If I Could Choose A Superpower

This is a bit of a random post that I’m going to be writing for you guys, or maybe it’s not… I don’t know. Comment in the description letting me know what you guys think!

This post came to me funnily enough, while I was studying for my psychology exam and I thought it might make for quite an interesting post. I’m not going to get into the details of why superpowers were being discussed in my psychology book but it’s AQA so I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to why superpowers might come into psychology (AQA will throw anything into a paper right?). I quite often think about what superpower I would have, probably because it’s a question everyone gets asked like a zillion times (it doesn’t help to live in a house with insane Marvel fanatics!).

Have you ever wondered what people are like when they’re with you, not in a mean talking-behind-your-back kind of way but just in general. Whether there are certain mannerisms in a person that you just don’t get the pleasure of seeing because even when they’re with their closest friends there are certain parts of them they’re too scared to ever show. I know I behave differently around all kinds of people. It’s almost like I’m a completely different person. Even my best friend hasn’t seen me when I just behave completely freely without being self-conscious, the only people that ever get to see that are my close family and that’s because they’ve grown up with me and they know me inside and out because how could they not? I’ve been living in the same house as them for my entire life and we’re all really close. My best friend, of course, knows some stuff about my life or thoughts and feelings I have that maybe my family doesn’t but physically and behavioural wise I am much more controlled and self-conscious even around my best friend. There are certain groups when I don’t really talk at all and I don’t know if I come across as shy, rude or everyone believes I think I’m better than them so it’s not worth wasting my breath. Either way, I don’t really have any friends there and it’s so frustrating because I feel trapped inside this shell I can’t escape and I’m more like them than they even realise if only I could break free but I guess I fear humiliation or rejection if I let them see the real me.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking – “how the hell does this relate to superpowers and why am I interested in anything written above?” and I can’t answer the latter, maybe you’re interested; maybe you’re not. But it relates to superpowers because I’ve always said that if I could choose a superpower it would be invisibility, I would really like to get to know the side of my friends and family that I never get to see… now I know you may be thinking this is really creepy and stalker-ish and I’m an absolute weirdo and you must stop following me immediately, but I don’t mean it like that at all. I just mean there are so many little things that people do that they’re scared to show anyone that isn’t really close to them, and I feel like if everyone I knew could see how enthusiastic, chatty and happy I am when I don’t feel really self-conscious and shy then I would have more friends than I do and the people I want to notice me might actually notice me! I also think it would be really nice to see a friend or family member at a time when they were doing something perfectly normal but were unaware there was anyone watching them, even something as simple as reading a book. If someone is properly peaceful and engrossed in a book I think it’s really nice to see them like that, because they forget who they are and all of the problems going on in the world and you can see how relaxed they are and it’s almost like an entire layer of stuff just melts away because they’re not stressed about school, work, money or anything else. But it’s such a rare thing now, and I know when I read I get really self-conscious if I know someone’s in the room with me because I feel like they might be looking at me and I’m constantly aware of any movements I make and whether they might look weird or ungraceful, so to be able to see a person you’re really close with in a moment like that, I think would be really lovely thing.

I do feel like this post got a little weird, and it’s hard to explain what I mean but I can only hope that you understand what I’m trying to say and reassure you that I’m not a psychotic killer. If you do understand what I’m trying to say and maybe you can sum it up in better words than I can please feel free to leave a comment! Also give it a like if you haven’t already! If you’re new around here click the follow button and feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out 🙂

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Study Breaks

This post came to me the other day when I took another study break that was supposed to be about ten minutes but actually ended up being about three hours… The problem is, I’ve just become so bored with my revision and there are so many other things that I want to be doing and things on my list that need to be done that I know I will enjoy more, so I have started setting timers where I study for 45 minutes or an hour and then I take a break of about 30 minutes and keep doing this on repeat throughout the day. Obviously there are some moments when I’m in the studying zone and even once my alarm goes off I don’t want to stop studying but there are other moments when I almost count down the seconds because I can’t wait until my break when I can write another blog post or watch some YouTube videos. I don’t know if this is a new better way for me to study or whether it’s just a way for me to procrastinate and not get as much done. However, I do need to stick to the time I’ve assigned myself for my break because otherwise it really is procrastinating.

I think in some ways having study breaks is much nicer, it makes the studying process easier and it keeps you motivated because you know that once you’ve done 45 minutes of work you can watch an episode of that TV show or catch up on those videos by that youtuber so it motivates you to work harder. I feel it is much better than what I was doing for my first four exams when I literally left it so late that I was spending all day everyday studying, from 10AM to 11PM and it wasn’t healthy and it was making me really tired and really stressed. This is a much more relaxing way of studying as long as you stick to the designated study break time.

