A New Chapter

Hey guys, so I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time and it feels like it’s slightly lost relevance now… but then I guess maybe only to me because it doesn’t make a different to you. What I mean by this is I wanted to publish this the day of or the day after my 16th birthday – it’s many more days after my 16th birthday, but you only know that because I just told you. Anyway, the purpose of this post is to talk about what turning 16 has felt like to me and what I hope will change in my future.

So let’s start at the most basic yet most crucial and important part of being 16 – you’re legally an adult (or semi-adult) but you’re definitely somewhere in between being a child and being an adult. Personally, I see my childhood as being behind me now, simply because I feel like I am now allowed to do things that a ‘child’ simply wouldn’t be allowed to do – such as get a job, pay tax, get married (with parents permission – not that I plan on doing that any time soon), move out (?) all these things are not things that children would be allowed to do. For those purposes I feel very much like an adult, well, I don’t think anyone ever truly feels like an adult (correct me if I’m wrong) but I don’t feel like I could call myself a child or would wish to be called a child by others, it’s just the idea that the only thing I’ve ever known is now behind me. It’s now something to look back on, rather than to live in. I know it’s quite a blurred line between whether you’re really an adult or whether you’re still a child but I don’t think anyone calls 16-year-olds children. It’s so strange to me because when I was growing up, even from as young as five, I was desperate to grow up – to turn 16, learn to drive, be in a relationship, go on exciting adventures independently, get a job etc. and whilst I am still excited for all of these things I also wish more than anything that I was still a child. I don’t feel like I had enough of a childhood, there was so much more that I had left to do and experience as a child. I also don’t want to be grown up and have to accept responsibility for so many things, have to work all the time, worry about moving out and going to university, worry about getting a job, worry about all the adult things that they worry about. I want to still be in the quiet, relaxing world of being a child. Whilst I was a pretty independent child and I liked doing things by and for myself, I always knew my mum was on hand to assist me and nothing was too stressful. And whilst my mum is still here to give me a hand, she hasn’t kicked me right out on the streets the second I’ve turned 16 but there are things that I find a lot more stressful now.

When you’re younger, you see the future as this big exciting thing, as a child I often felt trapped – maybe trapped is the wrong word, it makes me sound like I had a miserable childhood – I actually had a pretty bloody fantastic one – but I felt like there was so much I envisioned doing when I could drive, I had all of my own money and could buy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I could wear high-heels and loads of make-up, I could meet up with friends by myself and whilst all of these are exciting there’s so much more that a child doesn’t realise. When you get older the future seems so much more real, if you understand what I mean, suddenly you realise that you don’t just get handed a job on a plate when you become an adult, you don’t get a car handed to you on a plate, you certainly don’t get grades and school/college offers handed to you on a plate. Suddenly you have to work really hard for all of this whilst also finding time to enjoy yourself, finding time for yourself every once in a while to relax. It’s amazing how something so unimaginable and exciting quickly becomes something terrifying and stressful. I’m not saying I’m not looking forward to the future – of course I am, but it hasn’t really lived up to my expectation of having a perfect life with loads of money instantly – but I’m pretty sure it never meets any child’s expectation. I feel like this post is really depressing and deep, I’m not saying I’m miserable or I wish I didn’t have the life I have, I’m simply saying your perspective changes as you get older and you shouldn’t wish your childhood away because you’re young, you have all the time in the world, use it wisely, get out and play with friends, go to the park and run around; don’t fantasise about being a big girl or boy and being able to drive cars and wear exciting shoes etc. because the time you have now is a very exciting time for you. Everything else will happen in it’s own time.

I honestly can’t remember what I did with my life a year and a half ago, it sounds absolutely insane but a year and a half ago I didn’t study, I didn’t work hard for the things that were really important, I didn’t properly have a life plan that was actually working, I probably did basically nothing and now I hardly ever get a chance to sit down and do something relaxing, it’s like I wake up, get up, study, study, study, eat, study some more, eat, get dressed, sleep and in amongst all that attend all my activities/commitments. That’s my life. Every week. I wouldn’t have it any other way but I just can’t remember what I did with my life a year and a half ago but that’s partly my point, when you’re young it doesn’t matter if you remember what you did yesterday or the day before, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t do anything ‘meaningful’ or ‘productive’ because you’re a child. You don’t have a stress or care in the world. Then suddenly exams are around the corner and it’s all you think about and it’s all you do. I absolutely love my life though, and if someone knocked on my door tomorrow or in five minutes time and offered me a different one or said I could change something about mine I honestly think I would tell them they were in the wrong place. I appreciate everything I have so much and although the long hard days of studying are stressful and hard, they’ll pay off in the long run – or even the short run and everything will suddenly become worth it. I am hugely excited for the future and everything that is to come, but right now I’m just going to live in the moment and enjoy what I currently have – because who knows, maybe some day it won’t be here.

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October Favourites – Part 2

Hey guys, so I know this was a slightly delayed post and I said I would post it like last week but I’ve been busy, okay? Please don’t judge me!

So, I’m not going to write a massive introduction because it’s not really needed – here’s my October Favourites – Part 1 that you can go and read if you so desire.

Let’s get right into it!


