200 Followers?! + Q&A Questions

Hey guys, so I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with this blog over the last month and the only post I published last month was my January Favourites but it’s been hectic, I’ve been studying like crazy, busy with activities, there’s just been a lot going on basically.

But… I logged onto my blog today and to my surprise discovered that I now have 200 followers! Which was absolutely amazing! And now… this is where I go on to talk about how much I appreciate it, the usual really. But instead of just talking about my never-ending love of everyone who supports and engages with my blog I’m going to talk about my blog and how it came to exist and what it means to me.

So, I was always quite fond of the idea of having a blog. It wasn’t so much building up a following and interacting with others, whilst I love reading comments and posting them on other people’s blogs it was never a motivating factor in getting a blog, but ever since a young age I was always writing (I remember writing a Doctor Who story when I was younger, I guess you might call it a fanfiction now but it was just a story I wrote using the characters of Doctor Who and then my Mum typed it up onto a document for me.), I love/d writing fiction and from the age of 6 always wanted to write a novel. I have kept a journal since I was about 9-years-old, I was always writing these little documents which in my head were ‘blog posts’ I just didn’t have a blog to actually publish them, the reason I was writing these is because; I guess my brain just needs to write things down, it just wants to write and I feel like a blog is a completely unique form of writing, you write about things that you don’t normally get the opportunity to write about, for example, one of my favourite things to write on my blog is favourites posts, a blog is the only place where I properly get to share things that I’ve been loving in that way. I think it’s just such a great opportunity to have, or another example could be the home-education Q&A I did quite early on in my blog, that was a unique opportunity to answer lots of the questions home-educated people get asked. Also, political posts and humanity posts, both things that I have very strong opinions on and don’t get the opportunity to write about in the same way when writing fiction and it’s all well and good writing about it in my journal but it doesn’t give you the same satisfaction because it’s more like having a rant to yourself or, as my best friend would say, venting. It’s not sharing your opinions with the world in the hopes that somehow it will create change.

So, once I got older I started asking my Mum, or begging rather, to let me have a blog. It was so important to me and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do if she said yes, I must have been about 11 or something, I didn’t know anything about website design and probably didn’t even understand where to start. All I knew was that I wanted a platform to get my thoughts heard, to interact with people who understood where I was coming from and could relate to me in a way that I didn’t really get in the real world. A community that I could really feel a part of in a way I never had before. But, unfortunately for me my Mum didn’t want me to have a blog at such a young age (which, looking back was probably the right decision because I had no idea where to start or how to properly run a blog, I most likely would be terrified. And yes, whilst my blog needs a lot of editing and the design isn’t all that great – something I plan on dealing with in the summer – it’s a blog that I absolutely love having and that truly feels like mine. I understand how to work it and I feel like I can handle anything that the blogosphere might throw at me because I’m not young, under-educated and vulnerable anymore.) another motivating factor that my Mum had for not letting me have a blog was that I didn’t have a specific genre or topic I was going to be writing about. But that’s not the kind of blog I wanted to have, and I couldn’t explain that to her properly when I was younger but I just wanted a kind of lifestyle blog that was completely unique to me and that I could write whatever I felt like writing, whatever spoke to me in the moment or whatever I was passionate about, because let’s face it my interests and passions are going to change over the lifetime of this blog. But, I turned 15 and decided that I was going to start a blog with or without her permission. Yes, it was a ‘secret’ blog for awhile, but it wasn’t like a malicious secret blog, I wasn’t starting it because I was a rebel and wanted to defy my Mum’s wishes or views or anything. It was more that as I got older I suddenly felt that I didn’t need permission anymore and eventually I told my Mum about it and she was completely cool with it, so it’s all good.

