My Bucket List

For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, is it’s a list of things you want to  experience or try before you die. For instance places you want to travel, food you want to try, activities you want to try or people you want to meet and anything imbetween!

I’m not going to include everything on my bucket list as some of it doesn’t make sense unless you’re me, some of it isn’t very interesting but it’s just personal interest and some of it is personal stuff that I don’t feel comfortable sharing. As I complete things on my bucket list I will write posts about them and my experience completing them and then I will leave links and cross them off.

Please feel free to leave a comment/s sharing things from your own bucket list! ❤

  1. Adopt A Puppy
  2. Be A Bridesmaid
  3. Go To Paris
  4. Go To New York
  5. Finish Writing A Book
  6. Get My Drivers License
  7. Dance Under The Eiffel Tower
  8. Have A Conversation With Someone Famous
  9. Fill A Photo Album
  10. Donate Money To Charity
  11. Change Someone’s Life
  12. Have My Dream Body
  13. Shop In New York City
  14. See The Northern Lights
  15. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter
  16. Swim With Dolphins
  17. Have A Food Fight
  18. Get Good GCSE Grades
  19. Have Really Long Hair
  20. Go On A Plane
  21. Receive A Bunch Of Roses
  22. Experience A White Christmas
  23. Get My Ears Pierced
  24. Be At My Best Friend’s Wedding
  25. Get My Passport
  26. Ride In A Limousine
  27. Learn French
  28. Learn Sign Language
  29. Donate Blood
  30. Go To A Music Festival
  31. Dye My Hair Pink
  32. Go On A Ghost Hunt
  33. Have A Horror Movie Marathon
  34. Throw A Surprise Party
  35. Be Front Row At A Concert
  36. Make A List Of 100 Books And Read Them
  37. Finish A Colouring Book
  38. Learn How To Juggle
  39. Reach 1,000 Twitter Followers
  40. Design My Own Converse
  41. Smash A Pie In Someone’s Face
  42. Volunteer For Charity
  43. Win A Medal/Trophy
  44. Win A Bet
  45. Try Chocolate Coated Strawberry’s
  46. Dip-dye My Hair Blue
  47. Go To Monte Carlo
  48. Have A Water Balloon Fight
  49. Get Followed By A Celebrity On Twitter
  50. Spend A Week With My Best Friend
  51. Try Bubble Tea
  52. Fill A Scrapbook
  53. Buy My First Pair Of Heels
  54. Decorate My Own House
  55. Read Romeo And Juliet
  56. Meet Richard Wisker
  57. Find A Best Friend
  58. Meet One Direction
  59. Own A Wreck This Journal
  60. Do Everything On My Bucket List
  61. Find Someone’s Lost Pet
  62. Doodle On A White Pair Of Shoes
  63. Play A Grand Piano
  64. Order Dessert First At A Restaurant
  65. Make 1,000 Paper Cranes
  66. Visit The Sherlock Holmes Museum
  67. Be More Creative
  68. Take  A Picture Everyday For A Year
  69. Get My Cartilage Pierced
  70. Visit Cardiff
  71. Visit Blackpool
  72. Visit Newcastle
  73. Go To College
  74. Work With Animals
  75. Be A Waitress
  76. Post A Letter On Juliet’s Wall, Verona
  77. Write A Letter To Myself And Open It In 10 Years
  78. Have Perfect Teeth
  79. Watch The Titanic
  80. Play Messy Twister
  81. Cook More
  82. Get A Sun Tan Tattoo
  83. Read A Book So Much It Becomes Really Worn
  84. Write A Fan-Fiction Novel
  85. Make A Bored Jar
  86. Make A Memory Jar
  87. Give Money To A Homeless Person
  88. Learn Italian
  89. Have A Silly String Fight
  90. Make Gingerbread Men At Christmas
  91. Own My First Car
  92. Get My First Dog
  93. Try Pineapple Pizza
  94. Meet The Vamps
  95. Go By A Different Name For The Day
  96. Play Laser Tag
  97. Go To Australia
  98. Go To Los Angeles
  99. Go To San Francisco
  100. Spend New Years In Times Square, New York
  101. Get A Russian Hamster
  102. Learn ‘River Flows In You’ On Piano
  103. Leave A Note For A Stranger
  104. Prank Call Someone
  105. Go To A Movie Premiere
  106. Get A Second Ear Piercing
  107. Be Hypnotised
  108. Read The Diary Of Anne Frank
  109. Make A Bubble With Bubble Gum
  110. Listen To A Court Case
  111. Save Up A Load Of Money
  112. Test Drive A Lamborghini
  113. Make ‘Open When’ Letters
  114. Use A Fake Name In Starbucks
  115. Leave A Note In A Library Book
  116. Dye My Hair Purple
  117. Autograph Something
  118. Raise A Lot Of Money For Charity
  119. Get A Syrian Hamster
  120. Work At A Theatre
  121. Go To Miami
  122. Go To California
  123. Go To An Outdoor Cinema
  124. Go To Amsterdam
  125. Have A Surprise Party
  126. Go To Nashville
  127. Visit The Bluebird Café, Nashville
  128. Go On A Roadtrip
  129. Make A Dream Board
  130. Become Vegan
  131. Have Ombre Hair
  132. Eat A Heart Shaped Pizza
  133. Make Melted Crayon Art
  134. Put A Lock On A Love Bridge
  135. Be Silent For 24 Hours
  136. Do The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  137. Vote In The General Election
  138. Take Yoga Classes
  139. See Baby Turtles
  140. Solve A Rubik’s Cube
  141. Have My Fortune Told
  142. Go On A Protest
  143. Write A Short Story
  144. Fundraise For Charity
  145. Start Running Daily
  146. Have Some Art Classes
  147. Try Archery
  148. Write A Vampire Novel
  149. Build A House Of Cards
  150. Read Every Book I Own
  151. Make My Own Smoothie
  152. Get Better At Doing Make-Up
  153. Learn How To Do Accents
  154. Study At The Library
  155. Meet Thomas Brodie Sangster
  156. Cry Reading A Book
  157. Eat More Fruit
  158. Do The 100 Days Of Productivity On Tumblr
  159. See A Horror Film In The Cinema
  160. Run For Charity
  161. Get A Maze Runner Sweatshirt
  162. Be Accepted Into Sixth Form
  163. Have A Singing Lesson
  164. Join A Gym
  165. Learn Calligraphy
  166. Play A Game Of Tennis