January Favourites 2017

Hey guys, so it’s that time again! For a monthly favourites post! I’m so excited, so many great things are in this month’s favourites post. It’s also the first favourites post in the new year. It’s also my first ever January favourites post!

So let’s get into it!


I’ve decided to start with TV shows because there are so many from this month that I’ve ben loving, I could almost write an individual post just on TV shows.

CasualtyThose of you in the UK will know that this is a medical drama show on BBC1 every Saturday. I went off this show for a while and had stopped watching it, yet, somehow I got dragged back in and at the best time possible as well as the story lines were so gripping and I was desperate to find out what happened next. This is definitely a programme you should consider watching if you’re looking for something simple to watch at the end of the day.

SherlockOh my god, can we please talk about the new season? Wasn’t it amazing? Okay, so, I was never a huge fan of Sherlock, I have to admit (please don’t hate me) I watched it with my family but it was never anything I was passionate about watching. But, then came season 4 and it completely blew me away. Episode 2 was absolutely incredible! The acting was great, the story line was compelling, it was just amazing. I hope Benedict Cumberbatch wins an award for his performance in that episode because it was truly phenomenal. The season finale was also fantastic, it was so gripping and tense and I actually struggled to watch it at times and found myself covering my face with my hands, but it was great all the same. I would highly recommend buying this on DVD when it comes out!

Gilmore Girls – This is going to sound ridiculous but I only watched one episode of this show this month and yet I’m recommending it to you. That might seem a bit soon to be suggesting it to you but the first episode left such a great impression on me that I had to put it in my favourites. I can’t wait to watch more of it but I’ve been busy watching other shows. This show had me very pleasantly surprised because it was one of those shows that everyone was talking about and I assumed that it would just be another one of those TV shows that were okay and you could watch but didn’t actually have any interesting elements to them – Gilmore Girls definitely proved me wrong!

Nashville If you read my 5 Shows To Binge Watch post then you will know that this show is my all-time favourite TV programme, it truly is the one to watch. This month season 4 was released on DVD in the UK and as I don’t have the TV channel it was aired on I wasn’t able to watch it on live TV so had to wait, you have no idea how incredibly excited I was for this season and I have to say that it absolutely blew me away, it was very definitely one of the best seasons, if not the best season of the entire show! I loved seeing some of the lesser characters truly grow into great and important characters in this season and there was some very empowering and awareness raising storylines on both sexism and homophobia. It was just a fantastic season, I would highly recommend this show – if you do watch it let me know in the comments what you think and who your favourite characters are!


I actually only have one book for you this month as I haven’t been reading very much and that book is;

After Ever Happy By Anna Todd – This is the final book in the After series that I have been raving about for the last few favourites posts, it was truly great! All of my least favourite elements of the book were lessened and all of my favourite parts heightened. The characters developed in truly great ways and I found myself falling in love with lots of the characters all over again. There were lots of dramatic moments in this book and lots of truly swoon-worthy moments in this book. I’m really sad I’ve finished this book series and I really hope they make the film soon! I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending and I felt it jumped forward to the future way too many times but overall it was a fantastic book and a great series.


Nerve – Okay, this film was possibly the highlight of my month where favourites are concerned. I got this film for Christmas and had wanted to see it in the cinema but was too broke and friendless to do so haha! Anyway, I’d been wanting to watch this film for ages and only got around to it this month, however, it did not disappoint, with a fantastic cast and a unique storyline based on the book by Jeanne Ryan this film was one of the best films I have ever seen. It was funny, cute and dead terrifying! I was on the edge of my seat terrified of what was going to happen next. Not only all of that but it really raised the issue of cyber-bullying and anonymity in a way that I have never seen done before, it was just a fantastic film! It was so gripping and widely entertaining, I would truly recommend this film for a sleepover, date night, or any other kind of night (or day) just watch this film. You will not regret it.


MUA Wet Look Liquid EyelinerThis month I have really got into wearing liquid eyeliner, including the whole winged eyeliner effect. I don’t know why but I go through stages of wearing liquid eyeliner and then stages of not wearing it, but I bought this eyeliner because I was in a show and needed to have winged eyeliner, it is truly great, it’s easy to apply, really cheap and yet good quality. It’s a wet look eyeliner so it looks shiny and not all dry and crumbly when it’s on your face. It’s long lasting. You do have to put quite a thick layer on your eyelid and it feels a bit weird while it dries but once it’s dry you’re good to go. Would definitely recommend.

Simple Eye Make-Up RemoverI bought this from Superdrug this month because it was on offer and I was really struggling to get my waterproof mascara off at the end of the day as it was waterproof and didn’t wash off easily. At first I thought it might be a waste of money buying a product like this because it looked like liquid in a bottle and I thought it wouldn’t work, however, it worked like a complete charm and now I can go to bed with a clean, mascara free face and then my eyelashes are all fresh and ready for the next day. I was really struggling with my mascara when I wasn’t getting it off easily because I would believe that I’d got it all off but then the next day I would be putting mascara on and all my eye lashes would stick together and go all clumpy and horrible looking, I blamed this on the mascara and thought it was just because the mascara was rubbish, turned out I just couldn’t remove it at the end of the day. This eye make-up remover has been an absolute star and really saved my eye lashes and entire make-up look.

Boots Extract Mango Lip Balm – I got this lip balm in a set with a vanilla one and a strawberry one a couple of Christmases ago, I quite often get dry lips in the winter and this lip balm saves the day. It smells nice, it’s not gloopy or sticky on your mouth, it makes your lips shine but it also makes them look natural and it really helps clear off the dry skin and make them soft and smooth again. And the little pot it comes in is really handbag friendly and small. *Unfortunately they don’t make it any more as it was strictly a Christmas gift so I can’t leave a link.*

Head And Shoulders ShampooI have allergic reactions to lots of different shampoos and conditioners and they make my hair look really dry and life-less. I was using a shampoo a few months ago that was making my head go all flaky and disgusting and it was just making me feel bad and it wasn’t doing my hair any good. I changed to this shampoo quite recently and it has been an absolute hair life-saver, it has made my hair soft and easy to brush, it’s taken longer for my hair to get dirty and need washing, it’s made it’s shinier and more alive looking and the shampoo itself is both blue and really easy to massage into your scalp. I would highly recommend this to everyone but specifically to people who have difficulty finding good shampoos, it will change your hair care experience!