I think study breaks are also a good way to catch-up on all the other work you need to be doing alongside your exams, such as cleaning, tidying, reading those overdue library books, writing those blog posts that you need to write and replying to all those e-mails. It’s also a good way to reply to any friends text messages you’ve been neglecting. I think as long as you use your study break time wisely it can be really good to have them, I like working or doing productive things. I quite often draw, write and other things whilst watching TV because I can’t really simply sit still watching TV very well I have to be doing something else also. So even when I’m fed up with my GCSE revision and I stop I’m more than happy to do some other form of work. I quite often have quite a few things to catch-up on. And I’m really bad at texting my friends near exam time so it gives me a chance to respond to all their messages and apologise for the neglect. It also gives me time to catch-up on everyone’s blog posts and schedule a few of my own.

I don’t know if it will work on all people but it certainly is making me feel a lot more chilled about everything I have to do and it is certainly helping me keep on top of everything in my life around this very stressful period. I know some people would much rather work and just get it out of the way and I agree that, that too is an effective way to go about studying. It’s all about trial and error, experimenting and seeing which is the best study technique for you. But if you, like me, always have a lot of extra work that you need to do as well as your GCSE work then I think study breaks will be a really good way for you to get on top of it.

Sorry, this was quite long and kind of about nothing… I apologise.

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My All Time Favourites

I was inspired to do this post because I love watching month favourite videos on YouTube where they talk about their favourite things in a particular month. You can go and check out Zoella’s April Favourites and Kalyn Nicholson’s May Obsessions , these videos are good examples of the kind of thing this post is going to be about although it’s going to be about my all time favourites not just my favourite things in a given month. I am however, doing a May favourites post which I hope to have scheduled for the first of June (can you believe we’re already almost half way through the year?! I find that so scary!). If there is anything I didn’t mention my all time favourite of in this post that you would like to know, drop me a comment and I will add it to the post!

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Band: The Vamps

Favourite Song: Titanium By David Guetta

Favourite Album: Meet The Vamps by The Vamps

Favourite Book: Queen Kat, Carmel And St Jude Get A Life! By Maureen McCarthy

Favourite Film: LOL starring Miley Cyrus

Favourite Singer: Shawn Mendes? Taylor Swift? Ed Sheeran? …

Favourite Actor: Richard Wisker, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Christian Bale

Favourite Actress: Tatiana Maslany and Shailene Woodley

Favourite TV Show: Nashville and How To Get Away With Murder

Favourite Car: Lamborghini

Favourite Possession: My journals

Favourite Type Of Make-Up: Lip Products

Favourite Activity: Drama

Favourite: Hobby: Writing or blogging

Favourite School Subject: Psychology or Sociology

Favourite Animal: Dog

Favourite Breed Of Dog: Finnish Spitz

Favourite Youtuber: ThatcherJoe (Joe Sugg)

Favourite Book Trilogy: The Maze Runner By James Dashner (there’s a new one out in September! I’m so excited!)

Favourite Film Series: The Maze Runner  (probably the most watched DVD’s I’ve ever owned!)

Favourite Item Of Clothing:  Summer: shorts Winter: Sweatshirts

Favourite Hair Item: My Lee Stafford 2-in-1 hair straightener and crimper (honestly the best beauty product I have ever bought, not gonna lie!)

Favourite Fascination: Magic (best magic trick I’ve ever seen!)

Favourite Way To Pass The Time: Watching YouTube videos or reading blogs

Favourite Author: John Green

Favourite Style Of Shoe: Ugg Boots

Favourite Smell: Vanilla

Favourite Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Hair Style: Messy Bun

Favourite Ex-Hobby: Ice Skating

So there is my list of all time favourites, I know there is probably a much bigger variety of things I could add to this post and I will keep an eye out for more things! But if you can think of any please let me know in the comments and I will definitely make sure to add them!

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I am going to be writing a post about fears… I don’t really know why – it just popped into my head and I thought I would write about it.

As a psychology student I know that some people believe that fears are just something we’re born with, that we’ve inherited these fears through birth and in some ways I can see how this makes sense. Hundreds or years ago when humans lived in the heart of the jungle or whatever and there were poisoners spiders that could kill you with one bite there was reason to be scared, but now, when spiders are so tiny and not harmful at all it’s kind of weird to think we would be scared of them. But some people believe that because hundreds of years ago humans were scared of spiders that means that some people are scared of spiders even though it’s irrational.

I think fears are really weird because people can have fears of such abnormal things and it’s really hard to imagine that people can be scared of some things that people take for complete granted and it can destroy some people’s lives. For instance, people who have a fear of spoons or a fear of buttons. Not just a tiny fear but a proper phobia, just imagine how controlling that fear must be if you can’t touch or see a spoon or a button, it must keep you in complete isolation.