The Fever Code By James DashnerThis came out on September 27th and I was so excited to read it! It’s the prequel to The Maze Runner series and I have to say it was not a let down – Amazon Prime was a let down as it didn’t send me my book but then I went to good old Waterstones and bought it there; and it was signed! Anyway, unlike Dashner’s other Maze Runner prequel The Kill Order this was based around the characters from the main books and you got to see how Thomas grew up and how he was involved in Wicked, who his friends where before he entered the maze etc. and there were so many twists and unexpected storylines! So much was revealed and I have to admit by the end of the book I hated some characters that I never thought I could hate so much. It was just an incredible book – I would really suggest reading the whole Maze Runner series. Although this book is the prequel I would actually suggest reading it last. I know you’re thinking – ‘but it’s the prequel’, which yes, it is, but the twists and storylines are so much more dramatic and gripping if you’ve read the other books that come after it.I just don’t think it would be the same if you read it first having never read any of the others. But I would seriously suggest reading this series, it’s one of the best book series that I’ve ever read – the films are pretty freakin’ grand as well!

Everything, everything By Nicola YoonI absolutely loved this book, it was so good! Thinking back to it now I’ve just remember how amazing it actually was! I read it in one day because I just couldn’t put it down – it’s everything you would hope it to be and much more. The story follows a girl who can’t go outside, she is quite literally allergic to the world and has to remain in an air tight sealed house so nothing that could kill her can get through. She’s fatally allergic but it’s impossible to know of what, the only thing the doctors can do is make sure she never makes contact with the outside world. Her only friends are her Mum and her around-the-clock carer, but then new neighbours move in next door and she can’t help but be intrigued by the boy that’s just moved in, she finds herself falling for him in the worst possible way, the kind of way where she thinks she loves him but can’t ever meet him beyond the online world because he might kill her. Not only was this story really original and unusual, but it also had the perfect ingredient of love. Not to mention the absolutely unimaginable, earth-shattering twist that happens towards the end of the book that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end – definitely a book for your Christmas wishlist (and yes, I’m going to be one of those people that starts telling you what you should put on your Christmas list).

After By Anna ToddNow, I’m not the kind of person that would usually go around suggesting you read a book like this because at the end of the day it’s quite appalling and sexist and sets a bad example to young girls growing up in this very sexist world. But on the other hand, I hope young girls wouldn’t be reading this anyway. The story is about a student, Tessa, enrolling in her first year of university, leaving her boyfriend and mum behind. She’s a hard-working, quiet, innocent, girl-next-door who likes to stay in and study on the weekends and she’s unfortunate enough to end up with a roommate who’s heavily tattooed, pierced and is basically the complete opposite of Tessa. Then there’s her friends. One of which is an obnoxious, selfish, controlling, rude boy called Hardin, but there’s something about him that Tessa finds intriguing and she can’t help but know more. Leading to a whirlwind of crazy parties, fights, arguments, heartbreak but most importantly – love. Okay, so this book was slightly more explicit than I expected it to be – considering it’s being turned into a PG-13 film – and there were parts of it that I didn’t really want to be reading because I’m not one of those people that enjoys reading the explicit things, however, the rest of it – although I found it slightly sickening that being in a damaging, abusive relationship with someone who made you miserable was being promoted as a desirable, romantic thing I actually found the story quite gripping and enjoyable to read. I just don’t think relationships like the one in this book should be promoted to young girls as something to aspire to. But I’m old enough, mature enough and lucky enough to have been brought up by someone who is aware of all the sexist and abusive relationships that are promoted in media to know that it’s not healthy or something to aspire to, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the book. Much like I wouldn’t read a crime novel about a serial killer and think it was normal or desirable behaviour. This book certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and at first I didn’t think it would be mine, but I find it gripping – although I can’t figure out why – and although I know there are better,more thought-provoking books out there somehow I could never bring myself to put this book down.


‘Perfect Concentration’ Spotify PlaylistI know this isn’t an album, song or artist that I’m suggesting to you, but it is however a really helpful playlist for when you study. I know lots of people say you shouldn’t listen to music when you study and you should try and make your studying sessions as much like an exam hall as possible but exam halls are quiet except for the occasional turn of a page or sound of a pen, life outside of exam halls are noisy and life doesn’t stop for others so that you can study – for example, in my everyday life I hear; the wailing of cats; the sound of a coffee grinder; the sound of the shower; the sound of the vacuum cleaner; music being listened to by others; music being played by others; building work; the list is endless so I often listen to music to drown out the noise of other people’s lives happening around me. This playlist is perfect for when I study because (most of it) is relaxing, anything that gets too noisy or stressful I can just skip, it’s all classical music so the huge majority of it doesn’t have words or singing so you don’t get distracted by the words of the song, it’s not dance-y so you don’t get the urge to get up and dance, I listen to this playlist every time I study, there is honestly not another playlist like it that’s worth listening to. Also, people say classical music really helps when you study, and I have to say it’s definitely made me develop a new found love for classical music. I now can’t imagine studying without this playlist.


Aloe Vera Gel – Not gonna lie, my Mum had been telling me to use this on my face for possibly years before I actually did, but when I did it was like absolute magic. It reduces redness by almost 100% overnight, it stops your spots or sore areas from being painful and itchy, it makes you feel a lot more confident and positive because your face is a lot clearer and literally all I had to do was put the gel on the most red or most spotty areas of my face, leave it over night, wash it off in the morning and my face looked a lot healthier than it had the night before. It was honestly amazing, it also stops your face being sore while you try to sleep – if that happens to any of you. I would highly recommend using this for your face if you even have one red spot on an otherwise perfect face.

