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All week, as it’s been leading up to the EU referendum my brother has been making jokes about how the 23rd of June will be the end of the world, I kept telling him not to be so silly and that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. However, now that we’ve actually got the results in and I know that people have voted to leave above remain and David Cameron has resigned it does feel a bit like the end of the world. I don’t know what to expect from my future anymore or what to expect from the world anymore. I’m not a Conservative supporter but surely Cameron is better than Boris Johnson or Michael Gove? So at first thought I was excited that David Cameron was resigning because I hate him and he’s responsible for this referendum, he’s responsible for all of the consequences that come from it but then I realised we might end up with someone even worse than Cameron in government and a good point made by my Mum was that if we have a general election now the votes will probably lean very far in the right – I think UKIP might even be voted for a hell of a lot more in a general election. Not enough to be in government but to get quite a good amount of seats in parliament.

I read a statistic on twitter earlier on today that said that 75% of the 18-24 year-olds voted remain. I was really surprised at this but it also made me really angry because young people are going to be the most influential people to this country in the future and yet we’ve been voted against by the people who won’t properly have to deal with the consequences of their vote long-term. I believe that if 16-17 year-olds had been allowed to vote then we would have had a majority remain vote and that breaks my heart.

I’ve only had an interest and followed politics since last year’s general election, before that I was slightly too young to properly understand it or really understand the effect politics had on my life. However, since last year I have had an interest in politics and have been following the EU referendum debates and campaigns since they started and yesterday night I was sat on the sofa at 10PM with BBC One on watching everything as it played out and I’m still watching it now – admittedly I went to sleep for about four hours but that was in little snippets after I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

I don’t trust that the people who voted leave properly understand what they’ve done, I’m not saying that leave voters are dumb or don’t understand things, I honestly believe that they think they’ve made the right decision and they think they understand but unfortunately the campaigners for leave lead their campaign on a load of lies that unfortunately many people believed.

The thing that concerns me most is that no matter what way the vote went – and obviously it went leave – there was always going to be a split in our society. David Cameron, by agreeing to this referendum, has created conflict between family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and just the fellow members of our society. If remain had won then there would have been loads of conflict between them and the people that wanted to leave, now that leave has won there is going to be loads of conflict between them and the people that voted remain because ultimately this was an absolutely HUGE decision that effects our country and our lives forever – there is no way back now, we’ve voted leave we have to leave. No matter what the consequences we’re stuck and the people that voted remain can foresee these consequences and will be scared and angry to watch these consequences come into play and by definition we will be angry with the people who voted leave. Some people will take their anger to a higher level than others and it may even cause violence and in fact we have already seen a crowd of angry people standing outside Boris Johnson’s house shouting and booing at him. We are now an independent country, yes – good for us if you voted to leave – but we are also a country that internally hate each other! And I don’t know what the future holds for both my life and for the life of this country as a result of this.

To me, the majority of the leave campaign was lead on racism and anti-refugee comments and by people who promised less immigrants and faster NHS services because the foreign people would stop slowing it down (I don’t know how they’re slowing it down but hey,) the truth is though, that actually, the reason people don’t get seen to and treated quickly in NHS hospitals is because the government decided to cut their funding and put the money somewhere else, we would have faster NHS treatment if the Conservative party prioritised money better than they do. I feel like our country will now been seen as a racist, anti-social, unfriendly country that don’t want anything to do with other countries and I guess that is true. Yes, I know that there were other things said by leave campaigners but you cannot deny that actually the majority of their argument was about foreign people. I feel like people who are foreign and currently living in our country, or black people currently living in our country will become scared and feel unwelcome and they will also become angry at us for treating them so poorly.

It was also said that a leave vote will reduce terrorism in our country but I feel that actually we may have put our country at more risk by creating all of this extra conflict between the current citizens of the country.

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Inspired Teen 🙂


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