200 Followers?! + Q&A Questions

Hey guys, so I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with this blog over the last month and the only post I published last month was my January Favourites but it’s been hectic, I’ve been studying like crazy, busy with activities, there’s just been a lot going on basically.

But… I logged onto my blog today and to my surprise discovered that I now have 200 followers! Which was absolutely amazing! And now… this is where I go on to talk about how much I appreciate it, the usual really. But instead of just talking about my never-ending love of everyone who supports and engages with my blog I’m going to talk about my blog and how it came to exist and what it means to me.

So, I was always quite fond of the idea of having a blog. It wasn’t so much building up a following and interacting with others, whilst I love reading comments and posting them on other people’s blogs it was never a motivating factor in getting a blog, but ever since a young age I was always writing (I remember writing a Doctor Who story when I was younger, I guess you might call it a fanfiction now but it was just a story I wrote using the characters of Doctor Who and then my Mum typed it up onto a document for me.), I love/d writing fiction and from the age of 6 always wanted to write a novel. I have kept a journal since I was about 9-years-old, I was always writing these little documents which in my head were ‘blog posts’ I just didn’t have a blog to actually publish them, the reason I was writing these is because; I guess my brain just needs to write things down, it just wants to write and I feel like a blog is a completely unique form of writing, you write about things that you don’t normally get the opportunity to write about, for example, one of my favourite things to write on my blog is favourites posts, a blog is the only place where I properly get to share things that I’ve been loving in that way. I think it’s just such a great opportunity to have, or another example could be the home-education Q&A I did quite early on in my blog, that was a unique opportunity to answer lots of the questions home-educated people get asked. Also, political posts and humanity posts, both things that I have very strong opinions on and don’t get the opportunity to write about in the same way when writing fiction and it’s all well and good writing about it in my journal but it doesn’t give you the same satisfaction because it’s more like having a rant to yourself or, as my best friend would say, venting. It’s not sharing your opinions with the world in the hopes that somehow it will create change.

So, once I got older I started asking my Mum, or begging rather, to let me have a blog. It was so important to me and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do if she said yes, I must have been about 11 or something, I didn’t know anything about website design and probably didn’t even understand where to start. All I knew was that I wanted a platform to get my thoughts heard, to interact with people who understood where I was coming from and could relate to me in a way that I didn’t really get in the real world. A community that I could really feel a part of in a way I never had before. But, unfortunately for me my Mum didn’t want me to have a blog at such a young age (which, looking back was probably the right decision because I had no idea where to start or how to properly run a blog, I most likely would be terrified. And yes, whilst my blog needs a lot of editing and the design isn’t all that great – something I plan on dealing with in the summer – it’s a blog that I absolutely love having and that truly feels like mine. I understand how to work it and I feel like I can handle anything that the blogosphere might throw at me because I’m not young, under-educated and vulnerable anymore.) another motivating factor that my Mum had for not letting me have a blog was that I didn’t have a specific genre or topic I was going to be writing about. But that’s not the kind of blog I wanted to have, and I couldn’t explain that to her properly when I was younger but I just wanted a kind of lifestyle blog that was completely unique to me and that I could write whatever I felt like writing, whatever spoke to me in the moment or whatever I was passionate about, because let’s face it my interests and passions are going to change over the lifetime of this blog. But, I turned 15 and decided that I was going to start a blog with or without her permission. Yes, it was a ‘secret’ blog for awhile, but it wasn’t like a malicious secret blog, I wasn’t starting it because I was a rebel and wanted to defy my Mum’s wishes or views or anything. It was more that as I got older I suddenly felt that I didn’t need permission anymore and eventually I told my Mum about it and she was completely cool with it, so it’s all good.

So, now I have a blog. That’s my story I guess. The reason lifeofaninspiredteen exists. I’m not sure I can tell you the story of my blog name, although I wish there was something really meaningful behind it or something. I remember finally deciding, ‘what the hell, I’m going to get a blog’ and then there was the process of thinking of a name. I think the way I came up with the name was, I knew it was going to be about my life and so I really wanted to have it obvious that it was just a kind of general blog about me and my thoughts, interests, etc. so that’s where the ‘life of’ came into it and then I had to think of the end part of my name and keeping my anonymity. So, then I had to decide a catchy way of describing who I was and my personality. My best friend is always calling me inspired and inspiring, because I find a lot of things interesting and find a way to inspire myself using basically anything as a stimulus. I just love being inspired, whether it’s to study, to travel the world, to do an activity, whatever it is I love to be inspired. And… I’m a teen and so I juggled being inspired around with ‘life of’ for a little bit and then ended up with my blog name – lifeofaninspiredteen. And that’s it. After saying I couldn’t tell you the story of my blog name, I told you the story of my blog name.

Almost done, now we’re onto the cheesy part. I never ever thought I would get to 200 followers, especially not after less than a year. I don’t want to be all depressing and be like ‘I’m not that interesting. I don’t understand why anyone would want to read what I write.’ because I don’t bring myself down like that and I don’t want to criticise the readers of my blog because they obviously do find what I write interesting which is great and I love that. But, I think the reason I’m surprised I reached 200 followers is because I was never writing for anyone else, it wasn’t a concern whether I was going to be interesting to anyone else it was that I was doing something I was passionate about and I was doing it for myself. Obviously I knew that what I was publishing was public and people could read it and were going to read it but I never viewed it as something I was doing to gain followers or have loads of views or anything. So, when lots of people were reading what I was writing and following me it was a bit of a surprise but not because I didn’t think people were going to read it but simply because I never really thought of it happening. Every single follower I get really excites me but I decided that I shouldn’t write an appreciation post after every new follower so I only write a post when I hit ‘landmark’ followers. But, I remember getting excited about my 5th follower, my 2oth follower, the 45th follower etc. it never ceases to amaze me how many people find their way to my blog and leave lovely comments, it basically never ceases to amaze me how nice all the bloggers on wordpress are. Or all the ones I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

Okay, lastly, I’ve decided that to celebrate 200 followers I’m going to do a Q&A, there isn’t a specific subject so just leave any questions you have for my below, whether it’s about my blog, my education, my routines, my life, my diet, literally anything that you’ve ever wondered about me leave them in the comments below and I will write up the answers and publish them in a post soon – but, disclaimer I won’t answer all questions, if I feel uncomfortable answering any or feel like they might put my anonymity at risk then I won’t answer them.