Lush: Rosy Cheek face maskI decided to experiment with this new face mask and I found it was really good, it also doesn’t tighten quite as horribly as other face masks that I’ve used and it’s easy to wash off. It smells slightly of old woman, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I tend to use a face mask before getting in the shower just because it’s hard to get all the face mask off with a flannel – especially if some of it gets in your hair. At first I thought this face mask was bad because after taking it off it looked like my face was even more grimey-y and spotty than when I’d put it on – but then I realised that what it actually meant was that the face mask was doing it’s job and really well, because although it looked like it had made my face worse it obviously looked like that because all the stuff was now working its way out of my pores so I would end up with a clearer face and my face has certainly improved since I started using it.


Natural Collection ConcealerI cannot speak highly enough of this concealer, it’s just amazing. It’s got really high coverage, it last for a really long time, it’s really easy to blend, you can wear it without foundation and it’s hardly noticeable, it’s creamy and easy to apply, it makes your face look lighter and healthier. It’s honestly one of the most wonderful things. I would really suggest going and getting one if you can – or add it to your Christmas list 😉 – you will not regret it. I’ve lent this to people and they’ve loved it so much they’ve immediately gone and bought one for themselves. You wouldn’t expect it because it’s so cheap, you would think it would be alright if you were desperate but not something you would want to buy again and again, however, it turns out, it is.

MUA Lipstick Shade 1 Again, another item that I couldn’t speak of highly enough, you might know from other favourites posts how much I love MUA’s lipsticks but this one goes beyond the call of duty of a lipstick, I bought it for a show that I was in and it’s a really deep red – almost purple – I would say blood red, it’s just gorgeous. I wear it all the time now, when I’m not wearing a different MUA lipstick that is, it’s long-lasting, it’s comfortable, easy to apply and really hydrating, to be honest if  my lips are dry, instead of putting on lip balm I tend to put on an MUA lipstick because then not only do my lips look amazing but they’re not dry anymore. I have lipstick that is more expensive than MUA’s cheap price of £1 but none of them even compare to the MUA ones. With this brand I will never need to buy another lipstick brand again – although I’m pretty sure I must have almost every colour that MUA do now…


My Study Life (Android) – I wrote Android, but I don’t know if you can get it on Apple products. Anyway, suggesting an app is quite a new thing for me on a favourites post but I love this one so much I couldn’t help but mention it. From the title you’ve probably gathered that it’s an app to help you with your studying – you would be correct – that’s exactly what it is. It has so many amazing features that help you both stay motivated and help with your studies in general, as well as keeping you organised and using your time effectively. This app is like a school planner but it’s on your phone and it’s an app so you can delete and re-organise things easily. You get a calendar so you can plan your classes and activities, as well as any studying or assignments you have to do. You get to add tasks so you can add anything that needs to be done, whether it be a house chore, assignment, study session, admin etc. You get a special section of the app where you can input the times and days of all your exams and it will then help you with preparing for them. You can input your holidays so you know when you’re going to break up and you can input your classes – when you do this it gives you the option of writing down the room, building and teacher for the class. Being home-educated I make up my own class schedule but I find this really motivates me because once it’s written down in the app I find it really motivating to actually sit down and do the work because I feel like it’s kind of necessary now it’s written down. There are so many features of this app, I really suggest you download it and see what you think as it’s really useful. I can’t imagine studying effectively without it anymore, it’s so useful and keeps me really organised and helps me manage my time effectively.

There we go, I have officially finished my October Favourites 2016! I really hope you enjoyed reading about what I was enjoying last month – if you check out any of the things I mentioned above please let me know in the comments as I would love to know what you thought of them! If you have any ideas for things I should check out for a future favourites post please let me know in the comments, I’m always up for some new suggestions!

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October Favourites – Part 1

Hey guys, so firstly you may have noticed my absence last week, I would like to apologise but with performances and being ill I got no time to sit down and write a post. I really need to start scheduling posts but with studying and everything else going on I struggle to write posts anyway, let alone schedule them. Secondly, you may notice that I didn’t do a September favourites post and you know how much I love doing monthly favourites posts, the reason is that I didn’t really experiment with any new books, TV shows or products so there was nothing really to write about and I kept putting it off convincing myself that I was going to write at least something and there must have been a few interesting or new things that I tried but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s pointless writing a post where I have nothing really to say and no one will be interested in it just for the sake of having written consecutive monthly favourites posts. However, I have slightly made up for not writing a September favourites by having so many new things experienced in October that I’m going to seperate the post into two parts otherwise it will just be too long and get quite boring.

First things first,


AwkwardI started watching this TV show by chance just as something to watch in the evening, I knew that it wouldn’t take up too much concentration as it was only a light comedy, I found it pleasantly surprising and oddly relatable. I haven’t watched that many episodes I have to admit but from a very early stage it is funny and very engaging. The main character is a high school student that just lives a very clumsy and awkward life – something I can hugely relate to. She’s always mis-reading people’s behaviour and just generally doing things to humiliate herself. She’s also a blogger!