I have developed quite a few fears over the years and I don’t really know where they’ve come from and it can be really difficult, upsetting and controlling sometimes.

I’ve always had a fear of spiders but it’s never really been that bad, I usually want the spider gone but if it’s a little spider I can cope with it being in the same room as me, but I do try and avoid places where I know there are spiders, but spiders are so natural especially around this time of year that it becomes quite difficult to avoid them. In some cases it’s less of a fear and more just plain gross and creepy. For instance if you ever see loads of little spiders just after they’ve hatched out of their eggs it is truly the most repulsive creepy thing I have ever seen, but they’re so tiny I’m not really scared of them just grossed out by the hundreds of little spiders everywhere.

In the last few years I have developed a fear of: dying; water; sharks; heights and oblivion. I consider dying and oblivion to kind of be the same kind of fear but I think the fear of dying is properly the one that has left me with the most serious physical affects but my fear of water is the one that is the most controlling. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks before in the middle of the night when I’ve been up late thinking about dying and oblivion and how one day nothing in the world will even exist, and it became a much bigger realisation when they talked about it in The Fault In Our Stars and how one day there will be no one left to remember all the most highly regarded humans let alone me, someone who hasn’t achieved anything all that special. And it just makes me feel sick and terrified when I think about it, even writing about it now is making me feel a little panicky and it’s honestly the worst feeling in the world.

My fear of water started a few years ago and there’s no real reason for it because I’ve been on boats before and really enjoyed it and had a really great time, I’m a really great swimmer and I used to love playing in the sea but then overtime I just developed this immense fear of water and now I can’t go on boats or near water, I can’t even have a bath! I have to stick to only showers because being surrounded by moving water in that way makes me feel really sick. I think the fear kind of started as I got older and I became more able to imagine things and I imagined what it must be like to be on a boat hundreds of miles out in the sea and to be able to see nothing but sea, no land for miles and miles, no other sign of humans or any living thing and that is what scares me – the thought that there’s no one there to see you or save you if something goes wrong and the incredible depth of the sea is just so scary to me, if you fall in you can fall for miles and miles effectively and never be able to escape and it just terrifies me and I feel like it’s so unnecessary to ever go out on the water when it’s so dangerous unless it’s completely necessary. Like people that do it for fun such as going rowing, canoeing or kayaking or going on week long cruises I feel like it’s just putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

However, my fear of heights and my fear of water makes the idea of travelling quite difficult. I’ve never really travelled before but if you’ve seen My Bucket List you will know I have quite a few places I want to go and I’m really looking forward to going to them but I’m going to have to face one or both of my fears to get there. I feel like flying would be the best option for me as I find the idea of planes quite exciting and I’m completely fascinated by how we’ve invented something so huge and heavy that can actually remain in the sky! Although, I’m also fascinated by how we make boats float when they’re so huge! Especially that new cruise ship which is the biggest one in the world! If you want to see me about that you can go and check out Aspyn and Parker’s travel vlog about it. Anyway, going on a plane would mean I had to face my fear of heights and my fear of water as lots of the time we would be flying over the water but I feel like I don’t have a fear of the water if it’s not really close and directly affecting me and seeing it from the sky wouldn’t be anywhere near as close as seeing it up close on a boat – not that I would plan on looking out of the window anyway. Some places I could get to by train but then there’s the fear that the tunnel will cave in and I will be drowned in this train with no means of escape… sometimes it really sucks being me living with all these fears but I know I have it so much better off than some people.

I think that’s it for this post, I feel like I have talked about fears to exhaustion now!

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My Braces Story

I’ve decided to write this post because I know that braces are something most teenagers end up having and there isn’t really a lot of information from people who have personally experienced it talking about what it’s really like. I’ve had my braces for two months now and to be honest when I started the treatment I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be like. If I had known I would have felt more comfortable and confident about it when the whole process started rather than being terrified like I was.

Everybody has different treatments and need braces for different lengths of time and it affects everyone differently so I can’t guarantee that my experience will be of any help to you because you could feel completely differently to me. But I just hope that this will give you a brief oversight of what it will be like and what the process is.

When I first started my treatment I had to go in and have photos and moulds taken of my teeth. The mould is unpleasant and can make you want to be sick but if you breathe through your mouth slowly it will stop you feeling sick and it’s only in your mouth for about two minutes and then it’s all over. In my first appointment I also had to have separators put into my back teeth, which are these little plastic things that get placed in the gaps of the back of your teeth to create a gap there for a further purpose. They ache for a  little while but then they stop aching.

