2017 Resolutions ft Thisizapen

Hey guys, I know I already posted today but it was supposed to be yesterday’s post really. The plan for today was always to do a new year’s resolutions post. But, with a bit of a twist! Instead of just having my own resolutions in this post I have also teamed up with my best friend and she’s going to tell you her resolutions as well. If you haven’t read my best friend’s blog before then you can go and read her blog here , she is an absolutely amazing blogger and writer and she has this amazing talent to make you interested in what she’s writing about even if you’re not interested. That sounded really rude, what I mean is, if it’s not a topic you would usually be interested in she can make it interesting. I’m very envious of her blog.

So, we’re going to start with her resolutions for 2017 and lead into mine. Enjoy!

Thisizapen’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Complete a satisfactory second draft of my novel – A few weeks ago, something major happened. Something I had been waiting for. I completed the first semi-satisfactory draft of my novel. It was incredibly difficult for me, so I feel proud. I started writing the first attempt at a “draft” in 2015. I don’t really feel qualified to call that a proper draft because a) it was only a beginning, b) not much of it stayed, and c) I feel like it’s very embarrassing. In fact, it’s so embarrassing that I don’t even like to look at the document. But in the August of 2016, I started writing the first proper draft, and that is what I managed to complete. Unfortunately, at the moment it is mainly a collection of scenes, the story arc having remained in my head. My second draft needs to be an amalgamation of the story arc and the scenes. Wish me luck 😛

2. Play guitar more – This was one of last year’s resolutions. I can fullheartedly say that I failed. Alright, strictly speaking I didn’t fail, because I worded the resolution ‘More guitar’ and I did do more guitar (in like I picked my guitar up about four times) – but that’s just pedantry. I know that I’d meant to play A LOT more guitar. Instead I was really negligent about my guitar playing. This year I would like to NOT do that. I’d really like to get good and feel like I’m good.

3. Tell people why I love them – The first friend I can remember telling me they loved me was Inspired Teen. It was a big surprise and it felt really special because I couldn’t remember any other friend telling me that. These days we tell each other we love each other quite often, I think, and it’s brilliant to be able to tell someone something like that without feeling shy or embarrassed. I haven’t made it a habit to let other friends/acquaintances that I love know that I love them, though, because I’m a bit shy and I also feel like it could be misinterpreted, especially if I tell people of the opposite gender. I feel now that it is time to break that silence. I love some people so much and I really want to tell them, but I always stop myself. If I manage to tell them this year, I will feel substantially more open and happy. It will be even better to be able to tell people why they mean a lot to me. Again, that is something I stop myself from saying, for some reason.

4. Get my dreadlock extensions business off the ground – I’ve been making dreadlock extensions out of wool for myself for a couple of years (not constantly for a couple of years; obviously I’ve done other things as well), and I would finally like to start selling similar ones for other people. I started up an etsy to sell them on, and even started making my first set to sell (they are purple decorated with white and blue string!). I can’t wait to add the other details.

5. Come to a more conclusion-y conclusion about what I want to do with my life.
I know that I want to write and make music, and there are things I’m interested in, but I don’t know what fits into the category of career; what fits into the category of hobby; and what fits into the category of Other. I hope I find out soon. Wish me luck 😛 I’ll need it!
LifeOfAnInspiredTeen’s New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. me):
1 . Take A Photo Every Day – So, one of the things on my bucket list is to take a photo every day for a year, I tried to do this last year and lasted about a week before one day I literally just forgot to take a photo and it destroyed the whole thing. I was really sad, this year I definitely want to do it and then print all the photos out and put them in a scrapbook or photo album. The photos aren’t necessarily going to be of very much (for example, today’s photo was of a bunch of flowers a guest gave to my Mum earlier on in the week, keep checking my Instagram to see the photos I’m taking for the project.
2 . Take A Selfie Every Day – Okay, before you start accusing me of being big-headed this is not because I’m weird and like the appearance of my own face or anything crazy like that, it’s actually because I saw someone do a selfie a day project to keep a record of the changes in their appearances over the space of a year (although I actually think they did it over the space of more than one year) but I would like to do it so I can see the little changes that my face make between now and December 31st, because it must make them and we just don’t notice. Something that’s definitely going to happen is my braces are going to come off and my teeth are going to be properly straight, so I look forward to taking the first non-braces selfie.
3 . Keep Up To Date With My Journal – I’ve never been one for keeping a daily journal. I don’t write an entry every day because I feel like it’s a waste of valuable journal space if I don’t have anything to say. I keep a journal to record my mental feelings more than to record my activities and social events, there is a certain extent to that in my journal but only if it’s particularly note-worthy. However, last year I got a bit out of the habit of journal keeping, I did still write in it but I was finding there were many weeks of lots of activities going by when I wrote nothing, and the busiest periods in my life are when I want to be writing the most, so this year I need to get back on track with my journal.
4 . Take Some ‘Me’ Time More Often – Given that it’s the new year I know that I’m going to be spending the majority of the next four months studying/revising for my GCSEs. From last year’s experience I know that I’m going to get so caught up studying that I’m never going to give myself a break or a chance to wind down and take some time for myself, to just sit down, relax and pick up a good book or something. So I really need to make sure I have time for that this year, otherwise I might get a bit grumpy and over-stressed.
5 . Create A Study Schedule And Stick To It –  Another lesson learned from last year’s GCSEs is that I would plan lots of study sessions, or tell myself I would finish a specific amount of work by a specific time on a specific day and then get distracted and not get it done. Or I’d sit down, start doing the work, take a hydration break and then get caught up talking for the next two hours etc. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen this year because my GCSEs are relying on my ability to get things done.
6 . Get Fit – I’m pretty sure this was a resolution I made last year as well and although I’m not comfortably in some kind of fitness routine and am not currently very active or fit – it’s the winter, what do you expect – I did do a lot more fitness stuff last year than I usually do. I went running every day consecutively for about five days (what an achievement), I’m pretty sure I played Wii Fit everyday for about 7 weeks and got really fit before then having to take a break because I was ill or too busy or something. This year, I need to get my act together because I can’t let my health and fitness suffer because I’m too lazy or busy studying. I need to exercise and it actually make me feel really refreshed and motivated if I get up and go out somewhere before I officially start my day.
7 . Keep A Morning & Night Routine – Very annoyingly I’m one of those people that is both a night person and a morning person and therefore struggle to get enough hours sleep because if I go to bed early I feel like I’m wasting valuable time in the day and if I sleep late into the morning the next day I feel like I’m wasting valuable time in the day. So I just can’t win. However, I seem to have got into the habit of going to bed at about midnight every night and that’s unnecessary. What I really need to be doing is going to bed at about half past ten, winding down until about eleven and then waking up at seven. But that’s not happening at the moment and so I need to get into the habit of making that happen. But I also mustn’t force myself to wake up early every morning if I’ve had a late night for some reason.
So there we have it, mine and my best friend’s new year’s resolutions. Please let us know what your new year’s resolutions are in the comments below – we’d love to hear about them! If you enjoyed this post then please give it a like. Check out Thisizapen’s blog where she just published our Best Friend Resolutions for 2017, give her a follow, check out her posts and once you’ve done that you could even come back and give me a follow if you aren’t already – it’s all free!
If you want to get in touch do not hesitate to use my e-mail – aninspiredteen@gmail.com
Happy New Year!
Inspired Teen 🙂





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