BetweenAgain, I have to admit I haven’t watched that many episodes but from the first few minutes of the first episode I was completely hooked! The show is about a small town who’s population very soon starts going down, this is due to all people over the age of 21 suddenly and unexplainably dying. The town then gets put into lockdown due to there being a virus/disease spreading that no one understands. I believe the TV series follows the people in the town trying to figure out what’s going on and I have a hunch that there’s talk of some kind of government secret involvement that they’re not aware of.

Bad Education season 3I love this TV show! The characters are all really funny, I love how it takes place in a school and is just about all the ridiculous mayhem that the teenagers cause but is also about all the stupid things that Alfie (Jack Whitehall) does as the history teacher. It also has a wide range of different characters from different areas of life and is very diverse but doesn’t do it in an offensive way.

How To Get Away With Murder season 2The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder has now been added to Netflix – or it was certainly the moment I was waiting for. If you haven’t seen the first season then you should definitely go and watch it; it’s one of the greatest, most thrilling and exciting TV shows I’ve ever watched, the characters are really interesting and the storylines are surprising and unique. If you have watched the first season then the second season is definitely worth the time and effort! With amazing new twists and truths told you’re in for a bumpy ride! There is also a very intriguing and unexpected development in some of the characters and some of the characters you never imagined liking turn out to be some of the best.


I have spent a crazy amount of time on YouTube this month watching so many different channels of so many different genres, below I am going to list the channels that I have most watched this month and a little bit about why I enjoy watching their videos.

Jim ChapmanI really love watching Jim’s videos as I feel like he is a very positive and cheerful person and those vibes always pass onto me for some reason. He’s always very kind in his videos even when he’s making videos when there’s no reason for him to be kind – for example, the videos I most enjoyed watching of his this month was his ‘reacting to hate’ videos and the reason I enjoyed them over some of the other reacting to hate videos that you see out there is because he doesn’t be horrible to them he just laughs it off and tells them that they’re being ridiculous (which they are). He also never really swears or makes content which might be inappropriate to some audiences whereas other YouTubers I watch sometimes do, which is fine as they have a wide audience with a big age range but at times I feel like some YouTubers need to take it down a little bit.

Study With JessThis has definitely been the most useful channel that I’ve watched this month, Jess’ channel is a study/exam based channel and her videos are entirely about study/revision tips, the best ways to remember information fast, how to boost your grades, how to organise study time and social/fun time. She did some great videos on apps and websites that are useful to assist your student life. I literally spent hours on her channel earlier on in the month and took loads of great tips and tricks away from it which I have been using on a daily basis and it’s really helped me stay motivated and gets loads done, so I would definitely recommend checking out her channel.

MoreMarcusI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Marcus’ main channel in a favourites post before but there is slightly different content on his ‘MoreMarcus’ channel. There are quite a few random yet interesting and unique videos which are very entertaining to watch and they also tend to be quite short which is a good thing if you have 10-15 minutes of time to kill before leaving the house. He has some good relatable rants on there and his ‘try not to laugh’ videos are always really great to watch.

Jack MaynardI have my sister to thank for getting me into Jack Maynard, she mentioned earlier on in the month that she liked Jack’ s videos and although I knew who he was (and not just because he’s Conor Maynard’s brother – he is his own person btw) I had never really had all that much of an interest, more through laziness rather than anything else. But after my sister mentioned it, one day when I was online I decided “why the hell not?” and have been watching loads of his videos ever since, I would probably say that he is my most watched YouTuber of October. The videos that have particularly stood out to me that I watched this month were his ‘exposing his social media accounts’ videos.

Okay, the last topic for Part 1 of my October favourites is…


I’ve discovered a surprising amount of new foods this month that I would like to share with you.

Mint flavoured Oreosneed I say anything more? Basically, they are Oreo biscuits with mint flavouring in the middle instead of cream. However, the mint tastes exactly like Aero mint, so it’s like having an Aero mint chocolate bar and Oreos in one – it’s one of the best things I’ve tasted in a long time. The extra bonus being that they’re completely vegan!

Strawberry Cheesecake flavoured OreosThese ones claim they’re limited edition but I hope they keep them around for longer because they are absolutely amazing, they taste like cheap shop bought milkshakes that you can buy and make yourself (you know, like the powder ones?) but in the best way, but at the same time of course they taste like Oreos. They are just amazing, and the middle of the biscuit is a very satisfying colour. Again, 100% vegan.

Freedom MallowsNow you may be thinking that I’ve forgotten to add on the ‘Marsh’ in marshmallows but you are wrong, in fact, Freedom Mallows is the name of the company that make vegan marshmallows – my latest (and most exciting) vegan discovery. Honestly, they are amazing! Although I am supposed to have been vegetarian my whole life when I was younger I did go through a stage of not really thinking of gelatine as ‘meat’ and therefore deciding that it wasn’t immoral to eat sweets that contained that ingredient, however, now I’ve got older I’ve changed my opinion (or rather, come to my senses) and decided that I never really thought that but just used it as an excuse to not have a guilty conscience (terrible, I know), so, because of my brief gelatine-eating stage I know what ‘real’ marshmallows taste like and I have to say that I honestly can’t tell a difference between the two – other than size and shape they taste completely the same (but it has been quite a while since I had gelatine marshmallows). I really suggest, if you’re vegan (or even not vegan) and you love/loved marshmallows (before going vegan) then you go out and buy these. They come in normal size form – however don’t be disappointed when they’re not as big as the usual, easy-to-buy marshmallows, they are quite small but you get a decent amount in a packet. You can also get them in mini form which I haven’t yet had the opportunity of trying so I can’t pass judgement but I imagine that they will be perfect for the top of hot chocolates or cupcakes etc.