Aussie Dual Personality: Curl Defining and Soft Feel Serum –  Okay, so I’ve become slightly obsessed with hair care this month and yet at the same time I have become completely lazy with my hair care ritual. Anyway, much like me struggling with shampoos recently I’ve really been struggling with the ends of my hair, my hair kind of needs cutting but at the same time I refuse to get a haircut because I’m trying to grow it and I know everyone tells you trims are necessary to have long hair but there is no such thing as a ‘trim’ when you go to the hairdressers, they will cut a third of your hair off before you can do anything about it, so I’m boycotting hairdressers for that reason but my hair is dry and slightly damaged through curling and straightening it, so, I started using this serum that we had lying around the house, what I would do is at the end of every day I would pump some of the serum onto my hand, comb it through my hair and then put my hair in a plait for the night and then low and behold in no time at all my hair was shiny, smooth and lively looking and I felt really great about my hair and it was helping with the dry ends and my hair was looking healthy and long again. This is definitely something to add to the shopping list!

This has been a long favourites post but we have finally come to the end. I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and it gave you some good ideas for things to watch, read and incorporate into your healthcare routine. Do let me know in the comments if you use any of these products or watch any of the TV shows or films or read the book, also, make sure to share some of your favourite things from January in the comments below as I am always looking for new things!

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November Favourites 2016

Hey guys, it’s that time again when I publish my favourite things from the month! I know today is BLOGMAS and don’t worry there is a Blogmas post coming as well – I am so insanely excited, also a little stressed, but mostly excited – I have such an awesome line up for you guys! The biggest secret of all though is that I haven’t yet scheduled a single post… dun dun dun! I thought it would be nice to publish this as well as a Blogmas post today though, so my Blogmas post will be a little later on – 7PM most likely.

Anyway, enough about Blogmas – more on that later. Right now I want to talk about November. November is my second favourite month of the year (after December) because it’s my birthday! It’s also the motivating second to last month of the year when you realise all your resolutions are still not complete and now’s your only change to really get ready. I have quite a list of favourites for you this month but I’m not going to separate it into two parts, I’m just going to talk about things in less detail so it doesn’t drag on for too long.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve had films as a category, but this month I actually did watch some films – yay for me! So I actually have some to talk about!

The First TimeThis film stars the amazingly talented Dylan O’Brien (which may have been the motivator to watching it) but it’s a really funny, really cheesy romantic comedy. It’s about two people that full in love over the weekend. It’s very cringe-worthy in places but I feel like it was quite refreshing as it wasn’t a typical rom-com, you couldn’t predict what was going to happen minute-to-minute and it was a lot more comedy than romance which I thought was quite nice. I als thought it was quite realistic of young people in love – not that I have any experience in that area – but kind of nervous, hormonal etc. anyway, just watch it.

HushThis is a horror/thriller which I watched on my birthday as part of mine and my friend’s failed horror movie marathon. I’m not a huge fan of horror films, I don’t understand why they’re scary, I don’t understand why people scream at them or get nervous etc. I guess it’s just not really my thing. However, this film had me on the edge of my seat, fully engaged after just the first five minutes! It’s about a deaf woman who lives on her own, a man tries to break into her house and attack her – this leads to lots of heart-pounding blood-pumping scenes of anticipation. Five stars. Definitely a one to watch.

The Girl On The TrainI saw this with a friend around the time of my birthday and absolutely loved it. I really loved the way it was filmed, I loved the mystery behind it all, I loved the acting, it was amazing. There were two twists – the first being absolutely ground-breaking and completely unexpected, the second being slightly more predictable however it didn’t take away from the film. I would really suggest watching it when it’s out on DVD.

Now You See Me 2I adored the first film and I loved the second too. I was slightly less satisfied with the magic in the second one because I feel like it was slightly more unrealistic magic whereas most of the magic in the first film was believable magic. However, the characters and actors were just as entertaining and the story was just as clever. There were some scenes that left me bewildered but in a really amazed way. There was excellent scenes of magic, despite what I’ve said above. If you enjoyed the first one then I highly recommend watching the second, if you didn’t enjoy the first one I feel like this probably isn’t the film for you.


Teen Wolf season 5You’re probably fed up of me suggesting Teen Wolf by this time, I’ve mentioned it so many times in favourites posts but it is truly one of the greatest shows you will ever watch in your life, I cannot express how much I love it enough. But it’s not only a love but an appreciation as well, I appreciate everyone involved in this TV show so much for all the hard work they do to make such an amazing show. One of the reasons I like it so much it because it literally has no boundaries. It will kill off anyone, do anything to anyone, you literally never know what to expect with the stories. Whilst you would imagine it would just be another typical show that you’ve seen a thousand times over every series it proves to you more and more that it’s so much more than that. It continues to be an incredibly unique programme even though it’s along the same lines as other shows. It makes my heart ache to know it’s currently on its last season in the US.

HumansYou may not have heard of this programme but it’s a show that I have come to love over the last couple of weeks. The show is about new appliances called Synths, which are robotic servants and do your domestic tasks and clear up your schedule so you can find more time to do the things that truly matter. The Hawkins family decide it’s time that they get one, after a while they discover that their Synth isn’t quite normal, it does and says things that a Synth shouldn’t be able to do or say – what is the truth behind their mystery Synth? I really, really suggest you watch this programme. It takes a little while to get going and understand everything that’s going on but it’s a really great show.


After We Collided By Anna ToddIf you read my October Favourites – Part 2 post then you will know all about the first book in this series and despite what I said about it not being my kind of thing and actually being quite appalling and offensive, I can’t help but be hooked on the storyline and desperate to know what happens in the lives of Hardin and Tessa next.