I then had to go to my local dentist and have two teeth removed in the top of my mouth. Some people have to have four teeth taken out- two in the top, two in the bottom. It depends on the treatment you need. Everyone experiences this differently. The worst part is getting the injections in your mouth because after that you can’t really feel anything. Personally I found the injections really horrible but they didn’t last very long. Once your mouth is numb it feels like the inside of your mouth is really swollen and it’s hard to swallow, but you can. I felt like my lips had shrunk to a really tiny size but my sister felt like they were really swollen and overlapping her nose, like I said everyone experiences things differently. But our lips were perfectly normal.

After having my teeth removed I had another appointment at the orthodontist where I had another mould of my top teeth taken and I had these metal rings sized in my back teeth (these would be something I needed when I got my braces), I then had my separators put back in.

A week later I got my braces and it wasn’t a terrible process at all. Nothing was painful, it was just kind of dull sitting there for an hour while these people messed inside your mouth. I hope that your orthodontist tells you what they’re actually doing though, because mine didn’t. My orthodontist just did everything without warning.

Your brace does get slightly sore at times, it can dig into your cheek and create sore spots on your cheeks but these sore spots always clear up really soon – within three days or so.

The day after getting my braces fitted, I found eating really difficult and I wished I had never gotten braces and that it wasn’t worth it. Something to always remember though, is that it is worth it. I can see such a difference in my teeth already. My teeth are so much straighter in only two months and I just know that I’m going to be so pleased with my teeth once the braces finally come off. And if you’re ever in any doubt then what I do is I look at pictures of celebrities or other people with perfect teeth and imagine how I’m going to feel when my teeth look like that.

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This post came to me yesterday when I was at work, every weekend I work in a bookshop and it’s great fun getting to experience all of these books and discover some that I didn’t even know existed and discover new interests that I didn’t even know I had!

Although the title of this is bookshops I’m also going to talk about libraries. Anything book related really…

I love to read, although I haven’t had all that much time for it lately but whenever I can I love to get into a good book – I’ve read so many – and it’s such a good way to escape from the real world for a little while and just be someone else.

Yesterday when I was at work I was behind the till looking at all these books surrounding me and thinking about how many of them there were and how inside each one was something completely different. For instance, the till is directly in front of the Children’s section and the Classics; so I was looking at the spines and covers of all these books all day and then I started to realise that not only was I looking at a book but I was looking at a entire world that was inside the pages of the book and whether I actually had an interest in reading the book on not inside the cover of the book that I’d been looking at all day consisted a new world full of new people to meet and get to know and it was such a bizarre realisation! After making this realisation I decided that once I’ve caught up with all the library books I have and read all the books I own that I haven’t yet got round to reading I am going to pick up a book from the library bookshelf and read it even if it’s not what I would normally read because there are so many worlds out there that I haven’t yet experienced and so I’m going to take full advantage and experience something I wouldn’t normally every once in a while. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

I also just love the smell and feel of a good bookshop, all the different books – new and old – that have been read and are maybe slightly worn or in brand new condition and you pick them up and leaf through the pages feeling the lovely paper and looking at the black ink printed on it and how all of that black ink tells a story. It’s just really great.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is libraries, I absolutely love libraries and they have helped me experience new things and study new subjects I didn’t even know I was interested in and that is so cool! I feel like libraries have really helped develop me as a person. I never used to look at any sections other than the teen fiction shelves but then one day I decided to have a look around the rest of the library for pure interest and I discovered all of these other interesting books that I would never consider buying but because I can get any book out of the library I have the ability to experience the things that I wouldn’t choose to spend money on. It’s so cool to go around picking up books that you wouldn’t normally read knowing you have the ability to read them without having to sped money and I think because of that libraries are really important in the education of young people and older people and they’re always there to help you develop yourself a bit more.

I also love how much discussion can be had about books and how there are whole websites dedicated to reviewing books and interacting with other people because of books and websites where you can write your own books and get feedback (and if you’re lucky, a book deal!) I am just so glad that books haven’t been made obsolete because of the internet, films, apps and social networking and all the other things that exist now that didn’t when books were first a thing. It helps us connect with the past whilst also looking into the future but in fact remaining in the present. I love how lost you can get in a book, when I’m really into a book it’s like the entire world around me stops existing, I’m not even aware I’m reading ink from a page anymore because it’s like I’m living in the book and I am the main character or I’m an onlooker or whatever but it’s such a great experience to be able to escape like that and never have to actually leave your house.

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This is just a very quick post before I go to bed to say I’m really sorry there wasn’t a proper post today, I’ve had friends round all day and I’ve been at work so I haven’t had anytime and I was too busy during the rest of the week to schedule anything… I’m really sorry!!

I am hoping to schedule some posts tomorrow for the next few days so if there are any posts you would be interested in seeing me do please let me know in the comments!

I hope everyone has a really good day and enjoys the rest of their weekend (I’ve got to revise… *sigh*)

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