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“We Are What We Eat”

Hey guys, so the other day I was sitting on the bus and suddenly I remembered that some people say “you are what you eat” and I just sat there and contemplated that for a little while and came to a conclusion. I thought it would make an interesting blog post because there are lots of people who dislike their weight or their body and go on diets to help them lose weight and feel better about themselves, however, I also feel like there are some people who are already naturally skinny who are avoiding eating certain foods because they think it will immediately make them fat.

I think our definition of fat is way too wide, there are larger people but that doesn’t make them fat. There are also slimmer people but that doesn’t make them unhealthily skinny. The thing I think most people don’t realise is that everybody has a different body shape, literally every single person in the entire world has a different body shape to the next, bodies are completely unique and no one person looks the same as another. There are a couple of girls I know who are both really, really tall and really, really skinny and sometimes I look at them and think that they must be unhealthily skinny because they really are skinny but then I realise how ridiculous it is to think that and they’re perfectly healthy it’s just how their bodies work. Comparing myself to these girls that I know maybe people would consider me fat because I’m nowhere near as skinny as them but I am skinnier than lots of other people I know, but that doesn’t make them fat either. This isn’t a post where I talk about how beautiful and slim I am though, I’m just using myself as a general comparison. I actually think there is nothing wrong with being slightly wide, I personally would prefer it if I was a little bit wider, whilst I’m not unhealthily skinny I feel like I’m completely shapeless and boring. A bit like a pencil.

But the main point of this blog post is to talk about the saying “we are what we eat.” I don’t think this is true and I think it’s sayings like these that make people go on unhealthy diets of only juice or only salad or whatever. You’ve just got to be sensible with your food, I don’t think eating one burger at the weekend is going to make you fat, nor is eating 20 chicken nuggets (although it might not be good for you). People just need to chill with food I feel, if they want to eat something they should eat it but they should also think about what’s a healthy amount of a particular thing to consume, but if they decide to consume that then it’s their choice. I can understand the mental feelings behind eating food, such as, if you’re really healthy and eat loads of vegetable based lunches and dinners and then one night you decide to get some chips from the chip shop that’s fine, but I know that because they eat healthy and then have that thing they’re craving they feel disgusting because of eating it but I think that’s unnecessary, if your body is craving it then I don’t see why you shouldn’t eat it. As long as your balancing out a good diet a few unhealthy things here and there doesn’t make you a bad person nor does it make you fat.

You also have to think about your body shape and how your body naturally works. I always have people say to me that I’m just naturally so skinny and they wish they were, but instead they have to go on loads of diets to be skinny. This is unnecessary. If your body is naturally a particular shape even if you eat a good diet there is no need to change your diet to make yourself skinnier, your body is the way it is for a reason. Don’t change who you are.

Of course I’m not saying it’s quite as easy as just changing your mindset because it can be hard when you feel like you’re not as skinny as other people and really you should be as skinny as them, but they’re healthy being that skinny and your body wouldn’t be healthy being that skinny if it is not it’s natural state.

Another important thing is not to change who you are to please others, if you feel like you’re overweight or you want to get skinnier find a way to do it healthily, don’t just decide one day that you’re only going to eat proper meals 2/7 days a week and the other days you’re going to drink juice and eat salad because that’s not a healthy way to live, let alone lose weight. If your body is used to a lot of unhealthy food, suddenly cutting it all out of your diet will be unhealthy because your body will be hungry 24/7. Exercise is also important, exercise is a normal activity for humans and it’s something we all need to do to remain at top form, don’t cut out exercise and eat salad instead because this will not give you the results you need. You need to eat healthy, nutricious food but you also need to exercise. It can’t be either, or, it has to be both. But you can also eat something unhealthy if you feel like it, eating one chocolate bar a week is not going to kill you, if it pleases you in the moment there’s no need to feel bad about it later.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post or could relate to it in some way. If you have anything to add please leave a comment down below as I would love reading your opinions on it!

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The ‘Bad Boy’ Trend

Hey guys, so I know this is quite late on a Sunday and I have definitely not really followed my two posts a week thing so far but I will post three next week to make up for it – I’m going to write this post and then schedule one (hopefully!).

So firstly, can I just say that I actually wrote most of this post the other day and it was really good and then I logged back on today only to discover that the draft never saved so I have to start from scratch…

Anyway… let’s get into the post!

I have noticed an increasing amount of TV, film and literature is promoting this whole ‘bad boy’ trend thing that is going on. What I mean by ‘bad boy’ trend is when there is a character that’s really rude and makes a female character really upset and angry at him but then she still ends up falling head-over-heels for him and she can suddenly forget how horrible he is, in fact, she doesn’t ever even forget how horrible he is she just decides to live with it. I feel like this is an incredibly unhealthy and damaging trend to be going at the moment. The more that trends like these are considered acceptable or even ‘desirable’ the worse off people are going to be. It is not healthy or desirable to be in an abusive relationship or to be in a relationship where the person is making you unhappy, no matter what their physical appearance may be.