This concludes the end of my post – please like it if you enjoyed it, leave any comments below as I love to read them all! Also, if you aren’t following me already make sure to do that to keep up with my new posts!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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January Favourites 2017

Hey guys, so it’s that time again! For a monthly favourites post! I’m so excited, so many great things are in this month’s favourites post. It’s also the first favourites post in the new year. It’s also my first ever January favourites post!

So let’s get into it!


I’ve decided to start with TV shows because there are so many from this month that I’ve ben loving, I could almost write an individual post just on TV shows.

CasualtyThose of you in the UK will know that this is a medical drama show on BBC1 every Saturday. I went off this show for a while and had stopped watching it, yet, somehow I got dragged back in and at the best time possible as well as the story lines were so gripping and I was desperate to find out what happened next. This is definitely a programme you should consider watching if you’re looking for something simple to watch at the end of the day.

SherlockOh my god, can we please talk about the new season? Wasn’t it amazing? Okay, so, I was never a huge fan of Sherlock, I have to admit (please don’t hate me) I watched it with my family but it was never anything I was passionate about watching. But, then came season 4 and it completely blew me away. Episode 2 was absolutely incredible! The acting was great, the story line was compelling, it was just amazing. I hope Benedict Cumberbatch wins an award for his performance in that episode because it was truly phenomenal. The season finale was also fantastic, it was so gripping and tense and I actually struggled to watch it at times and found myself covering my face with my hands, but it was great all the same. I would highly recommend buying this on DVD when it comes out!

Gilmore Girls – This is going to sound ridiculous but I only watched one episode of this show this month and yet I’m recommending it to you. That might seem a bit soon to be suggesting it to you but the first episode left such a great impression on me that I had to put it in my favourites. I can’t wait to watch more of it but I’ve been busy watching other shows. This show had me very pleasantly surprised because it was one of those shows that everyone was talking about and I assumed that it would just be another one of those TV shows that were okay and you could watch but didn’t actually have any interesting elements to them – Gilmore Girls definitely proved me wrong!

Nashville If you read my 5 Shows To Binge Watch post then you will know that this show is my all-time favourite TV programme, it truly is the one to watch. This month season 4 was released on DVD in the UK and as I don’t have the TV channel it was aired on I wasn’t able to watch it on live TV so had to wait, you have no idea how incredibly excited I was for this season and I have to say that it absolutely blew me away, it was very definitely one of the best seasons, if not the best season of the entire show! I loved seeing some of the lesser characters truly grow into great and important characters in this season and there was some very empowering and awareness raising storylines on both sexism and homophobia. It was just a fantastic season, I would highly recommend this show – if you do watch it let me know in the comments what you think and who your favourite characters are!


I actually only have one book for you this month as I haven’t been reading very much and that book is;

After Ever Happy By Anna Todd – This is the final book in the After series that I have been raving about for the last few favourites posts, it was truly great! All of my least favourite elements of the book were lessened and all of my favourite parts heightened. The characters developed in truly great ways and I found myself falling in love with lots of the characters all over again. There were lots of dramatic moments in this book and lots of truly swoon-worthy moments in this book. I’m really sad I’ve finished this book series and I really hope they make the film soon! I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending and I felt it jumped forward to the future way too many times but overall it was a fantastic book and a great series.


Nerve – Okay, this film was possibly the highlight of my month where favourites are concerned. I got this film for Christmas and had wanted to see it in the cinema but was too broke and friendless to do so haha! Anyway, I’d been wanting to watch this film for ages and only got around to it this month, however, it did not disappoint, with a fantastic cast and a unique storyline based on the book by Jeanne Ryan this film was one of the best films I have ever seen. It was funny, cute and dead terrifying! I was on the edge of my seat terrified of what was going to happen next. Not only all of that but it really raised the issue of cyber-bullying and anonymity in a way that I have never seen done before, it was just a fantastic film! It was so gripping and widely entertaining, I would truly recommend this film for a sleepover, date night, or any other kind of night (or day) just watch this film. You will not regret it.


MUA Wet Look Liquid EyelinerThis month I have really got into wearing liquid eyeliner, including the whole winged eyeliner effect. I don’t know why but I go through stages of wearing liquid eyeliner and then stages of not wearing it, but I bought this eyeliner because I was in a show and needed to have winged eyeliner, it is truly great, it’s easy to apply, really cheap and yet good quality. It’s a wet look eyeliner so it looks shiny and not all dry and crumbly when it’s on your face. It’s long lasting. You do have to put quite a thick layer on your eyelid and it feels a bit weird while it dries but once it’s dry you’re good to go. Would definitely recommend.

