I am very nervous about all of my exams. But at the same time I have never felt more prepared for such a year. I have never looked on into a new year with such excitement yet uncertainty. With such happiness yet fear. And I say, bring it on!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a like. Make sure to leave comments down below letting me know what your biggest achievements of 2016 were. If you don’t follow me already, it’s quick, simple and free – all you have to do is click the follow button to get my new posts straight into your reader as soon as I publish them!

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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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4 thoughts on “2016 Achievements

  1. This is so lovely! I love hearing people overcoming their insecurities and fears. I had an anxiety attack (or maybe it was a panic attack?) in October and it was so random and unlike me, I thought I was sick. Unfortunately it’s been plaguing me since then but I’ve improved so much on that aspect too. It’s such relief!

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    1. Thank you! I’m not sure I’ve definitely overcome it but I definitely feel more confident in myself and in general and there isn’t so much worry surrounding me all the time which is definitely a good thing. Panic attacks are scary, I’ve had two before and much like you they just came completely out of the blue and were so unlike me and I couldn’t even get to the bottom of it, I thought I was dying… but I can now identify when I’m getting really panicky and have learnt to do things to distract myself because when you get panicked, you panic that you’re panicked and then it just leads to double the amount of panic so usually I just use things to get my mind of the thing I’m panicking about – it sounds really complicated but it’s really helped. 🙂

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