So, now I have a blog. That’s my story I guess. The reason lifeofaninspiredteen exists. I’m not sure I can tell you the story of my blog name, although I wish there was something really meaningful behind it or something. I remember finally deciding, ‘what the hell, I’m going to get a blog’ and then there was the process of thinking of a name. I think the way I came up with the name was, I knew it was going to be about my life and so I really wanted to have it obvious that it was just a kind of general blog about me and my thoughts, interests, etc. so that’s where the ‘life of’ came into it and then I had to think of the end part of my name and keeping my anonymity. So, then I had to decide a catchy way of describing who I was and my personality. My best friend is always calling me inspired and inspiring, because I find a lot of things interesting and find a way to inspire myself using basically anything as a stimulus. I just love being inspired, whether it’s to study, to travel the world, to do an activity, whatever it is I love to be inspired. And… I’m a teen and so I juggled being inspired around with ‘life of’ for a little bit and then ended up with my blog name – lifeofaninspiredteen. And that’s it. After saying I couldn’t tell you the story of my blog name, I told you the story of my blog name.

Almost done, now we’re onto the cheesy part. I never ever thought I would get to 200 followers, especially not after less than a year. I don’t want to be all depressing and be like ‘I’m not that interesting. I don’t understand why anyone would want to read what I write.’ because I don’t bring myself down like that and I don’t want to criticise the readers of my blog because they obviously do find what I write interesting which is great and I love that. But, I think the reason I’m surprised I reached 200 followers is because I was never writing for anyone else, it wasn’t a concern whether I was going to be interesting to anyone else it was that I was doing something I was passionate about and I was doing it for myself. Obviously I knew that what I was publishing was public and people could read it and were going to read it but I never viewed it as something I was doing to gain followers or have loads of views or anything. So, when lots of people were reading what I was writing and following me it was a bit of a surprise but not because I didn’t think people were going to read it but simply because I never really thought of it happening. Every single follower I get really excites me but I decided that I shouldn’t write an appreciation post after every new follower so I only write a post when I hit ‘landmark’ followers. But, I remember getting excited about my 5th follower, my 2oth follower, the 45th follower etc. it never ceases to amaze me how many people find their way to my blog and leave lovely comments, it basically never ceases to amaze me how nice all the bloggers on wordpress are. Or all the ones I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

Okay, lastly, I’ve decided that to celebrate 200 followers I’m going to do a Q&A, there isn’t a specific subject so just leave any questions you have for my below, whether it’s about my blog, my education, my routines, my life, my diet, literally anything that you’ve ever wondered about me leave them in the comments below and I will write up the answers and publish them in a post soon – but, disclaimer I won’t answer all questions, if I feel uncomfortable answering any or feel like they might put my anonymity at risk then I won’t answer them.

This concludes the end of my post – please like it if you enjoyed it, leave any comments below as I love to read them all! Also, if you aren’t following me already make sure to do that to keep up with my new posts!

If you would like to get in touch, my e-mail is – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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Hey guys, I am so sorry for such a lack of posting lately, honestly life has just been really busy! Good, but busy. I have had a lot of days in the last few days that have been waking up early and doing things all day – things that take a lot of work, thought and activity – and then going to bed late. The days where I haven’t been doing this I’ve been spending recovering for my next long day. I’ve also been having really painful mouth issues caused by my braces that is exhausting and hurting me so I haven’t been up for doing a lot – I’ve actually been asleep for the past couple of hours which is not like me at all! I find it impossible sleeping in the daytime and yet somehow I managed it for about two hours!

On the bright side of things all the things I’ve been doing have been exciting and great opportunities! One of the big things that has happened to me in the last few days is I reached 100 followers! How huge is that?! I know I briefly told you guys about it on twitter but this feels like my first official moment of informing you about the fact.

I know some of you have quite a lot more than 100 followers but I bet you can remember the feeling you got when you opened up WordPress and got notified about 100 followers! For me, I found out as soon as I woke up so I started the day with a smile and that day I actually had a really amazing day at work and then with a friend so I ended it with a smile too – although a very tired smile! I couldn’t believe it at first, I had to keep going and double-checking that I hadn’t imagined the 100 and actually I had a different number entirely, I had to keep checking the WordPress notification making sure I hadn’t misread anything and I hadn’t! It was official, I reached 100 followers!