Simple Eye Make-Up RemoverI bought this from Superdrug this month because it was on offer and I was really struggling to get my waterproof mascara off at the end of the day as it was waterproof and didn’t wash off easily. At first I thought it might be a waste of money buying a product like this because it looked like liquid in a bottle and I thought it wouldn’t work, however, it worked like a complete charm and now I can go to bed with a clean, mascara free face and then my eyelashes are all fresh and ready for the next day. I was really struggling with my mascara when I wasn’t getting it off easily because I would believe that I’d got it all off but then the next day I would be putting mascara on and all my eye lashes would stick together and go all clumpy and horrible looking, I blamed this on the mascara and thought it was just because the mascara was rubbish, turned out I just couldn’t remove it at the end of the day. This eye make-up remover has been an absolute star and really saved my eye lashes and entire make-up look.

Boots Extract Mango Lip Balm – I got this lip balm in a set with a vanilla one and a strawberry one a couple of Christmases ago, I quite often get dry lips in the winter and this lip balm saves the day. It smells nice, it’s not gloopy or sticky on your mouth, it makes your lips shine but it also makes them look natural and it really helps clear off the dry skin and make them soft and smooth again. And the little pot it comes in is really handbag friendly and small. *Unfortunately they don’t make it any more as it was strictly a Christmas gift so I can’t leave a link.*

Head And Shoulders ShampooI have allergic reactions to lots of different shampoos and conditioners and they make my hair look really dry and life-less. I was using a shampoo a few months ago that was making my head go all flaky and disgusting and it was just making me feel bad and it wasn’t doing my hair any good. I changed to this shampoo quite recently and it has been an absolute hair life-saver, it has made my hair soft and easy to brush, it’s taken longer for my hair to get dirty and need washing, it’s made it’s shinier and more alive looking and the shampoo itself is both blue and really easy to massage into your scalp. I would highly recommend this to everyone but specifically to people who have difficulty finding good shampoos, it will change your hair care experience!

Aussie Dual Personality: Curl Defining and Soft Feel Serum –  Okay, so I’ve become slightly obsessed with hair care this month and yet at the same time I have become completely lazy with my hair care ritual. Anyway, much like me struggling with shampoos recently I’ve really been struggling with the ends of my hair, my hair kind of needs cutting but at the same time I refuse to get a haircut because I’m trying to grow it and I know everyone tells you trims are necessary to have long hair but there is no such thing as a ‘trim’ when you go to the hairdressers, they will cut a third of your hair off before you can do anything about it, so I’m boycotting hairdressers for that reason but my hair is dry and slightly damaged through curling and straightening it, so, I started using this serum that we had lying around the house, what I would do is at the end of every day I would pump some of the serum onto my hand, comb it through my hair and then put my hair in a plait for the night and then low and behold in no time at all my hair was shiny, smooth and lively looking and I felt really great about my hair and it was helping with the dry ends and my hair was looking healthy and long again. This is definitely something to add to the shopping list!

This has been a long favourites post but we have finally come to the end. I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and it gave you some good ideas for things to watch, read and incorporate into your healthcare routine. Do let me know in the comments if you use any of these products or watch any of the TV shows or films or read the book, also, make sure to share some of your favourite things from January in the comments below as I am always looking for new things!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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2017 Bucket List

Hey guys! I feel fully settled into the new year and it’s only day 4. Well, maybe not fully settled but I’ve let 2016 become the past now and I’m ready to move onto bigger and better things and use this year to change things. I’m also in the last 9 months of freedom before I start going to sixth form… so I’m going to use it wisely (to study for my GCSEs… 😦 )

Anyway, I know I did my 2017 Resolutions for you a few days ago but I feel like resolutions and bucket lists are completely different things but are also kind of connected. I feel like resolutions are about shaping yourself into a better person and ending the year feeling like you’ve changed and become the person you’ve always wanted to be (or at least made a start at working towards that) and I feel like bucket lists are just little things that you would like to do or experience. I have a life-long bucket list which you can go and read here but I also like making smaller bucket list for specific things, like Christmas and summer. I’ve decided to make a 2017 Bucket List and share it here with you today. I have made this list by taking things off my life-long bucket list but because it’s a life-long bucket list there are many things that I can’t do until I’m older anyway, so to narrow my bucket list down these are the things I’m hoping to do this year!

1 . Fill A Photo Album – If you read my 2017 Resolutions you will know that I am currently doing 2 photo projects, one of them being ‘A photo a day for a year’ and the other being ‘a selfie a day for a year’, one of my bucket list goals is to fill a photo album. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because with all this digital technology people take hundreds of photos and save them onto their tablets, laptops and phones and then don’t do anything with them – other than post the odd one on Throwback Thursday  – there’s something really nice and original about a photo album and I would really love to complete both of these projects and then put them in a scrapbook together – or at least the ‘photo a day for a year’ photos because maybe a scrapbook full of varying different photos of my own face might be a bit weird. But we’ll see.

2 . Become More Social – I don’t like to think of myself as an introvert because I do go out and I’m a very busy person. However, I don’t have very much confidence when it comes to talking to people in certain situations. When I’m at work I can talk non-stop with my friend and colleagues but for some reason in other situations I just can’t find words to speak to people, inside I’m desperate to speak to people and I would really love to make more friends this year (maybe I can at sixth form which I will hopefully be starting in September) and kind of improve my social skills even though in the right situations there’s nothing wrong with them.

3 . Have Perfect Teeth – This has been on my bucket list for a long time and it’s not really something that’s within my control as long as I stick with the orthodontist treatment and keep them clean and healthy everything else is down to nature. However, this year I’m getting my braces off and so by definition as the only reason for having braces is so that you can have perfect teeth like society demands. I’m very excited to be able to tick this off my bucket list at the end of the year and have perfect glistening white teeth that I can feel confident with.