One of the reasons I have decided to write this blog post is for all those young, vulnerable boys and girls out there who are around 11-13 and they’ve started to develop all these hormones, emotions and feelings that they don’t understand and they look to books, film and TV to help them make sense of what their going through. This is a natural thing, or it is for me anyway, to do. If you’re feeling a particular way and it’s confusing you, you seek out things that are going to reassure you that others have been through the same thing and feel the same way at one time or another. I just have this fear that people around the age of 11-13 are going to be looking for answers to all their feelings and the information they’re going to be treated with is going to be that they should desire a really horrible, rude, selfish, idiot as a potential boyfriend rather than someone that’s nice, has an interest in them, compliments them, loves them, cares about them, enjoys their company etc. and I just want to know that I’ve at least provided these people with a source that says that, that’s not the case. I also don’t want guys to be watching or reading these things and changing who they are because they think that they will be more likeable to others by acting like a jerk because it’s not true!

To be honest, I much prefer it when I’m reading a book and there’s a genuine nice guy, from start to finish! Thinking about it now I think that’s one of the reasons why Augustus Waters from TFIOS was so popular and it’s because he was a genuine nice guy who spoke his feelings and interest in Hazel Grace straight from the start and was always nice and polite to her and it’s such an unusual thing now to have a genuine nice person in books – they always turn out to be more of a jerk than you were expecting and then you’re really disappointed.

I’m going to tell you a story about my childhood; when I was younger my Mum never approved or let me watch things featuring damaging relationships and I always got annoyed, not because I desperately wanted to watch things with ‘damaging relationships’ in them but because I thought it looked good and I didn’t understand why she objected, was it because of explicit content? Swearing? and I could never get to the bottom of it and whenever I asked her to explain her reasoning she always said it was because she thought it was ‘misrepresentative and hurtful’ to someone that was at the age I was and I always thought it was ridiculous reasoning and just ended up generally being annoyed but now that I’m older I understand her reasoning and I am so incredibly grateful for the decisions she made about my wellbeing and growth on my behalf because I know that if she had let me watch and read all of these things when I was too young to understand that it wasn’t something to aspire to then I would have grown up wanting to be in relationships like the ones portrayed in TV, film and books and then I would have ended up unhappy.

I guess this is also a message to all the people out there who are currently living in a relationship where the guy is horrible to you but has his nice days so you decide he’s worth it, he’s not, you can do much better! There is someone out there who will treat you right, someone out there who deserves to be loved by you. I know this post sounds like it’s slightly sexist and homophobic as I’m not talking about same-sex relationships and I’m also only talking about the guy being the one who is behaving badly and unreasonably but for the purposes of this post and to fit in with the title it kind of had to be about this specific kind of relationship but I’m sure it happens in all relationships and both the people in the couple can be guilty.

Another story is that I once knew a girl who was going out with a boy and every week she would come to the activity that I knew her from and tell stories about what her boyfriend had done now and by the sounds of it he was always being quite childish by ignoring her for silly things or standing her up at the last minute to hang out with his friends or something and we always asked her why she didn’t break up with him and her answer was always that he was nice and that he cared about her; but this was obviously only some of the time and he obviously brought her loads of stress and upset, I don’t know if there was something deeper that was making the situation harder to deal with but from the sounds of it there wasn’t. I imagine there was also an internal part of her that was criticising herself and her mind was telling her that she couldn’t do better than him and that if she broke up with him she would never find anyone else and I think it’s trends like the ‘bad boy’ trend that tell us that this is the case. Or they tell us that deep down the guy loves us and is just emotionally damaged.

I think one of the things that makes it hard to properly realise that the relationship is damaging is because from an entertainment perspective as a reader or watcher you do tend to like the ‘bad boy’ and as you get older or you analyse it in more detail you realise that whilst you like him for the purposes of fiction you wouldn’t like him in real life. I always like the ‘bad boys’ in fiction because they are the most interesting, and in fiction they always are emotionally damaged and there is so much going on internally and throughout the film or book you’re getting to know them and understand why they are that way and it’s enjoyable from an audience perspective. It’s also usual for the love-interest of the ‘bad boy’ to be kind of dull and characterless and so compared to the love interest the ‘bad boy’ is just a much better choice of favourite character but in real life I know I wouldn’t be able to put up with the nonsense. For a young person however, who is just starting to develop all these feelings that they don’t understand for the first time I can see how they might mistake these feelings towards a favourite character as feelings other than what they are and because they’re young they can’t analyse what the feeling really means. An example is, when I was was younger and I started to kind of develop and my hormones were everywhere and I started to view people as attractive and started properly caring what I looked like and started feeling bad about myself and my body etc. etc. I mistakenly thought that because I saw a girl and thought she was pretty it meant that I was bisexual because I saw pictures of celebrities on the internet or in magazines and thought they looked pretty or even beautiful and I didn’t understand the difference, back then, between thinking a female was really attractive and thinking a male was really attractive if I found them both pleasing to look at that must mean I was bisexual.B I was young and although I understood about sex and reproduction and that whole process I never really made the connection between all the different things and so I thought for at least a year maybe, that I was bisexual although I never told anyone because I wasn’t sure. As I got older I realised that I wasn’t bisexual and I was infact heterosexual and definitely not attracted to females, but as everyone does, I do still see females on the street and think they’re attractive and pretty but more in a comparing-myself-to-them way rather than anything more. I walk down the street all the time and wish I could look like the person that has just walked past me or I watch a YouTuber or see an actress and wish I could look like her but it’s not the same thing and I realised that as I grew up. I feel like the ‘bad boy trend’ is going to cause lots of confusion for young people growing up and I think it’s really unhealthy. I accept that it’s interesting and enjoyable to read about but I feel like there should be more emphasis put on how it isn’t the only or most popular and ‘cool’ relationship to be in. I guess I wish there was a bit more of a balance for young people growing up so they were exposed to more positive relationships.