The most incredible thing for me was that I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months now and even though I knew there were bloggers out there who had 100 followers and even way more than that and some bloggers that were famous to a certain extent and I am in no way saying I’m famous! But I always considered the possibility that I would reach 100 followers one day, it was more like a dream rather than a consideration. I started this blog for me, I enjoy writing and wanted to start a blog because I think they’re really awesome! I wanted to be able to call myself a blogger, if people asked me what I did in my spare time I wanted to be able to say “Well actually, I’m a blogger”, I think that’s a pretty awesome title to be able to give yourself. I promised myself when starting this blog that I wouldn’t get obsessed over views or follows and that I would keep at it no matter what was happening in those areas because I wasn’t doing it for that, if I succeded or ended up with a successful blog than that would be exciting and a great thing but it isn’t why I started blogging. And even in my dream of one day reaching 100 followers it didn’t feel like it was something that could happen in two months, it didn’t even feel like it could plausibly happen ever because I can’t understand how there can be so many people out there interested in what I write – from my experience reading other people’s blogs they are all so incredible, engaging, inspiring, enjoyable, unique, eye-opening and all the bloggers seem like really lovely, genuine people and to think that there are people out there who follow my blog, bloggers who’s work I admire so much that follow my blog and support me everyday is just amazing! I am so lucky that I have all of this support and everyone enjoys and offers great feedback on what I write. I am so happy that I came to WordPress when starting my blog because the people that I follow and the people that I have spoken to through WordPress have really inspired me and if I’m being honest, changed my view of teenagers in the current age. Although I am a teenager in the current age I had lost hope in the real meaning of a teenager and how teenagers don’t behave in the ways that I behave, they don’t behave in the way I think they should behave and they don’t behave how I imagined they would behave when I was younger but starting this blog and talking to people my own age on it has really showed me that people do behave and think how I do, they do behave and think how I think they should and they do behave and think how I imagined they would when I was younger. It’s all about finding the right people and following in their tracks, learning from and teaching them, working as a unified group of people that can all call themselves teenagers and even though it has been online I have had the privilege of speaking to some truly incredible people who have made me more comfortable and happy with who I am because on here, my blog, I don’t feel like an outsider, I no longer feel like the awkward one sitting in the corner staring at her phone, I no longer feel like the person with the minority view, I no longer feel like the freak that’s home-educated, vegan and never wants to touch a drink of alcohol, I no longer feel like I should change to be popular because on here, none of that matters, on here we can all be ourselves no matter how weird or dumb that makes us and I think having this blog, when I’m older, it’s going to have really shaped me as a person.

So I want to thank each and every one of you for following me in the first place, for the continued support you have offered me since then, whether that be through liking or commenting on my posts and just in general giving me the opportunity to meet all of you wonderful people who continue to inspire and help me grow as a person, who put a smile on my face every day when you like one of my posts, comment on one of my posts or even just view my post. It makes me feel a whole lot more important, special and interesting than I actually am.

I know the last time I did one of these I gave a shout-out to some of the first ever people to follow me but I wanted to do something a little different for this post, I was thinking of running a series of guest posts on my site, I don’t know what I would call the series but I was thinking maybe it could be a series of guest post by bloggers talking about why they started their blog, they’re expectations of where their blog would get them, where it has actually got them and the things they have achieved on and because of their blog and how it has affected them as a person. Maybe also where they plan on taking their blog in the future if they wanted to write about that. Or you could just write about one of these talking points rather than all of them. I would publish a guest post once a week until I ran out of posts and I would order them in the order they were sent in to me. I don’t know if you guys are interested but if you are but have any questions then please feel free to e-mail me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com If you don’t have any questions but would like to take part then all you have to do is write up your blog post using one or all of the talking points above, there is no word limit, type it up in a word document and then e-mail it over and I will schedule it. My e-mail is – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