4 . Finish My Fanfiction Novel – For NaNoWriMo last year (which I plan to do this year as well) I started writing a fanfiction novel (you’ll never guess in what fandom) because I was just too busy to both write and come up with an original idea, I also wanted to have a stab at writing fanfiction as I know it’s a widely popular genre of novel and I was really interested to see if I could write one. So I started and I won NaNoWriMo (reaching my 50,000 by 18th November) but the novel is no where near complete, however, I’ve stopped working on it because I’ve been so busy, this year I would really love to complete it – maybe it can be my summer project as I will have finished my GCSEs and have no more work to do until sixth form starts! Yay! I’m so excited!

5 . Finish My Film – Now before you get excited and planning cinema trips with your friends to see the great new blockbuster made by the one and only Inspired Teen I would just like to clarify that in fact it’s nothing exciting. I am currently doing a qualification in film and drama and as part of the coursework I need to make a film. However, it’s proving increasingly difficult because I don’t have anyone that’s all that keen on helping or being in the film, so I need to find those people or find a way to do a solo project without the requirement of cast members. My coursework should be completed by June so it can be moderated – I’m incredibly scared that I’m not going to get it done! I might create some kind of documentary… maybe… I’m not sure.

6 . Do Tumblr’s 100 Days Of Productivity – I started doing this late last year, I think I got up to day 11 or something like that and then just lost all motivation and stopped. This year I really want to pick it up again and finish it and with all this GCSE work to be doing I can’t see that it will be much of a problem. I just need to remember to document my study sessions. I am so scared for these GCSEs it’s insane. Like, I’m truly, properly, terrified in a way I’ve never been before and I know it’s only going to get worse from here, which is why I need all the motivation and productivity I can get to see me through.

7 . Start Running Often – Last April when I was on holiday I did a lot of running and I really enjoyed it and felt so much livelier and loose after it (as in, my muscles weren’t all tense and aching) and it was whilst on holiday and whilst running that I felt the most positive that I had all year and so I’d really like to pick that up again this year and for longer than five days. My overall goal is to be running everyday but I don’t think that’s likely with the schedule I have at the moment so we’re just going for running often for now.

I think that’s all for now, if I think of anything more I might come along and add it but I feel like these are my biggest goals other than my resolutions to get done in 2017. I really feel like this year is going places, or taking me places, I feel so positive and excited for this year (although that’s how I felt last year) it’s like January 1st came and it gave me this great new burst of life and energy and I know that lots is going to happen and I am so excited!

Let me know in the comments below what your goals for 2017 are! If you enjoyed this post please give it a like! You can also follow me if you aren’t already to see many more posts from me throughout 2017!

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Happy New Year!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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My Hopes For 2017

Hey guys, I’m feeling so positive and motivated so far this month. Yesterday I did loads of studying – from 10am until 6:30 pm with a break of about an hour and a half and today I’ve been studying since 10 and am now on my designated ‘lunch break’ but today I plan to study until 7. I decided to take my ‘lunch break’ as my time to write this blog post for you guys as I didn’t do it this morning when I woke up and don’t want to be publishing a post as late as when I finish studying.

Today’s post is going to be about my hopes for 2017. Not my goals or my achievements but my hopes, for both myself and for the world.

One of my biggest hopes for the year is that all the terrible political things that happened last year don’t terribly affect us this year, I don’t think there was a single political thing that happened last year that I actually agreed with and I hate the fact that so much was decided about my future and the future of all young people without the consent of those young people. I hate that I can’t vote when so much of politics is based around young people’s futures. I remember when the conservatives decided that you had to pay for a university education, I was really young and my level of political understanding was very limited yet looking back on it now I remember seeing it on the news and asking my Mum about it, to explain why it was such a big deal when I didn’t understand it, I remember once I understood filling with this sense of dread that I didn’t understand, I felt like my future had been destroyed at a time when I hadn’t even planned what GCSEs I was doing – I hadn’t even considered that I was going to be sitting GCSEs because I was too young, yet, with one terrible action, the conservatives filled this young girl with a sense of dread that she didn’t even understand about her future. I hate that they have so much power over me and I’m not even considered old enough to make decisions on my own future’s behalf. I know that this year a lot of political things are going to be happening, lots of things will change and I know we’re going to start to see the affects of that this year, I only hope that they don’t destroy my life any more than they already have.

I hope that I settle into sixth form okay, I haven’t been offered a place yet but if I do, I’m hoping that I settle in okay and make friends there. One of the things I hate most about growing up is having to make all of these choices and not really knowing what they’re going to be like. I know that when you’re growing up everyone has to make tough decisions, decide whether to stay on at the school they’re at, move to a new school, go to college or quit school altogether – for me though, it feels even more uncertain because I’ve never been to school. Never once set foot in a school hallway during school time. Of course I have activities that take place in schools and I’ve been to open days but I have no concept properly of what a school day is actually like; although I’m trying to come up with a study schedule that is a lot like a school day so I’m prepared. Because I’m unprepared for a school environment I can’t even properly say whether I’m making the right choice, and that terrifies me. I’m planning the next two years of my life on something I don’t even understand. I really hope I start at sixth form and it’s what I hope it’s going to be, I make friends and I get on well there. I hope that I get good grades and that the teachers like me and that nothing bad happens there. I hope that I haven’t condemned myself to something I’m going to hate for the next two years of my life.

I hope that I stay as close with my friends and family as I always have been and was last year, I hope that starting at school doesn’t lessen my friendship with my best friend or effect my relationship with my family. I hope that I gain more confidence in order to make new friends and feel better about myself and that my relationship with my family continues to improve.