The Vamps: Our Story, 100% Official – I have been waiting for an autobiography by The Vamps since 2012! I was so excited when they announced they were releasing this. After a long wait I finally got it for my birthday (from my best friend)! It was very unexpected in the way that it was actually much better than I thought it was going to be, I didn’t think it was going to be bad but I’ve read other band autobiographies and this felt a lot more detailed and personal. It felt like they all had a lot more to say than other bands had in other books. If you’re a fan of bands, the music industry or The Vamps themselves I would really suggest reading this book. Also, The Vamps are going on tour! You can find information about their 2017 world tour here.


All Night By The Vamps feat. MatomaThis is their new single and it’s absolutely amazing! Very dance-y, very party-ish, very energetic and exciting. I would really suggest going and streaming, downloading, listening etc. to this song as soon as possible! The Vamps will not let you down, neither with this song.


Collection Fast Stroke, defining lash Waterproof MascaraI bought this on a birthday shopping trip because I desperately needed a new mascara. I couldn’t get my usual favoured mascara so I went for this one instead, I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever put on my eyes. It’s ultra black, it really makes your eyelashes stand out, it’s also incredibly waterproof – so waterproof I struggle to get it off at night. I would highly suggest getting this if you’re in need of a new mascara.

MUA Lipstick Shade 9I have multiple shades of MUA lipsticks to suggest to you, I just can’t get enough of this brand! I’m not going to say much because I’ve spoken about these before. Basically, they’re long-lasting, smooth, hydrating, glossy, easy to apply and look amazing.

MUA Lipstick Shade 11Information above.

MUA Lipstick Shade Persian RoseInformation above.

Colgate FluoriGard Alcohol Free RinseIt’s unusual for me to mention something like this in a favourites post but I wanted to mention it because it has made such a difference to the health and cleanliness of my teeth and I’ve only used it maybe four times. It’s especially good if you have braces and can’t reach certain parts of your teeth with a toothbrush. Using this mouthwash every day has made my teeth whiter, shinier and just look healthier. It’s made me feel better as well to know I’m walking around with sparkling teeth. I’ve never had anything make such an effect on my teeth as this before, I would really suggest buying it and giving it a go – although of course be sensible and follow the instructions provided on the bottle.

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That’s all for now!

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October Favourites – Part 1

Hey guys, so firstly you may have noticed my absence last week, I would like to apologise but with performances and being ill I got no time to sit down and write a post. I really need to start scheduling posts but with studying and everything else going on I struggle to write posts anyway, let alone schedule them. Secondly, you may notice that I didn’t do a September favourites post and you know how much I love doing monthly favourites posts, the reason is that I didn’t really experiment with any new books, TV shows or products so there was nothing really to write about and I kept putting it off convincing myself that I was going to write at least something and there must have been a few interesting or new things that I tried but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s pointless writing a post where I have nothing really to say and no one will be interested in it just for the sake of having written consecutive monthly favourites posts. However, I have slightly made up for not writing a September favourites by having so many new things experienced in October that I’m going to seperate the post into two parts otherwise it will just be too long and get quite boring.

First things first,


AwkwardI started watching this TV show by chance just as something to watch in the evening, I knew that it wouldn’t take up too much concentration as it was only a light comedy, I found it pleasantly surprising and oddly relatable. I haven’t watched that many episodes I have to admit but from a very early stage it is funny and very engaging. The main character is a high school student that just lives a very clumsy and awkward life – something I can hugely relate to. She’s always mis-reading people’s behaviour and just generally doing things to humiliate herself. She’s also a blogger!

BetweenAgain, I have to admit I haven’t watched that many episodes but from the first few minutes of the first episode I was completely hooked! The show is about a small town who’s population very soon starts going down, this is due to all people over the age of 21 suddenly and unexplainably dying. The town then gets put into lockdown due to there being a virus/disease spreading that no one understands. I believe the TV series follows the people in the town trying to figure out what’s going on and I have a hunch that there’s talk of some kind of government secret involvement that they’re not aware of.

Bad Education season 3I love this TV show! The characters are all really funny, I love how it takes place in a school and is just about all the ridiculous mayhem that the teenagers cause but is also about all the stupid things that Alfie (Jack Whitehall) does as the history teacher. It also has a wide range of different characters from different areas of life and is very diverse but doesn’t do it in an offensive way.

How To Get Away With Murder season 2The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder has now been added to Netflix – or it was certainly the moment I was waiting for. If you haven’t seen the first season then you should definitely go and watch it; it’s one of the greatest, most thrilling and exciting TV shows I’ve ever watched, the characters are really interesting and the storylines are surprising and unique. If you have watched the first season then the second season is definitely worth the time and effort! With amazing new twists and truths told you’re in for a bumpy ride! There is also a very intriguing and unexpected development in some of the characters and some of the characters you never imagined liking turn out to be some of the best.


I have spent a crazy amount of time on YouTube this month watching so many different channels of so many different genres, below I am going to list the channels that I have most watched this month and a little bit about why I enjoy watching their videos.

Jim ChapmanI really love watching Jim’s videos as I feel like he is a very positive and cheerful person and those vibes always pass onto me for some reason. He’s always very kind in his videos even when he’s making videos when there’s no reason for him to be kind – for example, the videos I most enjoyed watching of his this month was his ‘reacting to hate’ videos and the reason I enjoyed them over some of the other reacting to hate videos that you see out there is because he doesn’t be horrible to them he just laughs it off and tells them that they’re being ridiculous (which they are). He also never really swears or makes content which might be inappropriate to some audiences whereas other YouTubers I watch sometimes do, which is fine as they have a wide audience with a big age range but at times I feel like some YouTubers need to take it down a little bit.

Study With JessThis has definitely been the most useful channel that I’ve watched this month, Jess’ channel is a study/exam based channel and her videos are entirely about study/revision tips, the best ways to remember information fast, how to boost your grades, how to organise study time and social/fun time. She did some great videos on apps and websites that are useful to assist your student life. I literally spent hours on her channel earlier on in the month and took loads of great tips and tricks away from it which I have been using on a daily basis and it’s really helped me stay motivated and gets loads done, so I would definitely recommend checking out her channel.

