Worst Blogging Sin Ever!

Okay, earlier on today I wrote a post about how I had reached 50 Followers! In that post I gave a shout-out to the first ten people that ever followed me and said a little something about their blog and why I thought people should go and read their blog and follow them. But, I did an embarrassing thing whilst doing that…

One of the AMAZING bloggers that I gave a shout-out to was a guy called L (if you don’t follow him you should go and do that right now!), L has an incredible awareness of the world and really opens your eyes to people and the way they behave. His way of observing life is just awesome, as are his blog posts!

Anyway, in my celebratory 50 Followers post I referred to him as a her repeatedly about six times… it was only after I had published the post and quite a few people had read and liked it did he inform me that in fact, although I had said wonderful things about his blog (and they are still true) he is in fact a boy… it is true to say that I was absolutely humiliated and still am, hence me writing this post!

This post is in dedication to one of my amazing and loyal followers L, who I, despite trying to say nice things about made L have to go through the embarrassing act of notifying me of his gender identity…

My conclusion is that the worst blogging sin and most embarrassing blogging sin you could ever do is call a boy a girl on your blog. I have never been this humiliated!!

L, if you’re reading this, which you’re probably not as I called you a girl! I am so sorry, again! I know I’ve said it so many times and you’re probably fed up with hearing that word by now, but I truly am. Just so you know I have edited my 50 Followers post (which I did immediately once I read your comment!) to identify you correctly! If you ever want a shout-out on my blog or wish to guest post to get more followers or expand your blog a bit, I owe you one so just get in touch either in the comments or through my e-mail – aninspiredteen@gmail.com and let me know! Sorry again!

That’s all for now!

Embarrassed Teen 🙂


9 thoughts on “Worst Blogging Sin Ever!

  1. I recently hit 100 followers (WOW) and I know the excitement that comes with milestones like that! I found your blog via the Thursday Teenage Spotlight post and I’ll be happy to give you a follow! From one young person to another, I really like your perspective on teenage life. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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    1. Haha! Thank you! Oh, please do, if you ever notice an error or factually incorrect information in any of my posts please let me know, even if it’s embarrassing! I know, why do people have to make mistakes? It’s so annoying! Haha! 🙂

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