I hope that I manage to get all of my studying done in time and get good grades. My grades are really important to me, I’m not someone who thinks that a person has no value if they can’t pass exams, I actually think they’re pretty stupid and don’t prove anything but at the same time for my own self-confidence and self-worth I need to prove to myself that I’m capable. I guess it’s because of society, I feel like if I can’t pass tests that the government claim prove my intelligence then I’m obviously not intelligent, which is ridiculous because I don’t think that about others. Anyway, I plan on studying really hard from this day onwards until the last day of my final GCSE and then I plan on having an absolutely fantastic summer before I start at my first ever school. But without the grades I can’t go to sixth form. As an aspiring actor I don’t actually need the academic ability and I could potentially just become a successful actor by going to auditions and getting parts etc. but at the same time, I’ve decided on the path I want to take to getting an acting career and that’s sixth form and then university and if I don’t get the grades although it’s not going to necessarily affect my career – it’s not like I want to be a doctor or mathematician – but I want have the education I planned on having.

My last hope for 2017 out of the list of my biggest hopes is that my acting continues to improve and I continue to gain confidence in my acting. Without sounding too big-headed I saw a great improvement in my acting last year, although I wasn’t getting any big parts I did get two of the most challenging parts I’ve ever had and they required a lot of confidence and acting as they weren’t personalities I’m familiar with and at first I wondered if I wouldn’t be able to do it because I was too self-conscious, but I managed it and I felt so good that I’d overcome my fear of looking silly, because at the end of the day, it’s not me, the person that the audience is seeing on stage is not me and they don’t know me. It doesn’t matter how silly they think I look, I’m never going to meet them in person and they’re not judging me because I’m not being me. Anyway, even if I don’t get any big parts I hope that I continue to improve my acting skills and getting challenging characters to play.

That’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it – if you did please give it a like! Do let me know your hopes for 2017 below, whether it’s personal hopes or hopes that stop the world from falling apart like it started to last year.

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Happy New Year!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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Blogging Resolutions 2017

Hey guys, hope you’re all well and settling into the new year well. Can you believe it’s 2017? It feels like such a surreal thing, 2016 I could deal with but 2017 just feels too weird. I think the reason for this is that I always looked forward to 2016 but I never really thought about what life would look like after 2016 I guess, so I didn’t prepare myself to be in 2017. Like, obviously I planned to live in 2017 but I never really imagined what it would be like.

Anyway, today I decided to write a blog post about my blogging resolutions. I’ve never made these before because I only started my blog in May last year so never needed to. It feels strange to write two resolutions lists but here I am.

1 . Blog Once A Week – One of the things I plan on doing now that the new year has rolled in is to organise my time properly. I have four GCSEs coming up in a few months, a music exam in a few months, I need to have finished loads of coursework by June. I have an audition next month, two more coming up. I’m a busy person. However, I’m not going to let any of that get in the way of my blog – I am still going to be here sharing my interests and life. I do need to properly get my act together though, use organisers, planners, calendars, make schedules so I can make sure I get everything done. I’m one of those people that always gets everything done even if I have to exhaust myself to do it. But my health is also important. Anyway, I failed last year to blog every week but I don’t want that to happen this year. I can’t promise that there won’t be a few weeks that I’ll miss here and there through exams or being ill etc. but I am going to try my hardest to schedule posts and keep on top of everything.

2 . Start Using My Social Media More – It’s well known that social media is a really good way to promote yourself. It’s not that I want to promote myself in that way, I’m not in the right position to try and make money from this blog or make it a full-time thing. I wouldn’t even want to at this specific time in my life but I would like to be on social media more for my followers sake, get myself out there a little bit more. I really like social media and sharing little bits of my life, I’ve been terrible at using all of my social media accounts so far with this blog and I’m hoping that’s going to change. I’ll try my best 🙂

3 . Take More Blog Photos – I take many photos and really want to get more into photography this year. The thing I don’t do is take lots of blog worthy photos. Some of the photos I take are photos of me and my friends which I wouldn’t share on here anyway but photography is a great thing and I really enjoy it so I will definitely be posting more photos around my blog and social media accounts this year – what kind of photos would you like to see? Properly edited and composed photos taken when I’m out and about or more lifestyle photos of things that I’ve just seen whilst going about my day? Let me know in the comments!

4 . Do More Life Blogs – By life blogs I mean like ‘blogs’, the posts I write are opinions and blog posts but when some people think of ‘blogs’ they think more of life updates etc. a bit like vlogs – where the video follows the person around in their everyday life – I’m not going to go into too much detail because it’s much easier to watch a video than it is to read a blog post, but I would like to share my life with you. Not the boring stuff but the exciting stuff. I want to be able to look back on this blog in the future and see where I was in life, what exciting adventures I was on. I’m not going to write one every single day but maybe one a week or something, not long or anything, what do you guys think? There are quite often moments when I catch myself wanting to blog about a particular day but it isn’t really a thing I do often and doesn’t really fit with my ‘theme’ if you could even say I have one. But I definitely plan on doing more life updates throughout the year, my life is going to be changing a lot throughout the year with all the plans I have and I would really love to be able to document that for both you, reading this, and myself.

5 . Reach 200 Followers – This is more a goal than a resolution but I would really love it if I could reach 200 followers. To some of you that might not be very many and to some of you that might seem very ambitious, but I’m a very ambitious person. I don’t do this blog for the follows, I do it for myself, because it makes me feel good about myself and is a nice thing I can do to relax when I’m feeling stressed. However, everyone has blog goals and this is definitely one of mine for the year.

