My Biggest Life Lesson

Hey guys, the other day I was sitting on the sofa and it was one of those moments when you just sit there and reflect on everything that’s happened recently, whether that be in the last week or the last month – or even in the last couple of months – anyway, I was sat there and I was thinking about my exams and the future and where I hope to be at the end of the year and everything I hope to have achieved and then I was reminded of this life lesson that my Mum taught me recently. And I remember her teaching me this, I’m not even sure she meant for it to become quite as important to me as it is now, I think it was just the way she worded her thoughts but they stuck with me and that talk became the biggest life lesson I have ever had.

I decided to share that life lesson with you guys because it really helped me handle my stress and helped me come to terms with how much work I had to do and how little time.

My Mum taught me this life lesson when I was getting stressed about GCSEs and I was panicking about the subjects that I don’t enjoy and I was saying that I no longer had enough time to revise, I didn’t think, that I’d been too lazy over the last few months, too laid back and I hadn’t done any work and now I’ve destroyed my life, I won’t get into sixth form or college, I won’t go to uni and I’ll spend the rest of my life cleaning toilets or something, as you can tell, completely dramatic and over-the-top but stress can really get to you sometimes. Anyway, my Mum, in response to this, said completely matter of fact, “There’s no point getting stressed, you are in the situation you are in now, so you just have to get on with it.” This was the thing that taught me such a big lesson and really made me open my eyes, she was completely right and whenever I get stressed and feel like I’m going towards that manic panicky feeling I always think of what she said and am reminded that there is no point stressing about what I should have done three months ago, at the end of the day I can’t change what I was doing three months ago I can only change my attitude and behaviour now. I can’t change the past and I never will be able to.

I wish I could have learnt this life lesson last year when I was preparing for my GCSEs and getting really, really stressed, it just so happened that I was okay anyway but I really needed that life lesson this year as I am much more stressed than I was last year. Hell, last year I didn’t even start revising until April when my exams were in May. This year it’s only January and I’m getting incredibly stressed, thankfully that life lesson has really calmed me a lot. I know that I will use this life lesson for at least the rest of my time as a student if not longer because exams will always be stressful, I can’t comment on what might be stressful after my time as a student but I do know that for as long as I’m at sixth form and uni I will be thinking back to these words.

Maybe this life lesson isn’t as helpful to others as it is to me and let’s face it, my Mum probably worded it in a way that she knew would have the greatest impact on me because she knows me. But that one sentence has really given me the opportunity to handle my stress in a way I never thought I would be able to do, yes, I still get very stressed and sometimes it feels like it’s almost suffocating me but at the same time I think back to those words and know that nothing can be changed. That the only thing that can be done now is for me to suck it up and get the work done. The only way for me to not fail my GCSEs as I fear so heavily that I will is to remember those words, grab my textbooks and work my ass off until it’s done.

I am so grateful to my Mum for teaching me this life lesson, whether it was intentional or not and I really hope that you can learn from that life lesson too and that it helps you in some way. With exams coming much too quickly I’m sure you all need as much motivation and support as you can get! I know I do. Do let me know in the comments what’s been the biggest life lesson you’ve ever learnt and who taught you it.

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2 thoughts on “My Biggest Life Lesson

  1. Yes!! This is what I tell my friends all the time. I actually had to figure this out myself. I use to stress about how I am never going to get into college because I didn’t do well my first two years of high school but I learned that I just have to try super hard this year and next year and that like you said we cant change things that have already happened just do better for next time. I can also relate that I get pretty dramatic with things too sometimes haha. We should talk some time email me whenever at :

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    1. At least you did figure it out by yourself, I think whilst deep down I knew it, it took someone actually saying it out loud and to my face for me to properly except it. I’m sure you’ll do fine, just remember that no matter what happens life continues with or without college, there are other ways to succeed in life without a college education – education, I’ve learnt, isn’t all it’s dressed up to be. In a few years time no one will even care, which is quite depressing when you think about how much work goes into everything. Yes, definitely. I will do that when I have some free time, however, if you get to me before that I can be contacted at 🙂

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