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Hey guys, does anybody else experience that moment when you feel like you wrote a blog post a few days ago and then you go on your blog and realise that actually it’s been way longer than you originally thought? Yeah? Well that’s me right now. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog, basically exams have been catching up with me and I had a moment last week when I was just like, ‘I need to take a break. I’m not a robot, I’m human. I can’t just keep going like this.’ and so I took a break, other than that I’ve just been busy with work and commitments and activities, so I’m sorry. I also realised that there hasn’t been a singe day this year when I haven’t been stressed and that made me really sad…

Anyway! I have decided to do a tag that was quite popular on YouTube for a while and then I think everyone kind of did it and since then it hasn’t really been a thing, I’m a bit late to the party but thought it would be fun to give it a go!

Quickly, before we get into the post I would just like to say that this isn’t a tag where I tell you all about my personal love life or anything, I mean come on! Who do you think I am?!  This is a tag where I tell you about my first time doing particular things, whether that’s my first exam, holiday etc. either way, it’s nothing to do with sex.

So, let’s get into it!

My First Time Going To A Concert – Now this is a great story, so… my first real concert – I say real like that because I’d been to concerts with my Mum but this was my concert – was a One Direction concert, I know, I’m a legend! It was when they were touring their album ‘Take Me Home’, it was such an amazing night! I couldn’t stop talking about it for hours! It had been a bit of a day though, there were a few complications which I won’t get into about whether my friend was actually allowed to attend the concert with me because her parents weren’t sure if they wanted us going in on our own, but it all worked out and it was amazing! Surprisingly, I didn’t actually cry! The audience were amazing, One Direction were amazing, the experience was just incredible and I am so glad that it was the first ever gig I’d been to, I think of it with fond memories!

My First Time Crushing On A Celebrity – Haha… So… I was about nine-years-old I think, maybe ten. My Mum had finally let me watch High School Musical and I mean, come on, Zac Efron in the High School Musical days, you can understand why right? I mean, I was ten. But I was absolutely obsessed with those films. I remember watching the second one first, the third one second and the first one last but I was addicted, I would watch them all the time and I knew all the words. I even had a High School Musical karoke game on my Nintendo Wii! I’m also pretty sure I had a DVD which taught me the dance routine to ‘We’re All In This Together’ from the end of the first film. I don’t exactly know when I realised I had a crush on him, I think it just kind of happened and I was really young and didn’t really understand anything back then haha! I’ve moved on now though…

My First Time Swimming In The Sea – I don’t know why I decided to include this but I know that a lot of people think swimming in the sea is sacred or something, I hated it. I was visiting my friend and we’d come from another activity but we went down to the beach and it was a lovely sunny day, we were all lying around on the beach, my friend and our families because I was quite young, in fact we might have come from the swimming pool… but then suddenly loads of my friends and family decided they were going to go swimming in the sea and I’d never done it before so I thought ‘why not?’, so I went and got changed into my swimming suit and went swimming in the sea, by swimming in the sea I actually mean, I didn’t go very far out because I was too scared of drowning so I stayed very close to the shore and my feet kept hitting the stones at the bottom and it was really hurting my toes and I kept getting salt water in my mouth and basically I absolutely hated it.

My First Time Performing On A Stage – So, there are two different stories for this. My first time performing on a stage ‘technically’ was when I was on holiday and I was camping and there was like a children’s ‘competition’, it wasn’t actually a competition but it was just an opportunity to showcase a young person’s talents and skills or something. But I sang a song on stage, with proper lights and a proper microphone and it was scary but I got through it and I really liked it! That was my singing career over. Then about a year later, I was on a theatre stage at my local theatre and it was my first ever drama performance and I had the lead part and it was terrifying because I’d never done anything like that before and I had a massive three page monologue to remember and it was just really scary but I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! That kind of started my aspiration to be an actor really.

My First Time Buying Make-up – Some of you might think this is a bit of a stupid one for me to include but I thought I’d add it anyway, for a lot of people they’re not all that fussed about make-up, they’re parents don’t really have an opinion on it, sometimes they might wear it sometimes they might not. When I was growing up I was surrounded by all these TV shows that were advertising ‘pretty women’ and lots of make-up to me, this was the ‘ideal’, of course I was also surrounded by family games and trips to the park etc. I wasn’t an introverted child that sat indoors watching Hannah Montana but when I did watch TV that is what it would be, evidently as a young girl she was who I aspired to me. I wrote in a diary somewhere once that when I grew up I either wanted to work with dogs or be Hannah Montana. So my first make-up buying experience was one step closer to my dream career of being Hannah Montana! However I wasn’t actually allowed to wear the make-up I bought, I sneakily bought it on a day out with my grandparents when my Mum wasn’t with us in the hopes that she would then be guilt-tripped into letting me keep it and use it. It didn’t really work, I did get to keep it and I’m not sure how much of it I actually got to use but it was like ‘toy’ make-up, I bought it from Smith’s the toy store, I mean, it came from a toy store you can imagine how bad it was, but that was my first make-up buying experience. I have a much better collection now, don’t worry!