6 . Do More Collabs – I haven’t been very good since I started my blog with getting in touch with other bloggers and trying to organise collabs. I guess I’m scared because I don’t want to impose myself on anyone and make them feel like they have to do a post with me if they don’t want to, but I think one of the great things with the blogging community is how willing everyone is to get involved with each others blogs and share their love for blogging – maybe I’ll try and start a blogging series, although that failed a little bit last time I tried… :/ But it would be really nice to share my blog with others. If you’re interested in doing a collab with me please get in touch using my e-mail – aninspiredteen@gmail.com and if you have any ideas for collabs you’d like to see me do and who with then please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

7 . Do A Best Friend Series With My BFF – I haven’t actually spoken to my friend about this… :/ but I will do that and I really hope we can come up with some kind of Best Friend blog series that we can do as collabs. I really enjoyed doing The Best Friend Tag with my best friend last year and I would really love to do many more posts with her, so why not make a series out of it? I think it would be really cool! Keep an eye out for that guys!

8 . Do Blogmas 2017 – I did Blogmas last month and I really, really enjoyed it. I’m slightly worried about what I’ve just signed up for because I probably won’t have any new ideas by the time Christmas rolls around again. I will also be at sixth form by then and hopefully have a job, so I should probably start scheduling posts now haha!

There we have it, my blogging resolutions for 2017. I’m so glad that I have a blog and got the opportunity to write these resolutions this year – I can’t wait to review them at the end of the year along with my life resolutions and then write some new ones for 2018, but let’s not think about 2018 because that’s way to scary to think about!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a like! Let me know in the comments what your blogging resolutions are for this year and how they relate to mine! It will be great to know everyone’s ambitions and hopes for the year. If you don’t already, you can follow me to have all of my posts put straight into your reader as soon as they’re published.

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Happy New Year!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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2017 Resolutions ft Thisizapen

Hey guys, I know I already posted today but it was supposed to be yesterday’s post really. The plan for today was always to do a new year’s resolutions post. But, with a bit of a twist! Instead of just having my own resolutions in this post I have also teamed up with my best friend and she’s going to tell you her resolutions as well. If you haven’t read my best friend’s blog before then you can go and read her blog here , she is an absolutely amazing blogger and writer and she has this amazing talent to make you interested in what she’s writing about even if you’re not interested. That sounded really rude, what I mean is, if it’s not a topic you would usually be interested in she can make it interesting. I’m very envious of her blog.

So, we’re going to start with her resolutions for 2017 and lead into mine. Enjoy!

Thisizapen’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Complete a satisfactory second draft of my novel – A few weeks ago, something major happened. Something I had been waiting for. I completed the first semi-satisfactory draft of my novel. It was incredibly difficult for me, so I feel proud. I started writing the first attempt at a “draft” in 2015. I don’t really feel qualified to call that a proper draft because a) it was only a beginning, b) not much of it stayed, and c) I feel like it’s very embarrassing. In fact, it’s so embarrassing that I don’t even like to look at the document. But in the August of 2016, I started writing the first proper draft, and that is what I managed to complete. Unfortunately, at the moment it is mainly a collection of scenes, the story arc having remained in my head. My second draft needs to be an amalgamation of the story arc and the scenes. Wish me luck 😛

2. Play guitar more – This was one of last year’s resolutions. I can fullheartedly say that I failed. Alright, strictly speaking I didn’t fail, because I worded the resolution ‘More guitar’ and I did do more guitar (in like I picked my guitar up about four times) – but that’s just pedantry. I know that I’d meant to play A LOT more guitar. Instead I was really negligent about my guitar playing. This year I would like to NOT do that. I’d really like to get good and feel like I’m good.

3. Tell people why I love them – The first friend I can remember telling me they loved me was Inspired Teen. It was a big surprise and it felt really special because I couldn’t remember any other friend telling me that. These days we tell each other we love each other quite often, I think, and it’s brilliant to be able to tell someone something like that without feeling shy or embarrassed. I haven’t made it a habit to let other friends/acquaintances that I love know that I love them, though, because I’m a bit shy and I also feel like it could be misinterpreted, especially if I tell people of the opposite gender. I feel now that it is time to break that silence. I love some people so much and I really want to tell them, but I always stop myself. If I manage to tell them this year, I will feel substantially more open and happy. It will be even better to be able to tell people why they mean a lot to me. Again, that is something I stop myself from saying, for some reason.

4. Get my dreadlock extensions business off the ground – I’ve been making dreadlock extensions out of wool for myself for a couple of years (not constantly for a couple of years; obviously I’ve done other things as well), and I would finally like to start selling similar ones for other people. I started up an etsy to sell them on, and even started making my first set to sell (they are purple decorated with white and blue string!). I can’t wait to add the other details.