Okay, so I feel like I’ve spoken about that enough. If you have anything to add to the discussion – even if you would like to disagree with the points I’ve made, please leave a comment down below as I would love to know your thoughts!

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My Absence + The Future Of This Blog

Hey guys, so I know I have been so absent over the last couple of months – just seen that I only posted three times in September (so much for being a daily blogger!) and I am so sorry! When I started this blog back in May it was all very new and exciting to me and I saw that I was getting loads of great feedback almost immediately and I loved it and it was really motivating me to write, it was also around about the time that my exams ended (kind of) and so I had a bit of time to just sit back and relax and really enjoy this new time I had available when I wasn’t studying but then I had loads of drama things come up (which is a really great thing) and I’ve also started studying for next year’s GCSEs because I know that I need to work harder for these exams because the subjects are harder. So basically, my life has been really hectic over these last few months and there’s been birthday celebrations going on and a whole load of other things. I guess, when I say hectic, it hasn’t been too bad or difficult to manage but I just haven’t had time to properly sit down and work out a schedule yet but I’m going to do that before the end of the week.

It feels really weird to be studying for GCSEs almost like a normal student even though I’m home-educated, and whilst I don’t like to define my education as ‘not normal’ because I feel like it’s a good thing and is better suited to some people (like me), I also do feel like I don’t lead the ‘normal’ life that most people my age lead and I haven’t done throughout my life either, and whilst I don’t think I’m any different to the people that go to school it does feel like there’s a certain connection with people that I can’t share. At least not until I go to sixth form. But at the same time, having started studying for my GCSEs I now feel like I can talk about my subjects and how stresseful I’m finding them or how I’m liking this subject etc. and have it be considered relevant. Anyway, that was a completely pointless tangent that I just went off on for no reason.

So, the main point of this post was to talk about the future of this blog, I feel like when I started out as a daily blogger I was a bit too ambitious and not really thinking about the things that were going to be happening in the very close future, so having revised my previous plan I have now decided that maybe 2-3 posts a week would be better because not only does it lessen the pressure of having to write posts, 2-3 posts isn’t that difficult to schedule all in one day – it doesn’t take me all that long to write posts – and it would also mean that you were still getting new and regular posts from my blog (I hope that’s a good thing!). I think what happened and what caused the absence for a couple of months was that I started my blog and was very soon putting loads of pressure on myself to write a blog post everyday and sometimes it got to 11PM and I still hadn’t written anything and so I was desperately rushing to write a post before midnight and I just think that it was so unnecessary to put that amount of stress on myself, especially when I really love blogging. I absolutely adore it. It is a huge passion of mine. So after putting that much pressure on my life instead of just posting less regular I just stopped posting all together to get the stressful thing out of my life. So, expect to see 2-3 posts a week. The reason I say 2-3 is because I definitely plan to write 2 posts a week but I’m not definitely saying they’ll be 3, they will be if I have the time but obviously I can never guarantee how much time I’m going to have.

Another thing related to the future of this blog is December, I have decided that for December (no matter how short I am on time) I am going to write a post everyday for the whole month – just because I really love Christmas and the celebration of the new year. I haven’t got anything specifically planned yet post-wise but I am going to be doing lots of planning from now until the 1st of December so if you have any Christmassy posts that you would like to read please leave them in the comments down below and I will add them to the list of Christmassy posts to write throughout December – I am incredibly excited! Obviously I have to call my December series ‘Blogmas’ because otherwise it just wouldn’t be the same. I hope you guys are all as excited as I am! If any of you would like to be part of my Blogmas Series either by guest posting or doing a collaboration please just drop me an e-mail – aninspiredteen@gmail.com – as I would love everyone to get involved.

Talking about the future of my blog has just got me really excited! Because the thing is, although I’ve been absent I have been thinking about my blog and making plans, it’s just unfortunately all you guys can see is that I haven’t been writing anything – there are so many plans going on behind the scenes and I am so excited to write all of the posts that I have saved in a notebook and there is just so much that is going to be happening on this blog over the next few months and for the coming years so I really hope you will all stay and watch this space for all those exciting things to happen!

A couple of last minute things, if you have e-mailed me and I haven’t got back to you I am really sorry! I will be checking my e-mails and responding over the next few days. Also, if I have talked about guest posting or doing a collaboration I am definitely still going to do it – it’s just getting back on top of everything, sorry for being so rubbish!

The last thing, and I promise this is the last thing, is social media – I was thinking of starting a Instagram (especially for Blogmas) and I was wondering what you guys thought? Also, if any of you have an Instagram please leave your username below so I can get some ideas of what other people post, blog related. The other social media thing is my twitter account (@aninspiredteen), I don’t really know the content that people want me to post on there so I tend not to really tweet, so again if you could leave your twitter username down below so I can see what other people are tweeting and if you could give any tips or advice as to what you would look for on a bloggers twitter I would really appreciate it!