MoreMarcusI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Marcus’ main channel in a favourites post before but there is slightly different content on his ‘MoreMarcus’ channel. There are quite a few random yet interesting and unique videos which are very entertaining to watch and they also tend to be quite short which is a good thing if you have 10-15 minutes of time to kill before leaving the house. He has some good relatable rants on there and his ‘try not to laugh’ videos are always really great to watch.

Jack MaynardI have my sister to thank for getting me into Jack Maynard, she mentioned earlier on in the month that she liked Jack’ s videos and although I knew who he was (and not just because he’s Conor Maynard’s brother – he is his own person btw) I had never really had all that much of an interest, more through laziness rather than anything else. But after my sister mentioned it, one day when I was online I decided “why the hell not?” and have been watching loads of his videos ever since, I would probably say that he is my most watched YouTuber of October. The videos that have particularly stood out to me that I watched this month were his ‘exposing his social media accounts’ videos.

Okay, the last topic for Part 1 of my October favourites is…


I’ve discovered a surprising amount of new foods this month that I would like to share with you.

Mint flavoured Oreosneed I say anything more? Basically, they are Oreo biscuits with mint flavouring in the middle instead of cream. However, the mint tastes exactly like Aero mint, so it’s like having an Aero mint chocolate bar and Oreos in one – it’s one of the best things I’ve tasted in a long time. The extra bonus being that they’re completely vegan!

Strawberry Cheesecake flavoured OreosThese ones claim they’re limited edition but I hope they keep them around for longer because they are absolutely amazing, they taste like cheap shop bought milkshakes that you can buy and make yourself (you know, like the powder ones?) but in the best way, but at the same time of course they taste like Oreos. They are just amazing, and the middle of the biscuit is a very satisfying colour. Again, 100% vegan.

Freedom MallowsNow you may be thinking that I’ve forgotten to add on the ‘Marsh’ in marshmallows but you are wrong, in fact, Freedom Mallows is the name of the company that make vegan marshmallows – my latest (and most exciting) vegan discovery. Honestly, they are amazing! Although I am supposed to have been vegetarian my whole life when I was younger I did go through a stage of not really thinking of gelatine as ‘meat’ and therefore deciding that it wasn’t immoral to eat sweets that contained that ingredient, however, now I’ve got older I’ve changed my opinion (or rather, come to my senses) and decided that I never really thought that but just used it as an excuse to not have a guilty conscience (terrible, I know), so, because of my brief gelatine-eating stage I know what ‘real’ marshmallows taste like and I have to say that I honestly can’t tell a difference between the two – other than size and shape they taste completely the same (but it has been quite a while since I had gelatine marshmallows). I really suggest, if you’re vegan (or even not vegan) and you love/loved marshmallows (before going vegan) then you go out and buy these. They come in normal size form – however don’t be disappointed when they’re not as big as the usual, easy-to-buy marshmallows, they are quite small but you get a decent amount in a packet. You can also get them in mini form which I haven’t yet had the opportunity of trying so I can’t pass judgement but I imagine that they will be perfect for the top of hot chocolates or cupcakes etc.

And there we have it, that concludes the end of Part 1 of my October favourites post. If you enjoyed it I really hope you will read part 2 (which will be up this week or at the latest, next week). Please remember to like and follow if you haven’t already – I really appreciate it!

Leave a comment below with your favourite things from October or leave a link with your own favourites post as I find them very inspiring to read! I am also currently planning my Blogmas post schedule so if you have any ideas for posts you hope to see in December related (but not exclusive) to Christmas and New Years please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will add them to my list!

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August Favourites 2016

Hey guys, can you believe it’s September already? I feel like this year’s gone by so fast! I felt a lot like this last year, it felt like the first 5 months didn’t even happen last year – I feel like this year has felt a bit more real and I do feel like every month has existed but a bit like they were all cut in half? If you know what I mean?

Anyway… I had an absolutely amazing August and certainly the busiest month I’ve had all year! It was so much fun though! However, because I was so busy I did find that I wasn’t getting to experience things that could be used in a monthly favourites post as much but I of course do have things and will share all of those things with you now!


Race The Wind By Lauren St JohnI mentioned the first book in Lauren St John’s series in last month’s favourites post but I just had to mention the sequel as well!

This book is the sequel to The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John and it’s about a girl with a passion for horses who rescues a horse from being slaughtered and then decides that with only three months training she’s going to compete in one of the biggest horse competitions in the world.

This book series has always intrigued me and I always discarded it but I am so glad that I read it! I feel like the second book was a lot shorter in comparison to the first one and the last one. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing because on the one hand I basically managed to read it in one sitting, on the other hand it wasn’t quite as satisfying because of it’s length. I feel like this book was much more suited to people who weren’t a fan of horses than the first one was and there was a lot of story going on that wasn’t strictly related to horse racing.

Fire Storm By Lauren St John This is the last book in the One Dollar Horse series and it’s possibly the best one! There are some more characters introduced that are really interesting (including a mysterious guy!) and the already existing characters develop a lot more and it’s much more dramatic and enjoyable. I really suggest reading this series if you haven’t already!

The Eye Of Minds By James Dashner Some of you might know that I am a huge Maze Runner fan and whilst I was in a bookshop the other day I saw this on the shelf and decided to pick it up and read the blurb, after deciding it sounded amazing I went and reserved it from the library.

For those of you who don’t know, Eye Of Minds is about a gaming community but instead of it being like Xbox Live it’s a gaming community which can kind of transport you into a game but everything you experience in this game feels real, for example, if you get shot you feel the physical pain of being shot but in real life nothing is happening to you. The way this happens is that the people aren’t conscious in the real world whilst all of this is happening, they sleep or ‘hibernate’ in this coffin/pod styled thing with loads of wires attached to them. But the point of the game is to give a really realistic experience. Then suddenly there’s a guy that’s holding loads of players captive within the gaming community and not letting them teleport back to reality, the government then contact a particular gamer and his friends and ask them to try and find this rogue gamer within the gaming community, so they then all go on this quest to try and find this gamer but they face loads of challenges in their path.

