2016 Acknowledgements

Hey guys, so, I’m always a little lost as to what my ‘introductions’ should exactly say, sometimes I say something along the lines of – ‘I hope everyone is having a great week’ but that’s just a bit boring, isn’t it? A bit business e-mail style. If you have any ideas, do let me know in the comments, along with any other ideas on how to change my blog – I am always looking for ways to improve my blog, and whilst we’re on this subject then please feel free to let me know if you have any post ideas that you would like my to write up and publish and I will see what I can do.

Anyway, you may have a slight idea from the title about what this post is going to be about, let me explain. Firstly, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh no, not a post about 2016, can’t we just forget that year already? Haven’t we discussed and reminisced it enough yet? Let’s just move on.’ Unfortunately, I can’t do that, because I was ill on the day I was supposed to post this and I think it’s really important, maybe others won’t agree but I have to write this post. I have read many posts this month and in fact last month talking about 2016, there were so many people talking about what a terrible year it had been and how it wouldn’t be missed and that they were so glad it was over. I think no one really thought about focusing on some of the good parts of that year, I understand that some people believe there was nothing good about that year, and maybe they were right, who am I to judge on what year they had had but at the same time I feel like there were many people that were glad it was over because of all the history-making political things that happened, all the bad things but I feel like last year really shaped me and taught me a lot, it made me realize a lot of things and I know other people feel the same. Anyway, I would like to write a post talking about all the people that really helped me in 2016 and all the people I would like to acknowledge for everything they did for me, as stupid as it sounds. And yes, before you say anything, I know this isn’t a book.

Firstly, I would like to thank my Mum for always, always being there for me no matter what phase I’m going through and how stressed I get. Her continued support and patience with me continues to inspire me, as does her kindness, selflessness and knowledge. She is always there when I need to talk things through and willing to make helpful comments that help me with a dilemma or confusion that I’m having. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

I would like to thank my sister for being there when I need a distraction from my studying, someone who will always, always, without a fail make me laugh and smile and take all the stress away even if it’s only for a short amount of time. Someone who reminds me that I will always be a child at heart, someone I can muck about with without feeling stupid and silly, someone who makes me feel like there’s nothing to worry about and as long as I have family and friends then everything will be okay in the end. Without her I genuinely don’t think I would be as happy as I am.

I would like to acknowledge my brother who is always there when I just need to have a simple chat, someone I can go to and have a good catch-up but someone I can also joke with and who’s there if ever I need a hug. Someone who will mock and tease me and remind me that I will always be his little sister no matter how lost and grown up I think I am, he will always be there for me. For this I will be forever grateful.

I would like to acknowledge my best friend for being there for me throughout the past year, someone who I can go to and talk to about anything and and everything. Who won’t judge me no matter what crazy thing comes out of my mouth, who will listen to me like it’s the most interesting thing in the world when in reality she couldn’t care less. Someone who is both my complete opposite and my twin at the same time and who keeps me on my feet and reminds me who I am when I get so overwhelmed with work that I forget. Who’s continued support and belief in me continues to astound and bewilder me yet I love her for it, more than she will ever know. She’s someone who has no awareness of quite how brilliant she is and yet she makes me so happy and so motivated and inspired. She has no idea how much she has improved my life in the three and a half years that I’ve known her and I am glad that last year we got the opportunity to grow even closer.

I would also like to take this time to thank anyone who supported me and gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a person. I would like to thank anyone who was there for me when I needed them or even if I didn’t need them. Anyone who believed or had faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself. Anyone who gave me the opportunity to realize who I am and what I wanted out of life and was part of shaping who I was then, who I am now and who I hope to be in the future. I will be forever grateful to all of you forever.

And lastly, I would like to thank both all the citizens of the UK and the US for teaching me that life is incredibly unexpected, that nothing is ever certain and that you can’t always get what you want, no matter how hard you wish for it. People are not always on your side even when you wish they were or would be and it doesn’t matter how much you reason with them they simply will never accept the truth, they will insist on being blind to it simply so that they don’t have to admit to being wrong. It was an absolutely invaluable lesson and one which I will never forget.

So, I know this was a bit of an unusual post and not really anything I would usually post, but I just thought that I owed it to all the people who had been there for me to acknowledge it even if they won’t read it and never know about it. Get involved by acknowledging someone that played an important part in your 2016 in the comments!

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Inspired Teen 🙂

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2 thoughts on “2016 Acknowledgements

  1. Ahh, this is such a lovely idea for a post! I might try this next year, or maybe do something similar at the end of the semester, at the end of a study abroad trip since I’ll have met so many new people, et cetera. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I was worried about what people would think as I know it’s not really something the readers can connect to and is more just a personal post that only really has meaning for me. But I’d love to read anything you write inspired by this post! Let me know if you do write one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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