Thank you all so much for reading this post and for still being here after so long! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

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Drifting Apart

Hey guys, sorry so much for my inactivity it’s so hard to explain but even when I have enough time sometimes I am just so tired and exhausted and desperate for a break that I can’t even get my mind to function. Although I don’t see this blog as work and do it for fun and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it! It’s changed me as a person, I feel like there’s this whole new world that now exists for me to experience and take part in but sometimes it just becomes incredibly overwhelming to try and write a blog post.

Anyway, before starting this blog I always had dreams that I would one day start a blog and occasionally I would open a word document and just write blog posts and never publish them anywhere, whilst this is not one of those posts it is based on the exact same topic. The topic I have dedicated this blog post to is friendships, whether they be best friends or just friends in general, you have inevitably had a moment in your life when you have started drifting apart from someone you once called your best friend.

I am writing this post to talk about my own experience and to try and give anyone reading this advice in case it hasn’t yet happened to them but if it does.

Life is an incredibly funny thing and it’s amazing how we have so many different relationships within it that can mean so much and then suddenly become nothing, it’s one of the most horrible feelings in the entire world and it can feel at times like you will never recover, like you are going to be stuck feeling slightly lonely and slightly heart-achy for the rest of your life, like there will always be a space in your life that no one else can fill, but I promise you that feeling will go away.

I have had around six best friends in my life, only one of those best friends is still my friend now. The other five all lost contact for different reasons but the biggest being that we all grew up and as a result grew apart. Another funny thing about life is that we are changing all the time; I am most likely changing whilst I write this post, I will probably change a little bit more tomorrow and next week and in a month. We are constantly gaining new interests and losing old ones as a result of this; suddenly you don’t have anything in common with your friends anymore, eventually it will become clear to you whether your relationship can continue or not. Suddenly things that really matter to you will be of no interest to them and sometimes you don’t even self-consciously realise that what is really happening is that you and your best friend are no longer suited to each other and that even if you remain in contact you won’t remain as close as you once were.

Whilst I’ve lost around about five best friends in my relatively short lived life there were two best friends that affected me the most because they were friends slightly later on in life, it mattered more to me because it feels like I had shared more with them and we certainly did a lot of things and had a lot of memories and then suddenly it was like they weren’t answering my texts and weren’t inviting me to things anymore and when I did see them I was kind of forcing my own conversation onto them rather than just letting the two of them talk about what they wanted to talk about and eventually I saw them less and less and missed them more and more. It was about a year and a half before I saw them again and it was like meeting up with strangers, they were completely different and I realised that they weren’t even people I wanted to be friends with, yet for a year and a half everyday it felt like there was something missing from my life and that I wasn’t as happy as I could have been if I was still in touch with them, I felt upset that they didn’t reply to my messages and I felt slightly neglected or like a failure, maybe not neglected or a failure but more that I had done something wrong or done something to upset them but they wouldn’t tell me, anyway, I met up with them again and suddenly it was like they were the complete opposite of the people they once were and they had opinions that I didn’t share and just generally seemed to be surrounded by a negative atmosphere that I didn’t want to get involved in and it was this that finally made me realise that actually, nothing had happened between us and that there was never a specific thing that stopped us being friends it just happened naturally and after that meeting I was ready to move on, I now only think back to my friendship with them as an amazing fond memory and an amazing experience. I am still grateful to them for playing a part in my life and making the three years in which I knew them such an amazing few years, I don’t even know what I would have done with those years of my life if it hadn’t been from them, but I know now that our lives were never meant to cross for longer than they did, that there is a time and place for everything and that time and place came and passed. They helped shape who I am today and now they’ve moved on with their lives and I’ve moved on with mine.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is it will be horrible for a while, it will feel like suddenly nothing feels right anymore, that things happen- either exciting or bad – and there’s no one to tell it to, it will feel like suddenly there’s no one left in your life and yeah, it will be a killer but eventually you’ll realise that everything is going to be okay.

The main thing that finally made me realise that I would get passed this and that I would end up with more friends is when I met my current best friend on a camping trip three years ago, it took a while for us to actually become best friends but very soon I realised that she was now replacing that space in my life reserved for my old best friends, she not only filled up that gap but so much more of it as well, she has changed my life so much more than I think she even knows, she has shaped who I am today and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s helped teach me what a real friend is, what really loving and caring about someone is, what it means to actually call someone your best friend, we talk about so much more than anything I have ever talked to other friends about, she has made me realise the difference between what really matters in the world and what we just pretend matters, the things that people really need to have in common rather than the smaller things that turn out never to matter.

So, as a conclusion, life’s painful, losing friends is going to hurt more than anything but everything will get better, it won’t be like this forever – friends move on and they meet new people, people grow apart and discover new interests, but at the end of the day there is always going to be someone out there that wants to call you their best friend and there is always going to be someone out there that you want to call your best friend. Everything will work out.

I hope you liked this post and felt like you could relate to it or that it helped you in some way, obviously this post is just about friends drifting apart not losing a friend due to different circumstances as I don’t have any experience in that. It’s also not about relationships such as boyfriend/girlfriend but you might be able to apply it to that if you wanted although I personally don’t have any experience with it. I know this post got a little cheesy but sometimes you have the urge to be cheesy right?

If you did enjoy this post make sure to give it a like and if you have any more advice on this topic or can relate feel free to leave a comment as I always love to read and respond! If you aren’t already, make sure to follow me – as they always say on YouTube; it’s free!

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