I really enjoyed this book and a lot more than I thought I was going to if I’m honest, whilst I love The Maze Runner and like James Dashner’s writing I felt like this book was a bit more boyish than I usually read and I know that’s kind of sexist and I’m stereotyping boys and what they read but that’s kind of how I viewed it, it turns out I was completely wrong and that this book was just my kind of thing. I did notice some similarities between some of the ‘scenes’ in Eye Of Minds and ‘scenes’ from The Maze Runner but I didn’t hate the similarity I kind of liked being able to make the connections even though the books were different.


A Girl Like Her This film was suggested to me by someone I know and it was already in my Netflix watchlist but it motivated me to watch it sooner after the suggestion was made.

A Girl Like Her is about a girl who attempts suicide after the bullying she is receiving becomes too much. It’s set as if it’s a documentary even though it’s only fictitious and follows the people who are close to her and the people who are responsible for the action as she is in the hospital. It’s not known throughout the film whether she will live or die but the film does reach a conclusion either way.

I found this film so emotional and difficult to watch, it’s probably the hardest film emotionally that I’ve ever had to watch even though I’ve watched films that are based on true stories such as the Titanic and The Impossible both of which are based on terrible tragedies that have occurred. I think the reason why it was emotionally hard for me to watch is because I could relate to the girl a little bit and because I recognise that this is the outcome that can sometimes happen. I have been in a situation where I’ve been bullied and it’s not nice, although I didn’t get affected by it as much. My bullying also wasn’t anywhere near on the same scale as the bullying this girl received. I’m quite aware of bullying that happens and also of the effects it can have on people and I’m very set on trying to help anyone out when I can visibly see them being bullied or if someone’s saying horrible things about them for no reason – I’m not the kind of person who can sit there and just let something like that happen. And I think one of the things that made me be able to cope with the bullying I received slightly better is because I knew that they didn’t really mean anything by it, and it wasn’t a reflection of who I was it was a reflection of who they were and I knew that they were doing it because they felt bad about themselves and they were miserable in their own lives and it made me be able to feel empathetic towards the people bullying me and therefore I developed this kind of coping mechanism. But because I can identify that these people don’t necessarily mean to be bullies it means that I can identify that they don’t necessarily want to upset or hurt this person in the way that they actually are.

I really liked this film because it showed the effects of what bullying can do to people but it also portrayed the bully in a way that I have never seen before and I feel like they portrayed the bully really honestly and it really showed the thoughts I’d already had about them not really meaning to harm the person their bullying but at the same time not properly taking into account the consequences that their actions might have. I feel like I’ve spent way too much time talking about this film but basically I really think you should go and watch it!


The OriginalsThis TV series follows the lives of a family of vampires who are the original vampires, they were the first ever vampires to exist (hence the name) and it’s a spin-off of the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

To be honest, I haven’t watched much of this show, I think I’m about 3 episodes into the first season but we are introduced to the characters during The Vampire Diaries and I really like them and think they’re really interesting and I think the actors have great chemistry and work really well together. Also, although it presumably does have some romance in it (I’m not sure because I’m not all that far through it) it’s not strictly about romance and there isn’t loads of romance straight from the outset so I feel like it’s a lot more unique and original (no pun intended) than the typical popular vampire things that are currently dominating our TV channels and screens. I feel like they’r trying to take a slight step in the opposite direction to the stereotypical human/vampire romance storylines.

Even though I’ve only watched three episodes I’m already hooked and know it’s going to be an amazing series with loads of awesome, emotional and funny scenes to come full of chemistry and great acting.


Let It Go By James Bay Firstly, if any of you thought I was talking about Frozen shame on you! Haha!

I feel like I’m a bit late to the party with this song as I feel like everybody else has been listening to it for months but to be honest with you I thought that it was a great song for a really long time but I never knew what it was or who it was and there was never anyone I could ask because they weren’t there when I heard the song and I obviously couldn’t describe it. I also never got the opportunity to Shazam it. But, I really suggest you go and check it out if you don’t know what it is because it’s a really great song with just enough emotion and James’ voice is absolutely beautiful and really suits the song (hence why he’s singing it of course!).


Wii FitFor those of you who don’t know what a Nintendo Wii is it’s a games console but is slightly more interactive than Xboxes and Play Stations because the remote has a little sensor on it and you also get a little sensor which you stick on the top of your TV so it gives you a more interactive experience because as you move your remote the sensor on the top of your TV picks up on it and moves the hand on the TV (it’s a bit like a mouse and cursor).

Wii Fit is a fitness game with actual workouts, yoga poses, balance games etc. and you get an instructor and you can select your yoga pose or workout and they will talk you through it whilst you actually do it and you get points for how well you do the pose which is judged by the remote and another object called the Wii Fit board, which is just like a normal board which you stand on and it picks up your movements and how much pressure your putting on your feet etc. I’ve been playing it everyday recently to improve my fitness and it’s really working and I can see that my body is becoming more toned and I can feel that it’s becoming less tense and stronger. If you own a Nintendo Wii I would really suggest giving this game a go if you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness. For more ways to improve your fitness go and check out my 5 fun ways to get fit post.


Chocolate Oreo Cake – I think I mentioned this cake in one of my posts recently and promised a recipe – which I will post at some point – but that’s just been one of my favourite foods this month and I’ve had multiple slices of it and even made two cakes, you can probably find recipes for oreo cake online but I thought I would share my recipe at some point because it’s 100% vegan.

Pink Panther Waffers – The other day I was in a shop and saw these sitting on the shelf and I had completely forgotten they existed until that moment and I used to absolutely LOVE them (before I forgot they existed) and so I picked them up to see if they were vegan and they were! And I was so excited, unfortunately at that specific moment I didn’t have my purse on me but after that day I started obsessing over the fact that they were vegan and so the other day I just went and bought some and I’m so glad that I did because they were just as amazing as I remembered them and in some ways it was more satisfying eating them than it used to be because I now know that they are vegan. If you haven’t tried them before I would really suggest giving them a go because they are a really lovely consistency, the colour of them is really satisfying and they just taste amazing! Altough I have to admit they’re not the greatest thing to be eating with braces.