I really hope this is something you guys would be interested in, I don’t mind what style you decide to write your post in, whether it be in some kind storytelling manner such as ‘once upon a time there was a girl and she started a blog. She had been dreaming of starting a blog from the age of 8 when she stumbled upon one whilst looking at fairy costumes online, she always dreamed of starting a blog and having it be a huge success so she could finally meet her prince and live happily ever after’ that was really cheesy and that probably isn’t the kind of thing you were planning on doing but you see what I mean, or you can write it in a kind of journal entry way by giving dates and then explanations of what happened on those key dates – although obviously that will mean you have to remember certain key dates for things and who does that right? But if you do then that’s awesome, feel free to include them in your post! Also feel free to include any shout-outs to bloggers or blogs that have particularly had an affect on you. Links to some of your favourite posts that you’ve published – or the most viewed posts that you’ve published. Screen shots of particular comments. Text from some of your other posts in the form of quotes. You can also include photos or screenshots but please make sure either the photographs are your own or that you know who’s photograph it is so I can credit them. I really hope you’ll get involved!

Thanks so much for reading this! Sorry for how late it’s been published but as I told you above I’ve actually been sleeping for quite a bit of the evening! As always, if you enjoyed this post then please give it a like and if you aren’t already give me a nice little follow! Leave any comments you have down below, I love to read and respond to them!

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

Worst Blogging Sin Ever!

Okay, earlier on today I wrote a post about how I had reached 50 Followers! In that post I gave a shout-out to the first ten people that ever followed me and said a little something about their blog and why I thought people should go and read their blog and follow them. But, I did an embarrassing thing whilst doing that…

One of the AMAZING bloggers that I gave a shout-out to was a guy called L (if you don’t follow him you should go and do that right now!), L has an incredible awareness of the world and really opens your eyes to people and the way they behave. His way of observing life is just awesome, as are his blog posts!

Anyway, in my celebratory 50 Followers post I referred to him as a her repeatedly about six times… it was only after I had published the post and quite a few people had read and liked it did he inform me that in fact, although I had said wonderful things about his blog (and they are still true) he is in fact a boy… it is true to say that I was absolutely humiliated and still am, hence me writing this post!

This post is in dedication to one of my amazing and loyal followers L, who I, despite trying to say nice things about made L have to go through the embarrassing act of notifying me of his gender identity…

My conclusion is that the worst blogging sin and most embarrassing blogging sin you could ever do is call a boy a girl on your blog. I have never been this humiliated!!

L, if you’re reading this, which you’re probably not as I called you a girl! I am so sorry, again! I know I’ve said it so many times and you’re probably fed up with hearing that word by now, but I truly am. Just so you know I have edited my 50 Followers post (which I did immediately once I read your comment!) to identify you correctly! If you ever want a shout-out on my blog or wish to guest post to get more followers or expand your blog a bit, I owe you one so just get in touch either in the comments or through my e-mail – aninspiredteen@gmail.com and let me know! Sorry again!

That’s all for now!

Embarrassed Teen 🙂


An exciting thing happened yesterday, I hit 50 followers!! For some people that may not seem like very many, but to me it’s beyond further than I ever thought I would get. To have 51 people following me and appreciating and reading what I write about is just amazing. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but I was always put off the idea because I didn’t know what I would blog about and there are so many people giving blogging advice saying no one will read your blog unless you blog consistently about a specific topic, I’m interested in so many topics that I don’t think I could blog about only one and also I’m just interested in sharing my life experience with all of you. To have started this blog a month ago and already reached 51 follows is so cool! I had a fear that either no one would follow me or I would only have about 4 followers and although I would still blog I would probably spend most of the time thinking it was pointless and a waste of time if there weren’t that many people reading it, which it totally isn’t, if you enjoy doing something it’s never a waste of time.

Anyway, basically what I’m trying to say is I am so grateful to everyone who reads, likes, comments and follows my blog! You have no idea how much you mean to me and how nice it is to finally have a blog that people enjoy reading!