My First Time Properly Walking In A Pair Of Heels – This happened really recently I’m not going to lie, I actually think I might have spoken about this somewhere in a blog post before but this is ‘The First Time’ tag so I’m going to repeat myself. My first time walking in heels was last October. I had bought a brand new pair of high heels (in black) for a performance that I was going to be in later on in the month, I think I had about five days before the show and I’d never worn a pair of heels in my life! So, being the clever person that I am I bought them in my town after work and then I got the bus halfway home and decided to walk the other half, it was a nice sunny day despite being October and I was feeling in a good mood, I got about ten steps before realising that it had been a really terrible idea because I wasn’t only walking home in a pair of heels for the first time ever I was also walking home carrying a shoe box with the shoes I’d previously had on my feet and a bag of hay for my rabbit as well as my handbag and anything else I happened to be carrying, so I had my hands full and I was wobblying all over the place, I could actually see people laughing in their cars as they drove past. It was not a great experience, and then I had a show a few days later with these massive blisters on my feet but I still love the shoes to this day and wore them out for dinner a couple of months ago.

My First Time Owning A Laptop – This was a great moment for me! I can’t remember what made me decide that I wanted a laptop, maybe I thought it was cool or I had an actual reason, I’m not sure. I was ten when I got my first laptop, it was kind of checked pink with some flashes of yellow and purple, it was an absolutely beautiful laptop and I cherished it and loved it so much! It was pretty much my life and I have used a laptop non-stop ever since that day – almost seven years. There pretty much isn’t a single day that passes when I’m not using my laptop either for writing, reading, messaging my best friend, watching YouTube or Netflix; quite frankly I don’t know what I’d do without one now. I still own my first ever laptop actually, it’s sitting on my desk, it doesn’t work though (it did last five years though so we can let it off), it’s the smallest laptop you’ve ever seen in your life, it’s so adorable! If anyone saw it nowadays they’d think it was a child’s toy but it wasn’t, it was a legit laptop. It was a great first laptop and I will always think of it with fond memories but I’m now in love with my new laptop, it’s like my second life.

My First Time Breaking A Bone –Haha! I’m going to tell you an embarrassing story, something that I find embarrassing now and that I found embarrassing at the time. I must have been between the ages of 9-11 when this happened, basically, I broke my wrist. It wasn’t bad or anything, I was coming home from the shops with my brother and sister and my Dad. My sister decided to randomly chase me, as you do at a young age and it was all fun and games, I decided to be clever and run backwards to try and outrun her whilst running backwards, however, this didn’t go according to plan and I ended up tripping and I was going to fall right on my back and so instinctively my body tried to twist around so I could use my palms to stop me from falling, however I was falling faster than I could twist and so I ended up landing on my wrist – I didn’t know it at the time but it was broken. My Mum was at work and when she got home I told her what happened, she tried to test whether I had any strength in it before telling me to sleep on it and we’d see how it was in the morning and go from there. The next day when my mum woke up I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast with the spoon in my right hand – I’m left-handed – my mum asked me why I wasn’t eating with my left-hand and so like an idiot I told her that I just felt like it on that specific day, she asked me if it hurt too much to eat with my left-hand and I told her no it didn’t, so she asked me to eat with my left-hand. I put the spoon in my left-hand and although I could physically grip the spoon I couldn’t really do anything else with it, I remember trying to put the cereal in my mouth but my arm was too weak and shaky to actually get it there and cereal was spilling off the spoon all over the place, at the time I was really upset because I knew it was going to involve a trip to the hospital but looking back on it now it always makes me laugh. So yeah, I had to have a cast for three months I think and every single time I saw a doctor or nurse at the hospital that day I had to explain that I had broken it running backwards, which was really embarrassing.

My First Time Going To A Sleepover – I think I was relatively old when I had my first sleepover, I must have been about 11. I was so excited and happy that I was getting to stay round my friend’s house overnight – I thought this would instantly move me into the ‘cool person’ category, that once I had my first sleepover I may as well be Regina George minus the meanness. Except at this time I hadn’t even seen Mean Girls. But anyway, I’m pretty sure it was my friend’s birthday party and she was having loads of people but only two of us were staying the night. So she had her party – I wore this beautiful sparkly pink dress from either H&M or BHS, I loved it so much and in fact still own it! She was having some kind of ‘princess’ party or something (really funny if you could see her now) and her parents had hired these make-up artists/hairdressers/party people and they curled my hair and gave me gel eyeliner. It was a great first sleepover.

I’m going to end this post here as it is much longer than originally intend but I enjoyed it so much! I didn’t realise quite how much I was going to enjoy it until I started writing it! I would really love to do a part 2 as I’m liking this ‘get to know me’ aspect of the blog, if you have anything you’d like to know ‘my first time’ experiencing do let me know in the comments and I’ll make another post!

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