Original Source: Cherry and almond milk body washI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Original Source‘s body wash before but there are always more scents/flavours that they are bringing out and they bring some out specifically season related etc. but this is probably one of my favourite body washes that they do. I have a love/obsession with cherries and am pretty much willing to use/eat anything that features them. There used to be this really amazing ice cream that I used to get before I was vegan and it was vanilla and cherry and had like cut up cherries and cherry sauce on top of the vanilla ice cream and now anything that I have that smells of cherry reminds me of the wonderful taste of that ice cream and makes me like it even more. One of the things I particularly like about Original Source’s body wash is the fact that it A) is a really lovely consistency and is kind of milky and wonderful when you apply it to your skin and B) holds it’s smell for a lot longer than other body washes do when you wash it off your skin.

MUA Lipstick Shade 19: NectarIf you have read some of my other monthly favourites posts you will probably know by now that I am a fan of MUA‘s make-up. I think their stuff is just really, really cheap but also amazing quality and this lipstick is no exception. I’ve never owned an MUA lipstick before but I was shopping with my friend the other day and just completely fell in love with this lipstick and although I wasn’t certain what the coverage or consistency would be like I knew that a colour that was so lovely by a brand that was only changing £1 for it would be well worth the cost and I am so glad that I made the decision because the coverage was really good and the consistence was lovely, it felt really creamy and hydrating when you applied it and remained that creamy without looking like a lipgloss and without melting down your face in the heat.

That’s all I have for my August favourites, I really hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to you in some way – if you do try, read, watch or listen to any of the things I have suggested please let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

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July Favourites (2016)

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. Also, I’ve just realised that I start every post with a ‘hey guys’? Does that offend any of you? Do you see it as sexist, or is it okay, let me know in the comments!

Anyway, it’s that time of the month again – my favourite time of the month – my favourites post! I am always inclined to call it my favourites video because I mostly watch favourites videos on YouTube but then I remember that this isn’t YouTube… not that I’m complaining.

Let’s get right into it!

I have a very strange collection of things in this monthly favourites post because I didn’t really get all that much reading or TV watching time and I also didn’t really experiment with any new make-up but I will try and do more of all those things this month to make a more interesting post!


Pretty Little Liars – this is a pretty classic programme to mention in a favourites post and it’s something that everyone watches (or most people watch) and it recently started it’s 7th and final season. Unfortunately this season hasn’t been quite as good as some of the other seasons but it’s still a programme that I’ve absolutely loved throughout it’s duration and I thought I had to mention it in this post. Also it’s got some of the best relationship and plot twists that you will have ever seen!

90210 – For those of you who don’t know, this programme is a bit like Gossip Girl only less addictive, less dramatic and less good. However, I was binge-watching it quite a lot at the start of the month and was really enjoying it, I watched the entire first season and then just kind of stopped but I do need to get back to it and I will – after I’ve finished binge-watching Teen Wolf (again!)

The X-Files – This is quite old now and I don’t know how popular it is with people of my age or how many people have heard of it but I’ve always been very interested and excited by programmes about the supernatural or the paranormal and this definitely fits into both of those categories. It is quite outdated for special effects but if you can get past that it’s a very interesting and thought-provoking series. I have been watching it with my Mum and really enjoying it.


I don’t tend to watch films all that much lately as I have been getting very into TV shows a lot more and finding I enjoy TV shows better because you can understand the characters in a wider way (I do plan on writing a post about this in the future so keep an eye out!), anyway, the films I’ve watched and enjoyed were:

The Fundamentals Of Caring – I watched this immediately after reading a blogger’s review on it and I thought it sounded amazing (also it had Selena Gomez in who was like my childhood idol, I loved her so much!), so I went straight onto Netflix and hit the play button (unfortunately, it’s a Netflix original so if you don’t have Netflix you can’t watch it… sorry!). This film was funny and just very interesting. It’s hard to explain how I liked it and why but it was unlike anything else I have ever watched and explored different themes to the films I normally watch and it just felt really honest and real. You know when you watch a film and you’re just convinced that it’s not lying to you? That it’s trying to portray reality in the best way it knows how? Well it felt like that. And I love films like that.

Love, Wedding, Marriage – I bought this a couple of months ago after finding it in a second-hand DVD store and was really happy as I had been wanting it for years and years! I found it very pleasantly surprising and really, really enjoyed it! With me there are two ways a rom-com can go – I either think they’re absolutely amazing and I can re-watch them over and over again or I think they’re really boring, cheesy and dull and I wished I had never seen them, this film was the former and it really pleasantly surprised me because normal if I finally get to watch or read something I’ve wanted to for ages I’m really disappointed because I’ve outgrown the thing and it’s no longer good. When I first wanted to watch/read it at the age of 10 or whatever I would have loved it but when I get round to it I no longer love it – that wasn’t the case with this film, I really suggest you hunt it down and watch it because it’s really funny and just really awesome! It’s a perfect rom-com for a sleepover (or date night, if you’re lucky enough to actually have a boyfriend, lucky enough to have a date night and lucky enough to have a boyfriend who wants to watch rom-com’s on date night).


I don’t know if this sounds really pathetic or something but basically for the entire month I’ve had two songs on repeat – I also listened to an album that I’ll include in this list – because they are just amazing songs!

Treat You Better By Shawn Mendes – I don’t really know how to talk about songs in a reviewing kind of way but I loved Shawn Mendes before this song and I loved him even more after hearing this song and I just knew it was going to be something I had on repeat. It’s also a domestic violence awareness raising song which makes it even better – go check it out!

Ruin By Shawn Mendes – Again, a truly amazing song! Shawn Mendes just sings in such a captivating way and his voice is absolutely gorgeous! This song is truly beautiful and has very impressive vocals.

Konk By The Kooks – I am completely in love with this album! I’ve only listened to it a couple of times but I love every second of every song. It puts me in a really happy, cheerful mood and it just makes me feel productive and energetic.