5. Come to a more conclusion-y conclusion about what I want to do with my life.
I know that I want to write and make music, and there are things I’m interested in, but I don’t know what fits into the category of career; what fits into the category of hobby; and what fits into the category of Other. I hope I find out soon. Wish me luck 😛 I’ll need it!
LifeOfAnInspiredTeen’s New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. me):
1 . Take A Photo Every Day – So, one of the things on my bucket list is to take a photo every day for a year, I tried to do this last year and lasted about a week before one day I literally just forgot to take a photo and it destroyed the whole thing. I was really sad, this year I definitely want to do it and then print all the photos out and put them in a scrapbook or photo album. The photos aren’t necessarily going to be of very much (for example, today’s photo was of a bunch of flowers a guest gave to my Mum earlier on in the week, keep checking my Instagram to see the photos I’m taking for the project.
2 . Take A Selfie Every Day – Okay, before you start accusing me of being big-headed this is not because I’m weird and like the appearance of my own face or anything crazy like that, it’s actually because I saw someone do a selfie a day project to keep a record of the changes in their appearances over the space of a year (although I actually think they did it over the space of more than one year) but I would like to do it so I can see the little changes that my face make between now and December 31st, because it must make them and we just don’t notice. Something that’s definitely going to happen is my braces are going to come off and my teeth are going to be properly straight, so I look forward to taking the first non-braces selfie.
3 . Keep Up To Date With My Journal – I’ve never been one for keeping a daily journal. I don’t write an entry every day because I feel like it’s a waste of valuable journal space if I don’t have anything to say. I keep a journal to record my mental feelings more than to record my activities and social events, there is a certain extent to that in my journal but only if it’s particularly note-worthy. However, last year I got a bit out of the habit of journal keeping, I did still write in it but I was finding there were many weeks of lots of activities going by when I wrote nothing, and the busiest periods in my life are when I want to be writing the most, so this year I need to get back on track with my journal.
4 . Take Some ‘Me’ Time More Often – Given that it’s the new year I know that I’m going to be spending the majority of the next four months studying/revising for my GCSEs. From last year’s experience I know that I’m going to get so caught up studying that I’m never going to give myself a break or a chance to wind down and take some time for myself, to just sit down, relax and pick up a good book or something. So I really need to make sure I have time for that this year, otherwise I might get a bit grumpy and over-stressed.
5 . Create A Study Schedule And Stick To It –  Another lesson learned from last year’s GCSEs is that I would plan lots of study sessions, or tell myself I would finish a specific amount of work by a specific time on a specific day and then get distracted and not get it done. Or I’d sit down, start doing the work, take a hydration break and then get caught up talking for the next two hours etc. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen this year because my GCSEs are relying on my ability to get things done.
6 . Get Fit – I’m pretty sure this was a resolution I made last year as well and although I’m not comfortably in some kind of fitness routine and am not currently very active or fit – it’s the winter, what do you expect – I did do a lot more fitness stuff last year than I usually do. I went running every day consecutively for about five days (what an achievement), I’m pretty sure I played Wii Fit everyday for about 7 weeks and got really fit before then having to take a break because I was ill or too busy or something. This year, I need to get my act together because I can’t let my health and fitness suffer because I’m too lazy or busy studying. I need to exercise and it actually make me feel really refreshed and motivated if I get up and go out somewhere before I officially start my day.
7 . Keep A Morning & Night Routine – Very annoyingly I’m one of those people that is both a night person and a morning person and therefore struggle to get enough hours sleep because if I go to bed early I feel like I’m wasting valuable time in the day and if I sleep late into the morning the next day I feel like I’m wasting valuable time in the day. So I just can’t win. However, I seem to have got into the habit of going to bed at about midnight every night and that’s unnecessary. What I really need to be doing is going to bed at about half past ten, winding down until about eleven and then waking up at seven. But that’s not happening at the moment and so I need to get into the habit of making that happen. But I also mustn’t force myself to wake up early every morning if I’ve had a late night for some reason.
So there we have it, mine and my best friend’s new year’s resolutions. Please let us know what your new year’s resolutions are in the comments below – we’d love to hear about them! If you enjoyed this post then please give it a like. Check out Thisizapen’s blog where she just published our Best Friend Resolutions for 2017, give her a follow, check out her posts and once you’ve done that you could even come back and give me a follow if you aren’t already – it’s all free!
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Happy New Year!
Inspired Teen 🙂




2016 Review

Hey guys, so I know everyone seems to be publishing these posts today but I can’t let the year end without updating you all on how the year has gone. I think it’s really interesting how at first glance everyone seems to be writing the same thing but actually everyone’s post is completely different because everyone’s had completely different experiences of this year, some people are writing about their good experience of 2016 and some people of their bad experience of 2016 and I really like reading about people’s life experiences so this is a good time of year for me, from reading blog posts perspective, however earlier on when I was scrolling through my reader I became slightly overwhelmed by the number of people who have actually posted in the last couple of days, being the last day of the year and all that.

Before I actually get into the specifics of my year I would just like to quickly touch upon the fact that it really is the first day of the year, I know, completely obvious. When I was younger I never really cared about the new year because it didn’t really matter to me. It wasn’t obvious that there was a celebration to be had, in my head it was just a pointless post-Christmas celebration and as far as I was concerned there were no presents and therefore no cause for excitement, however, as I’ve got older Christmas has become less exciting and the new year more important. To me, now, it’s an opportunity to make the changes I’ve been too lazy to make throughout the year, it’s an opportunity to really get my act together and sort my life out and that’s more exciting to me than Christmas is. It’s like a new burst of enthusiasm, optimism and energy and I can foresee finally getting my act together, I feel like I’ve done a lot of that this year and plan on doing even more of that next year. I’m going to go into detail of all the things I feel like I’ve got better at later on in the post.

The idea that the year has ended is brining me many mixed emotions, as every year ending always does, but as I was saying above, the year ending is becoming more important to me. On the one hand I want to smile and jump around with happiness because the year’s over and I can put all the bad things from this year behind me, it’s a time for new beginnings etc. and I can really focus on the things that matter rather than bringing myself down with things that don’t matter, on the other hand I want to sob with sadness and heartbreak at the year being over. I have come so, so far this year and to think that’s it’s left us now is really upsetting to me. I know it’s just a few numbers created by humans to record time and whatnot but to me it matters, it’s a landmark in my history and this year is one that’s been really influential to me as a person – which I’m going to go into more detail about now.

If you read my 2016 Achievements post from the other day you might be familiar with a few of the topics I’m going to discuss with you now.

This year for the world as a whole hasn’t been a great one, we’ve had Donald Trump become President elect of the USA, we’ve voted Brexit, we’ve had many iconic figures die (although personally I don’t really see that as a down side to the year as everyone dies), we’ve had more terrorist attacks, the list is endless.

