Here is a place where you will find links to all of the posts I have made that haven’t been about my everyday life – you will find links to those under the blog posts page – please feel free to scroll through and read anything that interests you!

“We Are What We Eat”

The ‘Bad Boy’ Trend

Drifting Apart

5 Fun Ways To Get Fit

Periods Are Hell

Beauty Dominates Our Thoughts

Bloggers Are So Nice

5 Shows To Binge Watch

5 Things We Should But Don’t Do

Everything Has A Story

At One With Nature



Necessity To Write Posts

Eternal Life

Being Shy/Awkward

Why I Choose Blogging

Life’s More Than Materials & Objects

Finding Inspiration

Are We Real?/RosyPop’sCompetitionPost

2016 Expectation VS Reality

Let’s Talk… Transphobia

Let’s Talk… Sexism

Let’s Talk… Homophobia

Let’s Talk… EU Referendum

Let’s Talk… Hate

Let’s Talk… Racism&Refugees

Let’s Talk… Bullying

Drunken Nights

What Is Love?

Poisoning Teens


Q&A On Home-Schooling

Liebster Award (2016)

Stupidity Of Exams


My Summer Bucket List 2016

Not A Child

Perspective & Growing Up

If I Could Choose A Superpower

Study Breaks

My All Time Favourites


My Braces Story


Document Your Life: Memory Jar

Document Your Life: Blogs

Document Your Life: Scrapbook

Document Your Life: Photographs

Document Your Life: Bucket List

Document Your Life: Journals

My Vegan Story

Teenage Girl Problems

Eat, Study, Sleep, Repeat