MoreZoella  – I know everyone likes Zoella for her beauty and fashion videos but I have an interest in people’s lives, not in a creepy stalker way but I just like learning about other cultures and other ways of life. And seeing changes I can make to my own life for the better. I also find it kind of motivating watching vlogs and seeing people doing interesting and exciting things – it makes me want to do interesting and exciting things too! Zoella’s vlogs are always really interesting and she’s very honest and relatable in them and although she’s probably altering how she behaves off camera slightly it’s nice to see a side of her that isn’t recommending make-up or teaching us the latest hairstyle, although I do love those videos.

Marcus Butler – I’ve been watching a lot of Marcus’ videos this month because I watched one or two and they were really funny and relatable and he has a way of saying what other people should be saying or are afraid of saying and talking about issues that guys might not necessarily talk about but doing it in a way that is really funny but in a really good way! I think Marcus’ videos are really unique and he always puts an interesting and personal twist on videos which have been done before.


The One Dollar Horse By Lauren St John – I read this book after a friend’s recommendation. I always had this little niggling feeling that I should read it and the book was so pretty visually but because I’m not a horsey person I was always put off it. After my friend said it was really good and she wasn’t a horsey person I thought I would give it a try and I was really pleasantly surprised and I absolutely loved it! You don’t have to be a horsey person to love this book and it has actually encouraged me to take up horse riding again in the future, as I had a few lessons and then stopped.

How Hard Can Love Be By Holly Bourne – I finally got this book out of the library after wanting to read it for ages and it was such an amazing book! Amber, the main character, was such an interesting and exciting character to get to know and the rest of the characters were so intriguing as well! The book was an absolute pleasure and joy to read and at first you might get slightly alarmed by how long it is and there were parts of me that kept looking at how much more of the book I had left to read and filling up with dread or wanting it to just be over but I enjoyed every second, the only reason I ever wanted it to be over is because I have so many exciting books out of the library at the moment and there’s just not enough time in my life to read them all!


So I did have some things to mention in this section but it turns out that Collection don’t make the products I was going to talk about anymore as I’ve had the products for years! Sorry about that!

That concludes the end of this post! I really hoped you enjoyed it, to see what I’ve liked in previous months click here and here!

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June Favourites 2016

So it’s that time again when I do a monthly favourites post! I have to say I absolutely love doing these posts, there is literally nothing like sharing and talking about the things you’ve been lovin’!

Before I get into the post can we just talk about how crazy it is that it’s already July?!! I have to say I’m very excited for the coming months though as it’s when all of my drama things happen and I just love it all so much!! 🙂

So, with that said, here are my June Favourites for 2016!

I have considerably more favourites than I had last month but I think that’s because I only started keeping track of things in the middle of the month last month.

Anyway… let’s get into it!

TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries – you may or may not know about The Vampire Diaries but it is a TV show about vampires (obviously) and there are also some werewolves and witches in the mix. The show revolves around the main character, Elena Gilbert who is a high school student and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Stefan is currently enrolled at Elena’s high school and it’s not long until Elena develops feelings for him. However, Stefan’s bad brother Damon also has eyes for her and she’s special too; because she looks exactly like a girl they were both in love with hundreds of years ago. ITV2 is currently airing the seventh season every Wednesday at 10-11PM and I am absolutely addicted! This season is full of drama and suspense and they have been doing things in this season that I never ever imagined they would have done in the program so it’s literally impossible to predict! Which is one of the things that makes it so great. I would really suggest going and watching it if you haven’t already. Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix.

Gossip Girl – I put this in my May Favourites post last month but I finished the last season this month so unfortunately it had to go back in – sorry! I absolutely loved this series and I would highly recommend it! I know it’s one of those typical things that everyone is watching but it’s SO good! If you do start watching it and hate it at the start just keep with it because by season 3 it is completely engrossing and you’re addicted and just can’t get enough! The whole series is available on Netflix.

My final TV series for this month is:

Bad Education – this was recently added to Netflix and I’d wanted to watch it originally when it was first aired on the BBC but I just never got round to it. The episodes are only about 28 minutes long and the seasons are only 6 episodes long so it doesn’t take long to watch and it doesn’t require that much concentration. The series is about a young teacher, teaching history to teenagers and not doing a very good job of it. He’s always getting into trouble and his students are very misbehaved – it’s very funny and just an easy-to-watch comedy really. I would really suggest watching this after a long day when you just want to sit down and relax and not pay too much attention to something. The first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

Film: My favourite film of the month was Chalet Girl which actually came out in 2011 but I only watched it in June. The cast was really great, I really love Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick. The film was really funny and kind of natural, it was cheesy but not over-the-top cheesy and I felt like you could really relate to Felicity Jones’ character as she seemed to be just a normal teen trying to earn a bit of money whilst at the same time being incredibly clumsy – which is kind of me, just I’m not earning any money… I would highly recommend this film, it would be great for a sleepover! Chalet Girl is available on Netflix.

Book/s: Girl Online: On Tour By Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – I read the first novel and thought that it was a bit over-the-top in the romance department and there wasn’t enough going on in the other departments but then I read the second novel and I was in love, it was so much better and I loved it from start to finish! The characters developed much more, there was a lot more going on, the storyline was really interesting and fun to read about and overall it just seemed a lot more realistic. I would really suggest you read it over the summer as it would be a great summer read. It’s also very relatable if you’re a blogger as the main character is also a blogger and part of the story is how she deals with juggling school, friends, relationships and blogging and how she deals with hate and people on the internet.

The Art Of Being Normal By Lisa Williamson – I mentioned this book in my Let’s Talk… Transphobia post and I mentioned it because it’s an absolutely incredible book! It’s very rare to find a book that deals with issues such as transphobia but this book does it so well and I feel like it really helps you develop an understanding of what it must be like and how it must feel. Leaving the transgender part of the book aside for a moment, the story is really good, the characters are great and it’s an enjoyable book from start to finish. I really suggest you read this book as it’s very insightful and helpful when trying to understand what it must be like for transgender people.