As I couldn’t be writing this post right now without the support of all my followers, I decided for this post I am going to give back to them by promoting them on my blog, although they probably don’t need it because their blogs are better than mine. Anyway, I am going to leave a link to the first 10 people that every followed me and write a little about why I love their blog 🙂

  • The first person ever to follow me was DelightfulRose, obviously I was very happy when I got notified that she had followed me because she was my first follower! Her blog is about fashion, beauty and health and she inspired me to do The Lifestyle Tag which I really enjoyed! You should definitely go and check out her blog full of inspiring things and great advice!
  • The second person to follow me was Teenella, if you don’t follow her already you should definitely go and do that. Her blog is absolutely amazing! Full of inspiring, motivating and awareness posts. She inspired me to do The Identity Tag which was such an eye-opening post for me! Her most recent post is an inspiring one about Revising early and she also does a series of posts entitled Let’s Talk where a different topic is discussed in each post of the series, for example, mental health and bullying.
  • The third person to follow me was KTWRITINGS, she has such a positive vibe on her blog and she writes in such an engaging and happy way that you can’t help but be happy when reading her posts. Her most recent post was the Liebster Award and she’s also recently done the #ProudToBeProud tag/challenge.
  • The fourth person to follow me was Isabelle, you should go and check out her blog and follow her! She posts such a huge variety of stuff such as reviews, lifestyle posts, tags and challenges, her thoughts on things, craft and so much more! I admire her for having such a well rounded and huge selection of topics to choose from. There is something on her blog for everyone! Her most recent post was a collab she did called Behind The Blog.
  • The fifth person to follow my blog was NetflixOrChill which is a really awesome blog where the blogger watches something on Netflix (they take requests) and then writes up a post about whether you should watch it or not. Whether it’s worthy or Netflix and chill or whether you should just chill. I really suggest you go and check out the blog!
  • The sixth person to follow my blog was Elle, her blog is very funny, interesting and enjoyable to read. She is obviously very passionate about her blog and I love to read her posts because of it. It is very easy to engage with her posts because they send off such positive vibes! Her most recent post is a collab she did with her best friend called My best friend dishes up some dirt on me where her best friend basically writes a blog post about Elle and what she’s like and how they met etc. and it was really funny and enjoyable to read. She also recently did a Q&A which was very interesting and entertaining to read.
  • The seventh person to follow my blog was L, his blog posts are very insightful and he has such an interesting and inspiring view on life and people. You should definitely go and check out his blog, his most recent post was about gossiping about people and it was entitled Waterproof.
  • The eighth person to follow my blog was Dannielle who has been incredibly supportive with my blog, always liking my posts and commenting! Dannielle, if you’re reading this thank you so much for your continuous support! Her blog features posts about make-up, lifestyle and music and she recently did an incredibly inspiring post on 42 things to do this summer which you should totally go and check out if you’re at a lose for what to do this summer or if you want to expand your Summer bucket list
  •  The ninth person to follow my blog was IvyAnna, her blog is very interesting and she talks very openly and inspiringly about her life and sexuality, her blog looks very cool and you can get lost in it for hours. Definitely go and check out her blog!
  •  And finally, the tenth person to follow my blog was alulaborealis, they are very new to the blogosphere so it would be really nice if you could go and check out their blog, share the love and support a fellow blogger starting out in this loving blogging community! They have the best first post I have ever seen! It’s so inspiring so go and check it out 🙂

So there you go, the first ten people ever to follow my blog!

Although I listed these ten people/blogs and said lovely things about them (all of which were true) maybe you’re feeling a bit left out because I didn’t mention you but I just wanted to say that this was just a way of me giving back to the people who have helped inspire me to keep blogging but I appreciate and love everyone single person that reads, comments, likes and follows me. Maybe there are some people out there without a blog and the ability to follow me that are dedicated readers and I love you as well! The next time I reach a follower landmark I will give a shout-out to some more followers of mine and I’ll change the way I do it, maybe it will be a random selection or maybe it will be the last ten people to follow me rather than the first. Who knows, I’ll think about it when I next reach a follower landmark.

I would like to say that I don’t want anyone to be upset about this post and I don’t want any of you to think I don’t appreciate you because I really do, you’ve all made me continue my dream of blogging and I am so grateful for that!

Before I end this post I would to remind you that if you ever have an idea for a tag, challenge, series or post I could do on this blog that you would like to see I would be more than happy to hear your suggestions. You can either leave any suggestions in the comments, you can contact me on twitter or e-mail me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