For the town where I live this year hasn’t been great either, especially in the last month or so we’ve had quite a few crimes and serious ones as well. More than I’m usually aware of happening in my town.

For me personally, this year has been a whirlwind of emotions and achievements/failures.

This was the year I turned 16, it was crazy and I had been waiting for it from the age of maybe 5-years-old, that’s 11 years I’ve waited for one day. It’s insane to think that, that moment came and went so quickly. It’s crazy to think that the year I’d anticipated for 11 years is over. I will always remember this year because it was the year I became a semi-adult. It was the year I finally felt like I could be myself,the year that I finally felt ‘complete’ in a way, the year I could finally be respected as an adult and all of that stuff.

This year I also decided to finally sort my future out, I realised that my future was going to happen whether I made plans for it or not and therefore it was probably best to make plans for it. So that’s what I did. I studied for my first ever proper GCSEs and passed with nothing below Cs and I was insanely proud of myself, as much as I hate to say I’m proud of myself, I was. I’ve always been someone who’s judged myself in a very negative light and believed I can’t do things even when there is evidence that I can, I don’t think that will ever change. So I’m always slightly surprised when I get good results or do something I didn’t think I was capable of. I’m not sure I will ever forget results day 2016. Although I had a results day last year for my English Language GCSE that I sat I didn’t even care, I literally was not fussed because I was sitting it two years early, I could re-sit it and as far as I was concerned it wasn’t going to have any effect on my life because I didn’t have a life plan anyway. Back then, as far as I was concerned I was going to walk dogs as a full-time career for the rest of my life. Now I want to be an actor. Funny how things change. Anyway, results day, it was such a long and painful wait for results day, I think my last exam was on June 09th, so whilst that gave me a long summer it was also lots of time to spend wondering about my results. I felt positive but at the same time felt I was being too positive, I became very scared that I’d messed them up and done worse than I thought, I was consumed by this need to know my results. I was constantly thinking over my exams papers wondering if I’d got my facts muddled up or if I could have gone into more detail about that specific subject. When the day rolled around I had to wait for the e-mail to come in from the school where I sat them, I remember waking up and playing Wii Fit and telling myself not to even think about it, my Mum woke up and came downstairs with my exam results, I opened the document and cried. Actually sobbed with happiness because I’d done it, I’d actually done it. I was probably crying with relief more than happiness. The wait and stress had been exhausting and I was so happy to have it off my chest. That was one of the highlights of the year.

Another one would be my change in personality. Not necessarily in personality, but my confidence I guess. At the start of the year I was dealing with lots of emotions going through my body, in a kind of normal, teenage hormonal kind of a way. I was becoming more independent. Old enough to be left at home on my own while my family went out all day etc. and this was all a new thing for me. Suddenly I was left with all this independence and responsibility and I didn’t really know what to do with it all. I was stressed when I was left at home on my own, I would worry about whether my family were okay on a constant basis, I would have these horrible visions of them being involved in car accidents or being attacked and they wouldn’t come home. And I would just be sat at home watching Netflix all innocently and then I’d imagine the police knocking on my door and telling me that whilst I was watching my 13th episode of Teen Wolf my family were lying murdered in a ditch somewhere. These thoughts and feelings were a lot to handle throughout the year, it became ridiculous and stressful for my whole family and made them worry when they weren’t with me. Made them feel obliged to contact me and keep me updated so I knew they were okay, I have managed to overcome that this year and I feel so much better for it. I feel like I can breathe slighter more now and I can relax when others aren’t in the house with me 24/7.

Another thing that’s happened this year,  I got my braces. It sounds really silly but it’s made me more confident in who I am and made me able to smile without worrying about my teeth (except now I worry 24/7 whether I’ve got a massive piece of food stuck in them). When I first had them fitted in March I cried the next morning because I couldn’t even eat porridge because it hurt too much, I wish I hadn’t had them fitted and hated myself for the decision – I had no idea how I was going to get through a year and a half of it if I couldn’t even eat something as simple as porridge. Although the pain went away and then I could eat again. Now, although I still get a certain level of pain when I get my wires tightened etc. it’s worth it. I can see the effect it’s had on my teeth and I now believe it was totally worth it – I very almost have movie star perfect teeth. I only have four months of treatment left which means I’m very lucky because the treatment has worked faster than the orthodontist first thought.

I had my first job interview this year, which, although I didn’t get the job it was a really great experience and I’m really glad I’ve got the first interview out of the way because it now means I’ll be less nervous for all the other interviews I may have in the future. I also consider it an achievement that I had my first job interview two days before turning 16.

I also feel like throughout the year I have become more money aware and started handling my money better – I now no longer spend my money on pointless things I don’t really need unless I know I really want them. For example, yesterday I spent £7 on earrings but they were in the sale so I actually got about 13 pairs of earrings for that amount but then I also went shopping around and considered buying make-up and a calendar, however, with my new found skills I decided that it really wasn’t worth the money because I have a calendar on my phone and I’m not in need of any more make-up at the moment, better to just save the money for when I actually really want something (Like a Vamps t-shirt when I go to their gig in May!).

This has been a very long post – maybe even the longest post I’ve ever written, so I’m going to end it here. I’m sure there are a billion other things I could put on this list – I’m sorry if you couldn’t get to the end because it was so long; if you did get to the end thank you so much for reading this! Please give it a like if you enjoyed it! Join in the conversation by leaving a comment letting me know your ups and downs of 2016 – can you believe it’s really over?! Also, if you aren’t following me already you can do that free of charge and get all of my posts straight into your reader as soon as they’re published!

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Happy New Year!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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