Beauty: Collection CreamPuff Lip Cream | Shade – Fairy Cake 3 – I’ve had this lip cream for about four years now and I never really used it but recently I saw it lying there so decided to wear it and I’ve been obsessively wearing it ever since. It’s a very obvious colour and it stays on your lips and holds it’s colour very well, the only thing is because it’s a matte finish lip cream if your lips are already dry when you put it on it can make them look even drier so make sure to only wear it when your lips are soft and moisturised.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick | Shade – Dazzle – this is another lip product I’ve been wearing a lot this month, my sister bought it for me for Christmas and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s a very dark and bold pink colour, which is my favourite colour and it feels really soft and creamy when it’s actually on your lips, it holds it’s colour for a very long time and it was only £1! Oddly, it also smells really nice!

Original Source Mango Shower Gel – mango is one of my favourite smells of all time and so I bought this shower gel when I saw it in the shops the other day. Not only does it smell gorgeous it’s also an amazing bright orange colour and it makes you feel very summery when you wash yourself with it. To me there is nothing like a lovely summery scent to get you in the mood for summer, I think the smell of summer is a very comforting smell and also a smell that makes you feel motivated and energetic so this shower gel is good for both morning and night time showers as on the one hand it motivates and energises you and on the other hand it’s a very comforting smell that is good for getting ready for bed.

The Body Shop – Vanilla Vanille | eau de toilette – this perfume was a hand-me-down from someone but I have been wearing it a lot lately. Vanilla is another one of my favourite scents as I think it’s just a very lovely sweet scent that makes you feel all warm and happy and reminds you of soft delicate cupcakes and it’s also a really lovely summery scent. I never feel like I am complete for the day until I put on a bit of my Body Shop vanilla perfume, the good thing is if you don’t shower everyday – which I don’t, I shower every other day – then the perfume lasts longer than a day so you don’t need to reapply it, it’s also quite strong with only one spritz so you don’t need to use loads of it up in one go. It smells much nicer than body spray which I also have in vanilla scent because it just smells more expensive, real and sophisticated I guess. Yes, it is on the pricey side but if you’re a fan of perfumes it is definitely one to put on a wish list.

MUA nail polish | Shade – Top coat/Clear – I absolutely love MUA’s make-up, it’s not only really cheap but it’s also really good. I know a clear coat isn’t very interesting but I think it’s kind of essential if you want long lasting nail polish and luckily enough I bought this nail polish in a sale where it was reduced to 50p which was very exciting!! It works really well and really helps preserve the colour underneath it, it works as a solo nail polish without another colour as well. It’s non-gloopy and it’s really lovely and shiny once dry however it does take quite a while to be completely dry and is very good at deceiving you into thinking it’s dry when really it’s not.

MUA nail polish | Shade – Whitewash – I have an absolute love for white nail polish, there is just something so neat and sophisticated about it. I feel it can look both really professional and really relaxed and chilled at the same time. I had never had a white nail polish until last month and since buying it I have just been completely in love. The same as above applies to this nail polish – it’s cheap, non-gloopy, lovely and shiny when dry but takes a while to actually dry. If you’re looking for a white nail polish – or any nail polish for that matter, I really suggest you use this company as their range of colours is amazing and all of the colours are so pretty and just to-die-for.

Song: I have become absolutely obsessed with the song With You from Ghost: The musical. I don’t remember who it was but someone did it on Britain’s Got Talent and ever since I’ve had the original on repeat and have been singing it at the top of my voice – which probably hasn’t made the neighbours very grateful, haha! I really suggest you go and listen to this song (let me know what you think in the comments!).

Album: This is going back quite a few years now but I have been completely addicted to + by Ed Sheeran because it’s so original and it’s got so many beautiful slow songs on there that are really emotional and then it’s got some high beat ones with a bit of rap in them which is cool too! I just love how it’s all acoustic-y and it’s he’s old stuff and not his new stuff, I feel like his new stuff is conforming to expectations and society a bit more than his old stuff that felt much more original. Go and listen to this album if you haven’t already!

Food: I have found a new love in making cupcakes! I just love making them and icing them – and of course eating them! I’ve always wished I did more cooking/baking and I still need to do a bit more cooking of savoury stuff but I’ve become quite good at making cakes, I feel anyway. I have been making my cupcakes from a vegan recipe book called – Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World | Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romer. We had this book sitting on our shelves for years and then the other day I decided to pick it up and have a look through it and low and behold, there was an entire world of amazing vegan cupcakes just waiting to be made! The recipes are non-complicated, the ingredients aren’t that expensive and they don’t take long to make and cook. I would highly recommend this book for anyone vegan, interested in cupcake making, or someone who has a friend who is vegan and also loves cupcakes!

Last but not least we get onto…


Connor Franta – I have been watching so many videos by Connor this month, not just the new ones but also ones from years ago – I’m not a stalker by the way – because I’m fairly new to this whole world of YouTube/YouTubers so I haven’t seen all the videos that everyone else has seen and I’m trying to catch up! I love how Connor does funny and really relatable videos but he can also do really serious advice type videos and he seems to have such original ideas as loads of videos by him are not only really cool but they’re something I haven’t seen other YouTubers do before and things I never would have thought to do – which makes it even more interesting. I also see quite a lot of myself in Connor as he seems to be one of those people that do really awkward funny things and wants to speak out and be more sociable but when they’re out in public they just kind of close up and don’t say much but when they’re comfortable they are absolutely insanely fun to be around, I don’t know if Connor’s actually like that but that’s the conclusion I have come to after things he’s said and the videos he does etc.

Aspyn Ovard – I adore Aspyn and all of her videos! They’re not only really relatable but they’re also really funny and useful. Aspyn does beauty, lifestyle and travel videos mostly and they’re all just so cool! I find Aspyn’s videos very motivating and inspiring and they make me want to work harder on my blog, travel the world and be healthy basically – all of which are good things! I really suggest you go and check out her videos!

Okay then, those are all of my June Favourites – this post went on literally forever so I hope you are still here reading the end of this post! If you enjoyed it please give it a like and if you aren’t already, follow me!

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